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  • The inquiry semantics approach of the Nigel computational systemic grammar of English has proved capable of revealing distinctions within propositional content that the text planning process needs to control in order for adequate text to be generated. An extension to the chooser and inquiry framework motiwLted by a Japanese clause generator capable of expressing levels of politeness makes this facility available for revealing the distinctions necessary among interpersonal, social meanings also. ...

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  • An invaluable reference for students and scholars alike. Part 1 explains and illustrates the uses of hundreds of particles, key vocabulary, and other function words. Each entry includes many sample sentences in Japanese, romaji, and English. Free of dense grammatical jargon, Part 2 provides concise overviews of all Japanese parts of speech, polite language (keigo), counters, and other facets of everyday language.

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  • The problem with conventional textbooks is that they often have the following goals. 1. They want readers to be able to use functional and polite Japanese as quickly as possible. 2. They don't want to scare readers away with terrifying Japanese script and Chinese characters. 3. They want to teach you how to say English phrases in Japanese. Traditionally with romance languages such as Spanish, these goals presented no problems or were nonexistent due to the similarities to English.

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  • This book began as a study of Japanese public policy, more specifically the legal, ethical, and political dimensions of health policy debates in Japan. Having studied medico-legal conflicts in the United States, and the tensions they generated between public health and individual rights, state power and personal privacy, medical paternalism and patients’ rights, I decided to examine how such concerns were addressed in Japan with regard to AIDS policy and the definition of death.

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  • It was a cool summer afternoon in a quiet hotel in a quiet part of Paris. I threw myself lazily into an easy-chair on the balcony and began reading Le Journal. I was somewhat tired and soon felt myself drowsily wandering into dreamland as the breeze lulled me soothingly. I felt myself, as it were, wafted through the air. Soon I found myself in the company of a friend of mine and his wife, though I do not know how all that came about. We passed together through the Bois de Boulogne, now amidst tall, green forests, now along the turfy shores of mirror-like lakes....

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  • A Modern Introduction to International Law by the late Professor Michael Akehurst was first published in 1970. Passing through six editions, it became a classic among student textbooks within departments of law and political science alike and it has been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese.

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