Political bureaucracy

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  • Senator Edwards is not alone in observing a lack of accountability in America’s democracy. Indeed, both popular and academic media offer considerable support for this sentiment. The popular Cable News Network (CNN) criticized “government, big business, and special interest groups” for enriching themselves at the expense of the common electorate and characterized elected offices as “accountability free zones” while arguing that “our government no longer works for us.”2 Important scholars like John Matsusaka have added weight to this type of argument.

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  • Fifteen years have passed since the publication of the fi rst edition of the Handbook of Bureaucracy in 1994. Given that this period has been marked by an intense global movement of antibureaucracy, antigovernment, and antipublic service and administration, the following questions are quite natural: Why do we need another book on bureaucracy now? Does bureaucracy still matter? Th e answer to these challenging questions is that despite this intense negative attitude toward bureaucracy, global interest in the fi rst edition of this book has been overwhelming.

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  • Lectures Comparative political: Lecture III & IV - Legislature, government & bureaucracies, judical power presented what is a legislature, the role of legislatures, government and beaurucracy.

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  • THE main issue in present-day social and political conflicts is whether or not man should give away freedom, private initiative, and individual responsibility and surrender to the guardianship of a gigantic apparatus of compulsion and coercion, the socialist state.

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  • If one sociological literature woke me up to new independent variables of interest to labor economists, another alerted me to new dependent variables – in particular, to a wealth of new aspects of organizational design and performance that economists could explore and perhaps explain.

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  • This book is an analysis of the relations of state, religion and politics in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It represents research and reflection at various times over the period of a decade, and a growing conviction that religion-state relations need to be studied from a comparative and historical point of view. The central focus is the important position Hindu temples occupy in modern Tamil Nadu politics, and the state's role in regulating and shaping them.

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  • The political-economy considerations could thus be very important. But at the same time their relevance is likely to depend very much on other aspects of the institutional design of each central bank. The impact of central bank finances on policy performance may thus be far from straightforward and linear. It is therefore ultimately an empirical question whether any such link exists, and – if it does – how strong it is, and whether it can be offset by other institutional or economic features. Unfortunately, the empirical evidence on these crucial questions is scarce.

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  • Law and Administration has never been simply a textbook of administrative law. As its title signifi es, our primary objective in writing it was to further the study of law in the context of public administration and politics: the ‘law in context’ approach. We need to remind the contemporary reader that the fi rst edition refl ected an era of legal formalism when the study of case law, largely divorced from its social context, was seen as the be-all-and-end-all of legal studies.

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