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  • Cùng tìm hiểu Bài 12: Làm mịn da sử dụng plugin portraiture 2.3.3 với nội dung chính hướng đến giới thiệu tới các bạn cách sử dụng công cụ làm mịn da plugin portraiture 2.3.3. Mời các bạn cùng tìm hiểu để nắm bắt nội dung thông tin tài liệu.

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  • Candid Street Portraiture: Working in the face of strangers, street portraiture pushes the boundaries of personal spaces and, for that matter, the photographer’s own comfort zone. It's all about candid shooting, getting in close to the subject with the subject unaware of the camera. The portrait can be just the face or whole body & all in between. Framing & composition are important but in a relaxed way. The best of these portraits capture emotions as the story of the subject unfolds before you....

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  • In issuing this second treatise on Crayon Portraiture, Liquid Water Colors and French Crystals, for the use of photographers and amateur artists, I do so with the hope and assurance that all the requirements in the way of instruction for making crayon portraits on photographic enlargements and for finishing photographs in color will be fully met. To these I have added complete instructions for free-hand crayons.

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  • Time : Allow 40min Aim : To study draw a portratit using the 'inside-out' method. Materials : The sketch pad, HB and 4B pencil, eraser, a ruler for measurements if need be. Allow five minutes to for the quick sketch test. Two minutes to do and three to mark. Swap, display and title if necessary. Mostly everything we draw is based on regular solids such as cubes, spheres, cylinders and pryramids ... or a combination of them all. In this lesson we shall be using a sphere, a half-pyramid and a cylinder. ...

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  • Studio photography covers a wide range of disciplines. In its simplest form it is part of the documentation process for a driver’s licence, ID, passport, etc.; at its most complex, cinematography and its role in the creation of films. Within this spectrum fall portraiture, fashion, still life, film library, product, advertising illustration, industrial, corporate and architectural.

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  • ILLUSTRATED LESSON NOTES FOR TEACHERS INTRODUCTION preamble for all lessons 1) cityscape 2) cityscape up 3) cityscape down 4) room interior two point 5) railway 6) room interior CVP 6b) room interior cont. 7) letters 8) shadows basic 9) shadows 2 10) archway 10b) completed arch 11) road 11b) road continuded 12) book 12b) book continued PART TWO INTRODUCTION 1) 'quick sketch page' 2) methods of shading 3) tennis and shadows 4) reference sheet 5) in three dimensions 6) a 'fork' in the road 7) portraiture 8) portraiture cont. 9) drawing roses Send me a short message with the phrase "please...

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  • Moreover, nowhere in the passage does the author compare portraiture with other art forms. Choice (E) is too narrow and refers to information not mentioned in the passage. The passage is not just about Reynolds but about the portraiture encounter in general. Also, the author does not comment on Reynolds’ “success” or about how his relationship with his sitters might have contributed to his success.

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  • Tạo màu cho ảnh đen trắng cũng là một trong những quá trình giúp các bạn xác định màu sắc cho vật thể một cách tốt nhất và cũng là cách ko thể thiếu trong việc hỗ trợ blend màu cho ảnh. Trong diễn đàn đã có hướng dẫn cách tô màu cho ảnh đen trắng, nhưng hôm nay mình vẫn muốn giới thiệu cách tạo màu da của riêng mình. Stock các bạn có thể tìm trên google với từ khóa là “Portraiture” ...

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  • Designed to address beginning to intermediate artists, this book is the ultimate guide to portraiture and figure painting in watercolour. It guides artists through the entire portrait and figure painting process, from selecting the right materials…

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  • Having been born and educated in Scotland, and possessing a tolerable acquaintance with its History and Literature, the Author of the following Work felt that he had some facilities for giving to the people of this country a just idea of his native Land. The plan of his work is somewhat new, combining in a larger degree, than he has hitherto seen attempted, descriptions of Scenery, with Literary and Biographical Sketches, portraitures of character social and religious, incidents of travel, and reflections on matters of local or general interest.

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  • Historians have, on the whole, dealt somewhat harshly with the fascinating Madame de Montespan, perhaps taking their impressions from the judgments, often narrow and malicious, of her contemporaries. To help us to get a fairer estimate, her own "Memoirs," written by herself, and now first given to readers in an English dress, should surely serve. Avowedly compiled in a vague, desultory way, with no particular regard to chronological sequence, these random recollections should interest us, in the first place, as a piece of unconscious self- portraiture.

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