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  • This book explains the importance of training, shows exactly what kind of postsecondary education is right for hotel managers. Further resources clarify all the possibilities for financing your education, including loans, scholarships, and grants. It also covers the job search process, while teaching you how to hone your job search skills. Plus, when you land the job of your dreams, you'll find proven ways to succeed in your new position.

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  • Specific writing prompts administered during testing are developed with the assistance of external prompt writers who are recruited on the basis of their expertise and to reflect the diversity of the populations served by the ACT. ACT prompt writers are male and female educators from both high schools and colleges, and they represent a variety of geographical regions, racial and ethnic backgrounds, and educational philosophies.

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  • Accounting is a field of specialization critical to the functioning of all types of organizations. Accounting often is referred to as ‘‘the language of business’’ because of its role in maintaining and processing all relevant financial information that an entity requires for its managing and reporting purposes. Accountants often have a specific subspecialization and function at one of several levels. Preparation for the field is provided by secondary schools, postsecondary business schools, community colleges, and four-year colleges and universitie...

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  • However, a number of member jurisdictions’ national laws implementing the investment rules of the current Solvency I Directives15 do refer to, or place reliance on, ratings in order to determine whether a certain asset is authorised or eligible to cover technical provisions. Moreover, in a number of member jurisdictions, (re)insurance undertakings are required, as part of their internal reinsurance policy, to pay special attention to the financial strength of their reinsurers, using ratings as a proxy.

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  • Yet for all this there is no part of the subject where the established results of analysis and experience have been so little systematized and brought into relation with the main categories of theoretical economics. Special monographs exist by the hundred. The pam- phlet literature is so extensive as to surpass the power ofanyone man completely to assimilate it. Yet in English, at any rate, there has been so little attempt at synthesis of this kind that, when Mr.

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  • Although the statutory top marginal tax rate was over 90% in the 1950s, the average tax rate for the highest income taxpayers was much lower. The average tax rates at five-year intervals since 1945 for the top 0.1% and top 0.01% of taxpayers are shown in Figure 1. The average tax rate for the top 0.01% (one taxpayer in 10,000) was about 60% in 1945 and fell to 24.2% by 1990. The average tax rate for the top 0.1% (one taxpayer in 1,000) was 55% in 1945 and also fell to 24.2% by 1990, following a similar downward path as...

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  • Ibbotson’s earlier work (with numerous co-authors) has documented the past returns of the major asset classes, thus revealing the payoffs received for taking various types of risk, and has presented an approach to forecasting future asset class returns. The asset classes that Ibbotson and his associates are best known for studying are stocks, bonds, bills, and consumer goods (inflation).

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  • As part of identifying all project stakeholders, the project manager will communicate with each stakeholder in order to determine their preferred frequency and method of communication. This feedback will be maintained by the project manager in the project’s Stakeholder Register. Standard project communications will occur in accordance with the Communication Matrix; however, depending on the identified stakeholder communication requirements, individual communication is acceptable and within the constraints outlined for this project. ...

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  • Decades of research show that high school dropouts are more likely than graduates to commit crimes, abuse drugs and alcohol, have children out of wedlock, earn low wages, be unemployed, and suffer from poor health. The ChalleNGe program, currently operating in 27 states, is a residential program

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  • We would like to express our gratitude to the individuals and organizations that have made this report possible. First, we thank Lumina Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for their support of our research over the past few years, and in particular, we are grateful for the support of Jamie Merisotis, Holly Zanville, Dewayne Matthews, Daniel Greenstein, Daniel Pitasky, Elizabeth Gonzalez, and Elise Miller. We are honored to be partners in their mission of promoting postsecondary access and completion for all Americans.

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  • Figures from the KIEA, combined and put another way, tell us this: While women make up more than 50 percent of the U.S. adult population, and about 46 percent of the civilian workforce, they account for only about 35 percent of the people who get involved in starting businesses. (This number agrees fairly closely with other figures, not shown in the table above, which find that of all privately held firms in the U.S, about 29 percent are ―women-owned‖ and another 12 percent are ―equally owned‖ by women and men.) So women lag at the...

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  • Of schools that provided federal loans in every year since 1994-95, approximately 1,200 postsecondary schools—or 29 percent—have provided loans through the Direct Loan Program, and most continued to participate in school year 2001-02. The Direct Loan Program’s share of total new loan volume has steadily decreased from its peak of 34 percent in 1998-99 to 28 percent in 2001-02, and the number of schools that have joined the program is much smaller than the number of school that have stopped participating.

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  •  The purpose of Transition assessment resource manual is to identify a student’s strengths, preferences, interests,  and needs and then assimilate these findings into a rigorous school program complete with realistic postsecondary goals, a challenging course of study, practical real-life community experiences, extra-curricular activities, and paid work, as appropriate, for an individual student. 



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  • The federal government supports some private activities—such as home ownership, postsecondary education, and certain commercial ventures—through credit assistance offered to individuals and businesses. Some of that assistance is in the form of direct federal loans, and some is through federal guarantees of loans made by private financial institutions. At the end of fiscal year 2011, about $2.7 trillion was outstanding in such federal direct loans and loan guarantees.

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  • Under VAWA, a “protection order” is defined as “. . . any injunction, restraining order, or any other order issued by a civil or criminal court for the purpose of preventing violent or threatening acts or harassment against, sexual violence, or contact or communication with or physical proximity to, another person . . . .” This expansive definition also includes “any support, child custody or visitation provisions, orders, remedies or relief issued as part of any protection order, restraining order or injunction.” 18 U.S.C. § 2266(5)....

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  • In December 2006, the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, announced The Pittsburgh Promise®, a postsecondary education scholarship intended to remedy the area’s population decline, foster high school completion and college readiness among Pittsburgh students, and prepare a capable and energetic workforce...

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