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  • The focus of this study is positive feedback in one-on-one tutoring, its computational modeling, and its application to the design of more effective Intelligent Tutoring Systems. A data collection of tutoring sessions in the domain of basic Computer Science data structures has been carried out. A methodology based on multiple regression is proposed, and some preliminary results are presented. A prototype Intelligent Tutoring System on linked lists has been developed and deployed in a collegelevel Computer Science class. ...

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  • A response is to amplify the change in the variable. This has a destabilizing effect, so does not result in homeostasis. Positive feedback is less common in naturally occurring systems than negative feedback, but it has its applications. For example, in nerves, a threshold electric potential triggers the generation of a much larger action potential. Blood clotting and events in childbirth are other types of positive feedback.

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  • What is a feedback? Good Feedback Makes Excellence More Visible Clarity of Feedback Good intention Level one: positive and negative feedback Level two: Shift controlling feedback to in informative feedback Level three: Co-designing feedback system The Need for Imagination Don’t have to be slave (phụ thuộc) to praise

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  • Here are some common actions which should not be done in workplace Raising voice Threatening to withhold opportunities Warning Micro management by providing lots of specific direction Negative feedback

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  • Agenda: Positive feedback oscillator concepts, negative resistance oscillator concepts (typically employed for RF oscillator), equivalence between positive feedback and negative resistance oscillator theory, oscillator start-up requirement and transient, oscillator design - Making an amplifier circuit unstable, constant |Γ1| circle, fixed frequency oscillator design, voltage-controlled oscillator design.

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  • Sensors are a critical component in a motor control system. They are used to sense the current, position, speed and direction of the rotating motor.

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  • In this chapter, you can get a feel for eBay’s hum- ble beginnings and see what happened along the way to make it such a market leader. You willalso learn some basic auction terminology (for instance, what a regular auction is as opposed to a reserve price auction) that will make reading this book and going on eBay much easier to understand. Finally, you’ll read about the new phenomenon that is sweeping the on-line auction world, the eBay drop- off stores, which are in no way affiliated with eBay. These stores take in your items, much like a con- signment...

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  • Ants communicate information by leaving pheromone tracks. A moving ant leaves, in varying quantities, some pheromone on the ground to mark its way. While an isolated ant moves essentially at random, an ant encountering a previously laid trail is able to detect it and decide with high probability to follow it, thus reinforcing the track with its own pheromone.

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  • Sensors used for ultra-precision machines include position and velocity sensors, which are mostly part of a control loop, and for some special applications acceleration sensors for active vibration control, and thermal sensors for thermal error compensation [1]. An essential component of each positional feedback loop in a machine tool is the displacement measurement system for detecting the actual position of moving machine parts. It is the performance of such measurement systems that limits the accuracy of machine tools and hence directly affects the quality of the machined part...

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  • We decided to write this ebook in response to the many positive feedbacks we received from freelance translators. They told us we made their business so simple yet so different. They said that after implementing our methods, they started enjoying their working hours while doubling their output. We believe you are already the best at what you do - you have all the skills of translation. Instead, we are going to show you how to make the best of your translation skills. Be forewarned – at www.Tomedes.com, we think differently; some of the translators defined it as thinking outside...

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  • The control user should be familiar with servos. The user will understand what a servo is and why it is required in so many applications. This discussion will answer these two basic questions: What is a servo? Why use a servo? Any discussion of servos will have to employ the term ‘‘feedback.’’ Thousands of times every day we require information to be ‘‘fed back’’ to us so that we can perform normal activities. When controlling a car down a highway, feedback is provided to our brain by the gift of sight....

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  • The advancement of knowledge in the electronic design is strongly influenced by Technology Computer Aided Design–TCAD. Here is an interesting positive feedback, because the computing power helps the designers to perform modelling, simulation, optimisation and design of the new devices with improved performance, which have the capability to increase the computing power.

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  • Positioning systems in general have their most basic form, and also the most complex, in the human being. The brain serves as the summing network that accepts the command for a desired motion or position, the musculatory system serves as the power source or prime mover to cause motion to take place, and the sensory system, such as the eyes, determines the present position. In general, these three things—the brain, the muscles, and the eyes—are analogues to the three basic parts of any positioning system....

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  • Op Amps Positive Feedback 6.002 Fall 2000 Lecture 21 1 .Negative vs Positive Feedback Consider this circuit — negative feedback vIN R1 R2 – R1 vIN + + R – + vOUT = − 2 vIN – R1 and this — positive feedback + – R2 vIN + – R1 sis e aly pag an t ee nex s on + R2 “vOUT = − R vIN ” – 1 What’s the difference? Consider what happens when there is a pertubation… Positive feedback drives op amp into saturation: vOUT → ±VS Lecture 6.002 Fall 2000 21 2 .

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  • MACHINE FEEDBACK DRIVE CONSIDERATIONS Machine Feed Drive Considerations for Resolver Feedback The usual configuration for resolver position feedback is to have the resolver geared to the servo drive motor. Computer-aided design programs for hydraulic drive sizing are based on the fact that the hydraulic resonance is the predominant resonance in the servo loop. With electric drives the mechanical time constant is not of prime consideration since it can be compensated for with the drive compensation....

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  • The goal of this book is to illustrate how control tools can be successfully applied to micro- and nano-scale systems. The book partially explores the wide variety of applicationswhere control can have a significant impact at themicro- and nanoscale, and identifies key challenges and common approaches. This first chapter briefly outlines the range of subjects within micro and nano control and introduces topics that recur throughout the book.

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  • This textbook is primarily intended to provide undergraduate students of pharmacy with a clear and concise account of basic endocrine function and dysfunction, at a level sufficient to meet the requirements of first- or second year qualifying examinations. It is not intended to replace standard texts, but merely to serve as an accompaniment and convenient revision guide.

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  • It is not assumed that, when subjected to such "forces" of positive feedback, people do not try to find mechanisms with which to cope. The models assume that people do the best they can in the circumstances they face. What the models do is to identify conditions in which this is not enough to lift communities out of the mire. Turner and Ali (1996), for example, have shown that in the face of population pressure inBangladesh small land-holders have periodically adopted new ways of doing things so as to intensify agricultural production.

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  • Prostaglandin (PG) F2asuppresses adipocyte differentiation by inhibiting the function of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor c. In this study, we identified a novel suppression mechanism, operating in the early phase of adipogenesis, that increased the production of anti-adipogenic PGF2a and PGE2by enhancing cyclooxygenase (COX) 2

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  • Previous studies have suggested that positive feedback loops and ultrasensi-tivity are prerequisites for bistability in covalent modification cascades. However, it was recently shown that bistability and hysteresis can also arise solely from multisite phosphorylation.

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