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  • Portrait Art - Free Charcoal Lesson Sketching the human face with charcoal (using brush techniques) Originally written Jan 2004 Copyright: G.Banns Like the previous Drawing People - female figure in charcoal, this free art lesson on sketching faces again uses charcoal and a brush, though this time the water is added to charcoal particles, a red earth-like pastel is used, and the paper is prepared before use. The walrus moustache and hair of this 19th century philosopher, make it an ideal subject for the medium using a more coarse, hog's hair brush to render the textures in a rapid...

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  • This compilation of some of our most popular How to Draw and Paint and Artist's Library series titles gives artists the perfect introduction to the basics of drawing. The Art of Basic Drawing contains fundamental information about tools and techniques, as well as a number of inspiring step-by-step lessons. With instruction and advice from five different accomplished artists, this book showcases a range of styles for beginners to imitate.

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  • One of the most popular drawing guides ever published, The Art of Drawing has been an informative and thorough guide to several generations of aspiring artists. For fifty years, Willy Pogany has given the main principles of drawing in a simple, constructive way. By following the sequences laid out in the lessons, students quickly master the art of drawing. As a further aid, Pogany gives a complete anatomical description of the body for each section, including a list of all bones and a description of the muscles and their uses.

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  • Introduction I have introduced the Hair drawing tutorial so far, where I focused on some drawing techniques to achieve realistic hair look in a portrait. This time the tutorial is rather about drawing the whole portrait with all its parts enriched with useful tips. The tutorial aims at those of you, who are beginners or intermediate in drawing portraits and don't want to spend money for expensive artistic stuff. You need about four cheap pencils, charcoal, tissue or tortillion for blending, smudging eraser and ordinary eraser.

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  • If you still think of engagement photos as the standard posed portraits of couples that appear in the announcements column of your local newspaper, think again. Engagement images can be fun and whimsical, intensely passionate and sexy, sentimental and romantic. For that ma er, engagement images don’t even necessarily have to be for a couple’s engagement at all: Some couples, whether they are about to be married or have been married for years, might just want an excuse to have romantic pictures of themselves.

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  • Step 1 Firstly just draw the basic outlines and mark the parts in which you want to shade and keep in mind about the light shades and all. Step 2 After you are done with basic outlines and single lined drawings, Start shading the parts with small and light stokes using any number of pencil varrying according to you if you want dark portrait use 4B pencils to 9B and if you want to use lighter tones use HB pencil to 3B pencil. Then start smudging using a piece of cloth or .your thumb.

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  • Tham khảo tài liệu 'hermione portrait tutorial...', văn hoá - nghệ thuật, mỹ thuật phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Watercolor portrait tutorial in 5 steps by Brainfree. Step 1 First draw a light drawing using watercolour paper. .Step 2 Paint a light blue and black undercolour using watercolour paint. .Step 3 Paint is a little heaver with slightly darker paint, showing a little time for the details. Use water and a blending brush to remove errors like painting over the top nail on the top finger. .Step 4 Almost done blend out all small problems and blend in edges also tighten the straight lines, like the hat brim. Last of all paint over the black areas with black ink or acrylic black to get that...

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  • Art Composition can be summed up in one statement from the man who literally wrote the book that most professional illustrators behold as the holy grail of illustration. "The Principle of overlapping areas, forms and contours is the basis of all pictorial creation. Since line is our first means of defining these then linear arrangement becomes our first consideration." - Andrew Loomis After reading this, art composition should become a little clearer. In its most basic form, composition is the arrangement of line. Since line makes up everything, then this naturally makes sense.

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  • Pour un portrait au fusain, j'utilise un bloc de feuilles à croquis classiques, grammage 90/95 g/m2 (plutôt fin). Deux crayons de fusain Conté: Hb et 2b pour les nuances plus foncées. Un cutter pour tailler et une gomme malléable dite "mie de pain" pour les nuances lumineuses ou pour effacer. Avantages du fusain: le noir "profond" est facilement atteignable, se travaille plutôt rapidement par estompes. Inconvénients: Il s'effrite beaucoup et laisse beaucoup de traces, il faut être très soigneux. ...

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  • Tham khảo tài liệu 'portrait aux crayons de couleur', văn hoá - nghệ thuật, mỹ thuật phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • "Nelson Mandela Portrait in Watercolour" Cadmium Cerulean Burnt Yellow Blue Umber Blue Black Quinacridone Gold Geranium Lake Bluish Payne's Grey Additional colour (not shown) - Prussian blue Equipment 1. PAPER - Stretched sheet of watercolour paper (mine is Saunders Waterford 300g Rough Surface). 2. PAINT - Winsor & Newton Artists' Watercolour tubes Cadmium Yellow, Cerulean Blue, Burnt Umber, Blue Black, Quinacridone Gold. Lukas Artist's Watercolour tubes - Geranium

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  • I use flax based canvas. The final size is 40 x 50 cm. For each step, I take about 30 to 60 minutes, so I do a portrait in about 5 to 8 hours average. Step 1 First I draw in pencil on the canvas. .Step 2 Then I add the first highlights flesh color. .Step 3 Then entour these highlights with darker flesh color. .Step 4 And again, darker.

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  • Materials: 2B, 3B or 4B pencil and paper. When you draw a portrait from life, you need to record the subtle variations of the features which make that individual's face unique. There are three basic stages in the creation of this image: 1. Using line drawing to organise the position, shape and proportion of the features. 2. Using softly shaded tone to create the form and texture of each feature. 3. Using larger areas of tone to unite all the elements of the portrait.

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  • A Portrait In Coloured Pencils ...

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  • Bon, après un moment d'inactivité question tutos, je reviens en force en vous montrant comment faire un portrait à l'encre. J'entends par là à la plume et au pinceau. Le modèle : le club le plus cool, le plus sympa et le plus fun, le club qui a bercé les enfants des années 80 : les Goonies ! Plus précisément Ke Huy Quan (Demie-Lune) = Data et Sean Astin (Sam Gamji) = Mikey.

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  • Voilà un petit tuto pour montrer comment faire un portrait. Ce tuto va donc vous montrer comment je m'y prends pour faire un portrait aux crayons de couleur d'Aron Ralston, héros du film 127 heures et auteur du livre Plus fort qu'un roc, récemment rebaptisé du même nom que le film. Ce type a un courage incroyable, et c'est mon héros, alors si je l'enjolive un peu ne m'en voulez pas ;) Pour ce dessin, il faut : - un crayon, de préférence HB - une bonne gomme (moi, j'utilise une gomme mie de pain : pas de gommures,...

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  • Matériel Pour un portrait au graphite, j'utilise un bloc de feuilles Bristol Canson, grammage 224 à 250g/m2 (papier lourd). Un gamme de crayon graphite Derwent soft du h au 9b. Un taille-crayon pour tailler, des kleenex pour estomper et une gomme malléable dite "mie de pain" pour les nuances lumineuses ou pour effacer. Avantage du graphite: permet de réaliser un travail très précis pour un résultat hyperréaliste. Inconvénient: il faut s'armer de patience, il se travaille couche après couche. ...

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  • Je reviens vous voir avec ce pas à pas d'un Portrait au Stylo bille couleur (cette fois ). Il me tient particulièrement à coeur puisque c'est celui de ma belle Aurore ! La première étape est toujours la même: Reproduction et préparation du modèle par les techniques de chacun. ( à main levée, avec les carreaux, retroprojecteur ...) Ce qui importe, c'est d'arriver sur le Canson de votre format (ici le A4) avec les lignes maîtresses de votre sujet :

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  • Bonjour à tous ! Je tiens à préciser que je n’ai que 16 ans et que je ne suis qu’un amateur. Ce que j’explique dans ce tutorial pourra convenir à certaine personne et non à d’autre. Je n’ai pris quasi aucun cours de dessin et j’ai acquis cette technique de dessin par ma propre expérience. Ce tutorial présente la méthode personnelle que j’emploie pour réaliser mes portraits. Matériel Voici l’aperçu du matériel de dessin que j’utilise pour réaliser mes portraits :

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