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  • This book provides complete coverage of the gawk 3.1 language as well as the most up-to-date coverage of the POSIX standard for awk available anywhere. Author Arnold Robbins clearly distinguishes standard awk features from GNU awk (gawk)-specific features, shines light into many of the "dark corners" of the language (areas to watch out for when programming), and devotes two full chapters to example programs. A brand new chapter is devoted to TCP/IP networking with gawk. He includes a summary of how the awk language evolved....

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  • The book has a number of aims as: To teach the use of the standard UNIX C libraries and other facilities as specified by the UNIX98 standard created from the earlier IEEE POSIX and X/Open (SPEC 1170) specifications; to show how to make the most of advanced development tools; to give concise introductions to popular rapid development languages like the shell, Tcl and Perl; to show how to build graphical user interfaces for the X Window System; having given you firm grounding, to progress to topics of real−world applications which you want to program

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  • sed & awk describes two text manipulation programs that are mainstays of the UNIX programmer's toolbox. This edition covers the sed and awk programs as they are mandated by the POSIX standard and includes discussion of the GNU versions of these programs.

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  • Software Environment This chapter presents some software components relevant to real-time applications. The first part of the chapter is concerned with operating systems. Real-time requirements for operating system behaviour forbid the use of standard Unix, although the Posix/Unix interface is very useful for software engineering. Three approaches are presented. In the first one, the real-time executive has been customized to provide a Posix interface.

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  • A comprehensive guide to implementing the standard C libraries which are both POSIX & OPEN/X compliant. Contains the most commonly used functions, such as: opening, reading, and closing files; screen I/O; performing math; character and string manipulation; and memory allocation. Contains code examples and usage recommendations. Every programmer, from first year students to experienced programmers, will find this book useful.

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