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  • The Proportions of a Head Although the proportions of a head will vary from person to person and change slightly with age, there are some basic principles you can follow to improve your drawing. You can use these to check the general size, shape and position of features in your drawings. If you view a head from the front, its width is approximately two thirds of its height. If you view a head from the side, its width is approximately seven eighths of its height. .The proportions of the head can be divided horizontally into four equal quarters. ...

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  • Materials: 2B, 3B or 4B pencil and paper. When you draw a portrait from life, you need to record the subtle variations of the features which make that individual's face unique. There are three basic stages in the creation of this image: 1. Using line drawing to organise the position, shape and proportion of the features. 2. Using softly shaded tone to create the form and texture of each feature. 3. Using larger areas of tone to unite all the elements of the portrait.

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  • This article explores the process of modifying a photo, choosing different shading techniques for the various textures, and using graduations to fade the lower section of a head and shoulders portrait from the shading into the nothingness of the paper.

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  • You add shading in layers by working from light to dark, while rendering a highly detailed human eye with a combination of three graduated shading techniques - hatching, crosshatching, and squirkling. Eyes are the most expressive facial feature. The shapes and sizes of people’s eyes can help identify their gender, age, and cultural origin. In a portrait, the eyes alone can often identify who the person is. The eye in this project belongs to a beautiful young lady named Melissa, who is the daughter of my friend Crystal Basta....

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  • A basic knowledge of the physical aging processes allows you to accurately draw people of various ages. The age regression and progression techniques, discussed in this heavily illustrated article, can be invaluable for accurately portraying or modifying the ages of portrait subjects. This article is divided into the following four major sections: FROM NEWBORN TO TODDLER: During the first two years of life, a human face changes more drastically than at any other stage of development.

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  • Introduction Face drawing is something that I have come to absolutely love, I'm going to say this again - absolutely love. BUT....It wasn't until I actually began to study the face in detail that I started to love portrait drawing. It's not that hard once you know the proportions of the face, but the problem is, that in my experience, many teachers are not well versed in face drawing proportions or how to construct a head, and advise you to draw by seeing only. I'm going to demystify the head here for you and give you a system for portrait...

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  • Eye drawing is the next step in the process of learning how to draw portraits. After blocking in the basic proportions the eyes are usually the next part that I draw. We've all heard that the eyes are windows to the soul, and that old phrase really hits the nail on the head. The eyes are extremely important to your successful portrait drawing, and it is through the eyes that we show our many emotions - happiness, fear, anger, sadness and so on. I

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  • Learn how to draw cartoon chickens with just a few simple shapes and lines. Grab your drawing gear and follow along! Step 1 - Starting Circles Make a circle for the head and below that give some space and then draw a large oval-for the body. Look at the example for the exact proportion and placement of the head and the body. .Step 2 - Detailing the Head Draw two slightly curved lines coming down from the side of the head circle. One line touches the body oval while the other line curves out. Join the two lines of the neck along...

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  • Our subject for this exercise is this Whistling Kite. All you will need for this exercise are two tubes of paint and two brushes plus a sheet of watercolor paper and a pencil. Materials Indigo Burnt Sienna 1" flat brush #2 liner brush HB lead pencil Watch this demonstration on RealPlayer Step 1 The first step is to loosely draw the basic shapes. The idea is not to carefully .draw every detail then fill it in, but to get a rough guideline for the major shapes. Don't worry about accurate details, but concentrate on accurate proportions. (HB lead pencil) ...

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  • Whether you are creating drawings of females, males, or even animals, there are a few things you need to consider. Women are softer and more delicate than men. I don't think many would disagree with that statement. When drawing them, you will want to keep that foremost in mind. As with drawing faces,good construction is a must. Once you have a good feel for the construction of the head, you can begin to focus on the more subtle details of creating drawings of females. The beauty of the face comes with the proper proportions first. Get those right and...

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  • Realistic drawing is one of my specialties. I would like to say that I have mastered the art of detail, however there are always new things to learn as your skill level and style evolves. When creating realism in your drawing there are a few key things to remember. ***z-below-paragraph-1.shtml 1: Proportions are key: When creating or starting a new realistic drawing, no matter what it is, if you want it to look and feel realistic you will want to pay close attention to proportions. If the proportions of your drawing take an unrealistic angle or are off you will...

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  • Skull drawings are a part of classic tattoo designs. They appear in almost all tattoo art and styles, including Hindu and Buddhist. Skulls are also a pretty significant part of religious art as well. There are many ways to interpret the skull. Shape The same tips for how to draw a face can be applied to creating skull drawings. The proportions are obviously the same, as the skull is what gives the face its underlying shape. The only difference is that there is no cartilage to be drawn on the skull. ...

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  • Acryl sur toile 50/70 cm Etape 1 Choisir la photo. Etape 2 Cadrer la photo dans les mêmes proportions que la toile (ici 4,5 / 6,3 cm) 5 minutes Etape 3 Préparer la toile avec un jus brun (ou d'une autre couleur selon que l'on veut donner une ambiance "chaude" ou "froide") Le "jus" est donc de la peinture diluée. Il permet d'unifier les teintes et d'éviter les

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  • In this project, you use a grid to draw a soft and gentle frontal portrait of a little girl, with emphasis on correct facial proportions. Hatching is used to shade realistic textures features, hair, and the forms of her face.

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