Positive displacement

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  • Objectives: To evaluate the effectiveness and safety of cervical epidural methylprednisolone acetate injection in treating cervical disc displacement. Subjects and methods: A descriptive study on 82 patients who underwent cervical disc displacement were positive diagnosed by clinical and magnetic resonance imaging and treated in Neurology Department, Ninhbinh Hospital from May, 2015 to December, 2016.

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  • Vận tốc dòng chảy và lưu lượng Nhiều dụng cụ đo đã được phát triển để đo lưu lượng; nó là một trong những chủ đề phức tạp nhất trong điều khiển quá trình.

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  • A displacement pump (also called positive-displacement, or just p-d) is a pump which imparts energy to the pumpage (the material pumped) by trapping a fixed volume at suction (inlet) conditions, compressing it to discharge pressure, then pushing it into the discharge (outlet) line.

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  • This book pilots the reader into the future. The first three chapters introduce new materials and material processing methods. Then five chapters present innovative new design directions and solutions. The main section of the book contains ten chapters organized around problems and methods of manufacturing and technology, from cutting process optimisation through maintenance and control to the Digital Factory. The last two chapters deal with information and energy, as the foundations of a prospering economy....

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  • A Liqui-Mover pump is a positive displacement pressure powered pump with a minimum of moving parts. The pumping action is accomplished using a positive pressure to push the liquid from the pump tank into the return line. The Liqui-Mover pump can handle high temperature and high pressure condensate without difficulty. Liqui-Mover pumps are available in nine sizes. They are available in many configurations, from individual components that are field assembled to complete packaged systems ready for connection to field piping.

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  • CHAPTER 11 PNEUMATIC AND HYDRAULIC MACHINE AND MECHANISM CONTROL DESIGNS AND OPERATING PRINCIPLES OF TYPICAL PUMPS These pumps are used to transfer liquids and supply hydraulic power. 1. WITH BUT TWO MOVING PARTS, the rotors that turn in the same direction, this rotary pump has reduced friction to a minimum. The rotors rotate against flexible synthetic rubber cushions that allow sand, grit and other abrasives to flow freely through the pump without damage. It is a positive displacement pump that develops a constant pressure and will deliver a uniform flow at any given speed.

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  • We know the interventions that can save most women’s lives. If every woman had access to essential maternal care, 74% of maternal deaths could be prevented4. If all women had access to self–controlled means of HIV/ AIDS protection and were in a position within society to use these methods, millions of HIV/AIDS deaths could be prevented. Thus, we do not so much need new technology, as we need to ensure universal access, utilization and equity. But ensuring universal access, utilization and equity means that our health services cannot continue to function as “business as usual.

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  • Physical laws should be independent of the position and orientation of the observer. For this reason, physical laws are vector equations or tensor equations, since both vectors and tensors transform from one coordinate system to another in such a way that if the law holds in one coordinate system, it holds in any other coordinate system.

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  • (BQ) Part one is about kinematics and mechanisms, part two is about the design of mechanisms, and part three is about the dynamics of machines. Part one contains information about basic topics such as velocity, acceleration, position and displacement, and the world of mechanism. Part two explains topics like gears, synthesis of linkages, cam design, robotics, mechanism trains, and so on.

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  • Sensors used for ultra-precision machines include position and velocity sensors, which are mostly part of a control loop, and for some special applications acceleration sensors for active vibration control, and thermal sensors for thermal error compensation [1]. An essential component of each positional feedback loop in a machine tool is the displacement measurement system for detecting the actual position of moving machine parts. It is the performance of such measurement systems that limits the accuracy of machine tools and hence directly affects the quality of the machined part...

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  • This book is based upon Medical Physics and Physiological Measurement which we wrote in 1981. That book had grown in turn out of a booklet which had been used in the Sheffield Department of Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering for the training of our technical staff. The intention behind our writing had been to give practical information which would enable the reader to carry out a very wide range of physiological measurement and treatment techniques which are often grouped under the umbrella titles of medical physics, clinical engineering and physiological measurement.

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  • Tsetseris and Pantelides Nanoscale Research Letters 2011, 6:245 http://www.nanoscalereslett.com/content/6/1/245 NANO EXPRESS Open Access Defect-related hysteresis in nanotube-based nano-electromechanical systems Leonidas Tsetseris1,2*, Sokrates T Pantelides2,3,4 Abstract The electronic properties of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) depend on the positions of their walls with respect to neighboring shells. This fact can enable several applications of MWCNTs as nano-electromechanical systems (NEMS).

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  • The sound in the urethra allowed the prostate to be directed posteriorly to facilitate palpation of the nodule and placement of the Silverman needle (Barnes & Emery, 1959). The patient would be anaesthetized and positioned in lithotomy. An initial digital rectal examination (DRE) was performed to ensure an empty rectum and an ounce of antiseptic solution was instilled per rectally for ten minutes. Agents used included Vioform (iodochlorhydroxyquin U.S.P) 3% Betadine (providone-iodine) or Triophyll (tri-iodophynol).

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  • Relaxin is an insulin-like peptide consisting of two separate chains (A and B) joined by two inter- and one intrachain disulfide bonds. Binding to its receptor requires an Arg–X– X–X–Arg–X–X–Ile motif in the B-chain. A relatedmember of the insulin superfamily, INSL3, has a tertiary structure that is predicted to be similar to relaxin. It also possesses an Arg–X–X–X–Arg motif within its B-chain, although this is displaced by four amino acids towards the C-terminus from the corresponding position within relaxin....

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