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  • The World Health Organization reported that regardless of promises of better healthcare by governments and donor countries, millions of mothers, newborn babies and children continue to die each year in Africa from preventable diseases. The WHO further observed that some of the continent's biggest problems are getting worse and the rates of death during childbirth and among young children are increasing (WHO, 2006). The Asian countries are no exception. Most of them are also facing a number of health education challenges like Africa. Bandara (2005, p.

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  • Opportunity: Over 70% of mental health problems have their onset in childhood or early adolescence. 20% of all children have a significant mental health problem that causes impairment. 10% of all children have a chronic psychiatric disorder with a significant genetic aetiology. Neurodevelopmental disorders such as mental retardation and autism are lifelong debilitating diseases which affect 2-3% of children. 12 Schizophrenia affects 1% of the population and is likely also a developmental disorder.

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  • Since 1 January 2003 a percentage rate of a contribution to work accident insurance has been differentiated for individual contribution payers and depends on risk category and on a number of persons notifi ed to work accident insurance. If the insured person is a member of an open pension fund, a part of the contribution to his or her old-age pension insurance, at a rate of 7.30% of the basis for assessment, is transferred by ZUS to the open pension fund selected by the insured person.

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  • “Population Ageing is profound, having major consequences and implications for all facets of human life. In the economic area, population ageing will have an impact on economic growth, savings, investment and consumption, labor markets, pensions, taxation and inter generational transfers. In the social sphere, population ageing affects health and healthcare, family composition and living arrangements, housing and migration. In this paper we try to document different aspects of human deprivation in the old age other than the measurement of income poverty.

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  • Many pesticides are being highly stable and continue to kill the target and the host long after the application which is both advantageous and disadvantageous. Thus, the detection and assays of pesticide residues have significant role to know level of residual pesticide molecules. The present edition of volume attempted to consolidate significant advancement of research at worldwide on pesticide residues. The status of pesticide usage pattern and residue level in food from plant and animal origin at different regions are described in-depth in the chapters....

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  • During preoperative transesophageal echocardiography, a line was drawn between the base of the anterior and posterior mitral leaflet to measure the distance between the head of the posterior papillary muscle and the plane at the co-optation of the leaflets; this measured the artificial chordal length. During surgery, 4-0 Gore- Tex was passed through the fibrous tip of the papillary muscle with a pledget and was fixed with a loose knot. Two tight reverse knots were made for every millimeter of 4-0 Gore-Tex that was required.

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  • For many marketers, mobile is the Holy Grail for Location Based Marketing. Location Based Marketing promises an unprecedented new way to connect with consumers and deliver highly relevant and targeted messages at a time and place when a consumer is most likely to act on them. The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has developed this whitepaper to educate the industry on Location Based Marketing, and to provide a general overview for mobile marketers seeking to understand the potential opportunities for Location Based Services1 (“LBS).

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  • There have also been significant changes to existing veterinary business models, with a marked decrease in the number of small private, independent practices and a drive toward partnerships, groups and large corporate structures with shared resources and strengthened buying powers. As a result of the latter, new management career opportunities have opened up within the corporate sector for appropriately trained and entrepreneurially motivated veterinarians to run individual clinics or sites as semi-independent business units. ...

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  • Screening for cervical cancer with cervical cytology reduced the incidence of cervical cancer by more than 50% over the past 30 years in the United States [8]. However, it is estimated that 50% of the women in whom cervical cancer is diagnosed each year will have never had cervical cytology testing [8]. One approach for further reducing the incidence and the mortality of cervical cancer would be to increase the screening rates among groups of women at highest risk, who currently are not being screened.

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  • Nevertheless, one must acknowledge that Bonfand’s book takes risks, and can even be called a theoretical tour de force. By rejecting citation and confronting painting and cinema according to their ‘phenomenologicallity’, Bonfand truly ponders the relation between painting and cinema beyond the box, even though the correlation between the two may sometimes seem too loose in a couple of chapters. Additionally, the different essays remain too randomly juxtaposed, which deprives the book from having a solid structure and argument.

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  • The authorities have also led some policy initiatives to encourage investors to adopt new references moving away from short-term indexation. For example, the main securities exchange (BM&F Bovespa) introduced reference rates for 3 and 6 months aiming at extending the reference rate for investors. In February 2012, the National Treasury undertook securities exchange operations with Extramercado Funds5 in order to adjust their portfolio. The investment policy of these funds has been adjusted such that they must be referenced to one of the Anbima Market Indices (IMA).

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  • Although in many trials haloperidol has been used as the standard comparator, the clinical trial evidence for haloperidol itself is much less impressive than one might expect (Barry et al 2012). By their very nature systematic reviews and RCTs provide only average indices of probable efficacy in groups of individuals recruited to the study in question. Although many RCTs attempt to limit inclusion criteria to a single category of diagnosis from DSM4 or ICD10, many studies include individuals with different types of schizophrenic diagnosis such as schizoaffective disorder.

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  • What’s more, our programs are practical and relevant, so that you may see immediate results in yourself and your organization. Through faculty well versed in business issues as well as colleagues who share similar work experience, you will leave the program better prepared to anticipate and lead change at all levels. Also you will have the opportunity to build a lifelong network with the colleagues you meet in class. Pepperdine students come from a variety of professional, cultural, and educational backgrounds.

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  • This report focuses on a set of tools to address youth exposure that has been largely ignored: State laws that restrict youth expo- sure to alcohol advertising in both measured and unmeasured media venues. States have systems already in place for administer- ing alcohol advertising regulations, usually (but not always) housed in an Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) state agency. Alcohol producers, distributors, and retailers must obtain state licenses to do business in a state.

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  • The first part, the design of an ADAS system started with the investigation of user and stakeholder requirements. It was  found that drivers accept ADAS systems, as long as they keep a certain amount of control. To comply to these  requirements, the system uses so called system states. Every system state offers a certain amount of control, leaving the  choice with the driver.  To define which drive tasks were to be supported, a system analysis of current ADAS systems has been made.

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  • Freshly collected seed loses around 50% of its moisture in the first three days. It has also been found that germination rate decreases with the loss of moisture, and therefore seeds are planted as soon as possible after collection. If planting is not possible straight away, they are placed in a tin of charcoal to help retain moisture levels. Seeds are planted after being raised in special germination beds, around 90cm wide, with spaces between to allow room for walking.

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  • In the student market this will be read as ‘academic reputation plus employability’, a position with appeal today but even greater appeal in a post-2012 funding environment. It is also sustainable, as high institutional costs and high fees will not be possible without high quality; although investment in people, IT and (later) buildings will be needed to get us there.

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  • The volume of issuance (sales) and the size of outstanding structured product portfolios have a material impact on derivative pricing and spreads. An investment bank will issue derivatives into the market to construct portfolios for sellers of these products, creating natural opportunities for hedge funds to come in on the other side of the trade. It is common knowledge in investment banks that hedge funds help to reduce their volatility risk, providing liquidity in a very complementary way.

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  • Community leaders in Sukumaland are calling for a strong lead from the Government. One was quoted as saying: ‘‘It is a question of educating the people. In other areas of the country where people are better educated, we don’t face this problem.’’ Until recently, the Government was reluctant to acknowledge that belief in witchcraft still existed. Now the subject is being widely discussed and officially condemned. In 1999, the Tanzanian Government made witchcraft the theme for International Women’s Day.

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  • When technology was introduced to control air pollution by reducing emissions of particles, it was found that the gaseous emissions continued and caused problems of their own. Currently efforts to control both particulate and gaseous emissions have been partially successful in much of the developed world, but there is recent evidence that air pollution is a health risk even under these relatively favorable conditions.

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