Portfolio immunization

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  • investors around the globe increasingly focus on the environmental and social impact of buildings, understanding that improving performance around these areas enhances long-term value and returns. our clients routinely require information about our sustainability policies and achievements for their portfolio reviews, and prospective clients request such information when making their investment allocations. investors in some of our funds have explicitly stated a preference for buildings that have high government or voluntary ratings that indicate environmental performance.

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  • An animal bite that breaks or punctures the skin has a significant chance of producing a bacterial infection. If any wild animal or pet bites and breaks the skin, the wound should be evaluated by a healthcare professional. Animal bites are common and bites of some animals (e.g. stray dogs, raccoons, bats) may transmit the rabies virus. Rabies is a very serious viral infection that infects the nervous system. Rabies is transmitted by a variety of wild animals. The virus can also be spread by unimmunized pets and in rare cases, immunized pets that have been...

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  • Based on a SEBI-NCAER survey which found 80 per cent of equity investor households to be first generation investors and majority of equity-owning households having an inadequate diversification of portfolio – only about 5 per cent invested in more than 5 companies, the National Stock Exchange (NSE) concluded that the households lacked “experience of stock market operations”.

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  • Lecture Derivatives - An introduction: Chapter 12 - Futures contracts and portfolio management. The main contents of the chapter consist of the following: The concept of immunization, altering asset allocation with futures.

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  • After the publication of the first edition of the book, about five years ago, I have received a fair number of messages from readers, both students and practitioners, around the world. The recurring keyword, and the most important thing to me, was useful. The book had, and has, no ambition of being a very advanced research book.

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  • When the actual holdings of the fund to be evaluated are available, it is possible to apply so-called weight-based performance measures. These measures essentially examine the covariance of the manager’s actual holdings, measured as proportions or portfolio weights, with the subsequent returns of the assets. The idea is that a manager who increases the fund’s exposure to a security or asset class before it performs well, or who anticipates and avoids losers, has investment ability.

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  • The UN and multi-laterals are also significant partners in the health sector. The USG works directly with the WHO, UNICEF, and FAO, and collaborates closely with UNAIDS as well as the World Bank and UNDP. These close collaborations cut across the portfolio, and efforts are coordinated in a thoughtful and strategic way.

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