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  • Sự khác nhau giữa "maybe", "perhaps" và "possibly" ."Maybe", "perhaps", và "possibly" .Tất cả các từ này ít nhiều đều giống nhau. Cả ba từ này đều cho thấy là một điều gì đó là có thể xảy ra, có thể thực hiện được, có thể là có thực. v.v.

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  • We often use phrases like I think, I should think, I suppose, I guess, I reckon, etc…before may, might and could to give our opinion that something is possible. I think my dad might phone tonight. I guess that shop may have what you want. I reckon I could finish this work today.

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  • [ Team LiB ] Using Contacts for Mail Merge Mail merge is possibly the most popular reason for accessing Outlook data from Word. Mail merge makes it easy to create address labels, personalized letters, and address books. You can start mail merges from either Outlook or Word, and a number of options are available to you for configuring the mail merge. By opening Word and using the Tools, Letters and Mailings, Mail Merge menu selection to begin the merge, you limit the number of contact fields available for use as merge fields to common mail fields. When you start the...

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  • Tham khảo tài liệu 'krone - making the impossible possible', kỹ thuật - công nghệ, kĩ thuật viễn thông phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Lecture Managerial economics - Chapter 4 presents four possible markets: Perfect Competition (price-takers), monopolistic Competition (price-searchers), oligopoly (a few firms dominate), monopoly (single seller).

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  • Vietnam’s environment protection tax: Possible impacts and incidence. This paper predicts economic and environmental impacts and incidence, in short term and in long tem, of the implementation of Law on Environment Protection Tax (EPT) recently promulgated by the National Assembly and coming into force by the beginning of 20121.

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  • The conceptual guide presents the theoretical perspectives developed to illuminate the complex relationships between context and RPL practice. These are put to work in three distinctive international contexts chosen to draw out epistemological and pedagogical issues and possibilities. These analyses provide the basis for an understanding of wh

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  • A method was proposed for locating possible sources of oil pollution in the East Vietnam Sea. The method includes two stages. The first stage is called the raw stage. In this stage, based on the history of oil pollution at the Vietnamese coast and oil pollution footprint detected byremote sensing technique, numerical computation of wind and flow field in the sea was carried out.

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  • The article describes the concepts related to communicative activities and investigates into how teachers of English perceive and design communicative activities in classes. Hence, some possible solutions are suggested to help teachers of English organize more communicative tasks in English language teaching.

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  • At the same time, this stability will contribute to strengthening global security and ensuring the interests of the countries related. This paper addresses the issues of non-traditional security and possibilities for cooperation within the framework of general security cooperation in the region, based on the researches on non-traditional security, analysis of the actual problems, and proposes some possibilities and solutions for the problems.

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  • In addition, the utilization of polymeric components can result in a low corrosion, selectivity, controllability, and recyclability of absorbents when operated in real environment conditions. This article summarizes the preparation techniques and desirable properties of polymer for removal of toxic heavy metal ion as well as the possibility of polymers in collecting some rare noble metal ions.

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  • This paper proposes a modeling framework that attempts to account for the decision maker’s uncertainty by possibility theory and then the analyst's uncertainty by probability theory. The possibility to probability transformation is performed using the principle of uncertainty invariance. The proposed approach accounts for the quality of information on the changes in choice probability. The paper discusses the thought process, mathematics of possibility theory and probability transformation, and examples.

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  • In this paper, we present obstacles avoidance and altitude control algorithms based on fuzzy sets and possibilities distributions to control the blimp’s complexity and main behaviors of the system.

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  • In Iran several arguments have been established for introducing Iron, possibly till the definite research has not been established it is not possible to say with certain. In this article by WLXRF spectroscopy which has been done on the Iron object which has been discovered in Hassanlu to suggest some possible sources for it.

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  • Pharmacokinetic drug–drug interactions (in particular at metabolism) may result in fatal adverse effects in some cases. This basic information, therefore, is needed for drug therapy even in veterinary medicine, as multidrug therapy is not rare in canines and felines. The aim of this review was focused on possible drug–drug interactions in dogs and cats. The interaction includes enzyme induction by phenobarbital, enzyme inhibition by ketoconazole and flu- oroquinolones, and down-regulation of enzymes by dexamethasone.

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  • Cholestatic hepatitis has not been reported as a paraneoplastic syndrome of endometrial adenocarcinoma to our knowledge. We present a patient who, shortly after endometrial adenocarcinoma diagnosis, presented with elevated liver chemistries in the setting of an acute, paraneoplastic sensorimotor polyneuropathy. Infectious, autoimmune, pharmacologic, malignant, metabolic, and structural causes of cholestatic hepatitis were screened for and ruled out.

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  • This paper takes a broad look at the fourth industrial revolution, while tracing the history of educational changes in previous revolutions and, examining the challenges and implications for engineering education. The possibilities of engineering institutions becoming interdisciplinary and producing entrepreneurial engineers were discussed among others.

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  • The author devotes the article to the problem of inspecting the role and possibilities of digital sociology in the process of forming information arrays and their subsequent evaluation.

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  • Globally, possible serious bacterial infection [PSBI] is a cause for about 600,000 newborn deaths per year. To decrease the burden of this infection, a community-based management newborn PSBI when referral to hospital is not possible has been on implementation. Studies showed gaps in the service utilization and this study was aimed at exploring its barriers and facilitators.

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  • This paper seeks to draw together ideas from different sources to place washback in the context of other possibilities. The concepts of adaptive implementation and programmed implementation are taken from Henrichsen’s hybrid model of the diffusion/implementation of innovation in education systems. Washback is shown to act in parallel to but distinct from programmed implementation. The picture is completed with van Lier’s concept of wash-forward, first outlined in 1989 but subsequently neglected in the literature.

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