Political paradigms

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  • How do the environments in which businesses operate condition their success or failure? Such questions have long been of interest in the fields of business, economics and politics. They have gained in importance as a result of heightened competitive pressures associated with "globalization". While some see certain institutions as burdens, others see them as a blessing. This book thoroughly examines the main claims of the most important contribution--the Varieties of Capitalism paradigm--to this debate in recent years....

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  • Concerns about the potential environmental, social and economic impacts of climate change have led to a major international debate over what could and should be done to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, which are claimed to be the main cause. There is still a scientific debate over the likely scale of climate change, and the complex interactions between human activities and climate systems, but, in the words of no less than Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, ‘I say the debate is over. We know the science, we see the threat, and the time for action is now.’...

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  • So long as there is no international government; so long as there is anarchy between states; so long can there be no permanent local, municipal, domestic law in one state either. Just as there are frontieres sans medicins, so politics has few real frontiers. Many non- governmental organisations are financed by other countries’ governments for governmental purposes, not all of them benign. Things fall apart. Unannounced, and confused with the ordinary, war will fly in a window on a lazy September day.

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  • If one posits a powerful connection among learning, doing and understanding, then the argument for teaching media literacy is a compelling one. And equally, there is a compelling case to be made that the teaching of media literacy should be global – the content of the course should be global, because the effects of media messages certainly are. There is no global issue or political arena in which the statement of problems and the framing of possible solutions are not influenced by media coverage.

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  • implementing annual quotas, which were further reduced in 1996. In parallel the government eliminated several benefits previously offered to Aussiedler, e.g. special credits and unemployment benefits. The number of Aussiedler immigrating to Germany has fallen rapidly in recent years. In 2010, only 2,350 Aussiedler migrated to Germany (Federal Office of Administration, 2011). Today, the Aussiedler comprise about 2.5% of the German population, representing a relatively large group within German society (Destatis, 2008a; Destatis, 2008b).

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  • In a world immersed in readymade images, consumer advertising and the bureaucratised language of institutions, Kristeva’s work explains how art or aesthetic experience is one of the few means by which we can generate and access images that are linked to our vital and lived experiences and that have the capacity to engender personal, political and social renewal.

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  • A bond with face value Rs. 100, maturity of 3 years and a coupon rate of 10%is issued. The market interest rate at the time of purchase is 8%, and falling. The investment in this scenario promises to be attractive for the investor as it offers greater returns than the present market rate. The market price of this bond will therefore be higher than the face value. Now, if the market rate increases to 10% in the second year of the investment, the bond no longer remains attractive and the market price drops down to Rs. 90. Also note...

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  • Most important, this edition adds more than 500 new words and terms that have come into common use since the previous edition was published. The addi- tions are by no means comprehensive, but they include some of the most promi- nent new locutions in a language that has grown increasingly rich. The Queen’s English, often regarded as a paradigm of correct and "proper" usage, has been busy absorbing words and phrases from diverse sources—some reflecting new political alignments, some from overseas, many from the argot of the street. ...

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  • Bài giảng Quản trị công - Chapter 2 presents the changing context of public policy. Learning objectives of this chapter include: to be aware of recent changes in the context of public policy, to understand the major paradigm shifts in the public policy making in recent decades, to understand the changing role of politics in the public policy.

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  • This study departs from the traditional embeddedness concept, which expresses the relationships between MNCs and the national context of host countries, and develops an integrative framework based on four different approaches: the transaction cost and internationalization approach; the resource-based view and micro-political approach; the network paradigm; and the approach of economic geographers.

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