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  • When you are out in a clear night in summer, the sky looks very warm and friendly. The moon is a big pleasant place where it may not be so humid as where you are, and it is lighter than anything you've ever seen. That's the way it is in summer. You never think about space being "out there". It's all one big wonderful thing, and you can never really fall off, or have anything bad

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  • "You again, Weldon," the Medical Examiner said wearily. I nodded pleasantly and looked around the shabby room with a feeling of hopeful eagerness. Maybe this time, I thought, I'd get the answer. I had the same sensation I always had in these places—the

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  • .He tried to convince himself he had no right to gripe. It was a pleasant place to live; he had privacy and a bath of his own. And the Schermerhorns were reasonably broadminded people. They never objected to

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  • Topic: Write a paragraph to describe a place you used to live. MY ROOM My room is comfortable and pleasant for me to study and relax. My neighborhood is very quiet because people behave politely. In addition, my room is quite large with all conveniences for my study such as a desk, a chair, a blackboard, lights and a computer...

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  • Madonna Soctomah’s passion is the Passamaquoddy language—hearing it, teaching it and speaking it. Born and raised on the Sipayik Reservation at Pleasant Point, Madonna spoke only Passamaquoddy until age f ve when she began attending St. Ann’s Catholic School. She later went to Shead High School in nearby Eastport, where she found herself speaking less and less of her beloved Native language and more and more English. After high school, she attended college in Bangor, and then traveled around the world to places as far away as Beijing, China.

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  • Còn bức thư thứ hai được đề cập dưới đây là bức thư thể hiện sự thông cảm Joaquin Miller viết cho Walt Whitman khi nhận được tin ông bị ốm: Revere House, Boston May 27, '75. My dear Walt Whitman: Your kind letter is received and the sad news of your ill health makes this pleasant weather even seem tiresome and out of place.

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  • It is our pleasure to present the Proceedings of the VI International Workshop on Relativistic Aspects of Nuclear Physics (RANP 2000). This time, the meeting took place in Tabatinga, a pleasant beach on the southern coast of Brazil, for the first time out of the city of Rio de Janeiro. This series of workshops started in 1989, aiming to stimulate Brazilian scientific activities on Relativistic Nuclear Physics, especially among young researchers and graduate students.

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  • Varna is the largest city on the pleasant Black Sea coast in Bulgaria. The town centre is located in vicinity of the miles long sand beaches that this region is so well known for. Many tourists visiting the region stay in a holiday destination such as Golden Sands, and from here it is only a short trip to the many sights in Varna and other interesting places and landmarks in the region.

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  • "The pleasant books, that silently among Our household treasures take familiar places, Are to us, as if a living tongue Spake from the printed leaves, or pictured faces!" The aim of the Author in preparing this volume has been to put in a form, convenient for preservation and future reference, a brief historical sketch of the work and workers connected with the founding and development of Oak Hill Industrial Academy, established for the benefit of the Freedmen of the Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory, by the Presbyterian church, U. S. A.

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  • THE LITTLE MAN had a head like an old-fashioned light bulb and a smile that seemed to say he had secrets from the rest of the world. He didn't talk much, just an occasional "Oh," "Mm" or "Ah." Krayton figured he must be all right, though. After all he'd been sent to Computer City by the Information Department itself, and his credentials must have been checked in a hundred ways and places. "Essentially each computer is the same," said Krayton, "but adjusted to translate problems into the special terms of the division it serves." Krayton had a pleasant, well-behaved impersonal...

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  • In spite of many pleasant summers spent at Murray Bay one had never thought of it as having a history. The place and its people seemed simple, untutored, new. Some of the other summer residents talked complacently even of having discovered it. They had heard of Murray Bay as beautiful and had gone to explore this unknown country. When this bold feat was performed there was abundant recompense. Valley, mountain, river and stream united to make Murray Bay delightful. The little summer community grew.

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