Possessive singular

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  • the Elements of Style, when I reexamined it in 1957, seemed to me to contain rich deposits of gold. It was Will Strunk's pan/urn opus, his attempt to cut the vast tangle of English rhetoric down to size and write its rules and principles on the...

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  • A singular noun is a word that names one person, place, thing, or idea: brother, classroom, piglet, and joy. A plural noun names more than one person, place, thing, or idea: brothers, classrooms, piglets, and joys. A collective noun names a group. When the collective noun refers to the group as a whole, it is singular. When it refers to the individual group members, the collective noun is plural. The class meets two days a week. (singular).

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  • Ebook Grammar practice book Grade 2 helps you know sentences, statements and questions, commands and exclamations, parts of a sentence, nouns, singular and plural nouns, proper nouns, more proper nouns, abbreviations, singular possessive nouns, plural possessive nouns,... in the English.

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  • Verbs take a few endings such as ed for the past (started), but they do not take endings for person, except in the third person singular of the present tense (it starts). Articles (e.g. the), Possessives (e.g. my) and adjectives (e.g. good) do not have endings for number or gender. Pronouns (e.g. lime) have fewer forms than in many languages.

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  • The poems of Homer differ from all other known poetry in this, that they constitute in themselves an encyclopædia of life and knowledge at a time when knowledge, indeed, such as lies beyond the bounds of actual experience, was extremely limited, but when life was singularly fresh, vivid, and expansive.

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