Positive psychotherapy

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  • In my professional life I have been asked many times the simple question: What is transpersonal psychology, counselling or psychotherapy? The answer is straightforward: it is a broad transcultural theory of human nature that posits that human beings are more than physical and psychological beings, with some form of spirituality being a reasonable bet. Oh, and by the way, it is also a discrete field of study that could be conceived as having had about 40 years of academic recognition.

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  • The aim of this volume is to focus on how counseling psychology fosters and builds optimal human strength and well-being. Counseling psychology in some form has always been a vital part of promoting good health and preventing mental, physical, and social disorders. The chapters in this book show how counseling psychology plays a major role in helping people make changes at home, work, and in the community in ways that prevent disease risk and strengthen personal and social resources.

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  • After many years of practice as an analyst of adults and children, I came to realize that my work was based on a principle of which I was not consciously aware. Even though the feedback on the quality of my work (from colleagues and the patients themselves) was, on the whole, positive, I had had no more than a handful of patients who saw me for more than five years.

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  • Die Begriffe Aggression und Gewalt bzw. aggressives und gewalttätiges Verhalten werden in der psychiatrischen Fachliteratur teilweise synonym benutzt, eindeutige und allgemein akzeptierte Definitionen und Operationalisierungen existieren für beide Begriffe bisher nicht. Das Wort Aggression/ Aggressivität leitet sich von dem lateinischen „aggredi“ ab mit der Bedeutung herangehen, auf jemanden oder etwas zugehen, sich nähern. Später wurde dieser Begriff auch mit feindseliger Bedeutung im Sinne eines offenen Angriffs verwendet.

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