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  • Portal development projects have become the centerpiece of IT acquisition and development strategy for many organizations. Enterprise integration and Web application developers predictably groan when they hear the word “portal”—nightmares of proprietary APIs, oversold features, and shoddy tool integrations. The authors of this book have been involved in over a dozen production portal efforts over the last several years. In that time, we have dealt with numerous products and frameworks, including some in-house frameworks based on servlets and JSPs.

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  • To improve screening of containerized cargo for nuclear and radiological material that might be entering the United States, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is seeking to deploy new radiation detectors, called advanced spectroscopic portals (ASPs). The ASPs are intended to replace some or all of the current system of radiation portal monitors (called PVT RPMs) used in conjunction with

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  • Detailed steps for installing Liferay portal and getting it running, for people with no prior experience of building portals Follow the example of building a neighbourhood site with pre-installed portlets and custom portlets Create your own communities, organizations and user groups, and learn how to add users to them

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  • The goal of this course is to provide students with the architectural concepts and the skills necessary to deploy Microsoft® SharePoint™ Portal Server 2001 as a search, intranet dashboard site, and document management solution. This course will provide an overview of each of the major functions provided by SharePoint Portal Server. It will not discuss how to programmatically extend SharePoint Portal Server or how to use SharePoint Portal Server as a development platform.

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  • This book accompanies the fourth annual ICMCC Event. In the past 12 months the role of ICMCC with regards to patient-related ICT has become obvious with the start of the Record Access Portal. It is our goal to come forward with a recommendation to the WHO on Record Access. This recommendation will therefore be one of the leading issues of the Round Table on the Responsibility Shift from Doctor to Patient.

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  • This module introduces the student to enterprise-level deployments of Microsoft® SharePoint™ Portal Server 2001 in a multiple server environment. After completing this module, students will be able to: Describe the tasks performed by SharePoint Portal Server that may require a dedicated server and plan a SharePoint Portal Server implementation. Develop a deployment strategy by using the four common SharePoint Portal Server deployment scenarios as a guide. Deploy multiple copies of a master SharePoint Portal server computer across an enterprise.

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  • 340 11 Using Vir tual Machine Manager 2008 for Provisioning NOTE The progress of the VM deployment can be monitored by selecting the VM in the self-service portal and clicking Properties in the Actions pane. Then click the Latest Job tab. Migrating a VM VMM provides the capability to move, or migrate, VMs quickly and easily between hosts. There are three ways this can be accomplished in VMM. The Migrate Virtual Machine Action The Migrate Virtual Machine Wizard enables the administrator to migrate a VM to another host using a VMM wizard, as follows: 1.

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  • As Microsoft’s new multipurpose portal technology, Business Connectivity Services (BCS) is a brand new way for SharePoint users to seamlessly access and integrate data from any application or databases within SharePoint 2010. With this in-depth guide, a team of SharePoint experts walks you through the features of the new BCS, including the ability for users to view and modify the data from SharePoint 2010 with BCS. You’ll explore how to use BCS, deploy solutions, create external content types and lists, create .NET host connectors, and more....

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  • 290 9 Installing and Getting Familiar with Virtual Machine Manager 2008 FIGURE 9.12 The VMM Administrator console. The most common actions performed using the Administrator console include the following: . Adding hosts . Creating host groups . Managing hosts . Managing host clusters . Configuring the VMM library . Creating VMs . Deploying and migrating VMs . Managing VMs . Configuring the self-service portal . Monitoring and reporting . Administering and managing roles Download at www.wowebook.

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  • Several countries are now collaborating with each other to use satellite for tele- education and tele-medicine. Space technology has now proliferated into everyday life particularly in developing economies through wireless communication, navigation, disaster communication, tele-education and tele-health care (Sengupta, 2008). Not only developing but developed nations are also using benefits of satellite system.

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