Potential collision

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  • We analyse the potential of the e+e − collisions to search for the radion in the Randall-Sundrum model. The radion production in the e+e − colliders with polarization of e+, e− beams was studied in detail. Numerical evaluation shows that if the radion mass is not too heavy then the reaction can give observable cross section at the high energies in future colliders with the high degree of polarization.

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  • Article 87 of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland mentions – among the universally binding legislation – also ratifi ed international conventions/agreements. It means that these con- ventions/agreements form a part of the domestic legal order and have precedence over national laws in the event of potential collision with these laws, if they have been ratifi ed upon prior consent granted by the Act of Parliament (Article 91 of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland).

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  • While midnight festivities still echoed the ether was electrified as European air navigation services providers subconscious minds merged on January 1st 2012 hoping that they will perform in accordance with the expectations of the just-born performance scheme. Is this an overture to the page-turner of success or endless soap-opera of debacle?

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  • Nobody yet invented the universal formula that govern the provision of air navigation services for any given combination of air traffic flow, its variability and complexity, airspace configuration and operational environment. It is only certain that the magic formula should in order to fit snugly in any case, simultaneously consider variables of people, procedures, systems and environment. The authors of this book are proving the statement as their contributions focus on developments in the field of air navigation services from a wealth of particular different aspects....

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  • Magnenat Thalmann and Thalmann [1991] propose a new classification of computer animation scenes involving synthetic actors both according to the method of controlling motion and according to the kinds of interactions the actors have. A motion control method specifies how an actor is animated and may be characterized according to the type of information to which it is privileged in animating the synthetic actor. For example, in a keyframe system for an articulated body, the privileged information to be manipulated is joint angles.

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  • A constructive method is presented to design bounded and continuous cooperative controllers that force a group of N mobile agents with limited sensing ranges to stabilize at a desired location, and guarantee no collisions between the agents. The control development is based on new general potential functions, which attain the minimum value when the desired formation is achieved, are equal to infinity when a collision occurs, and are continuous at switches. The multiple Lyapunov function (MLF) approach is used to analyze stability of the closed loop switched system.

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  • In this paper, we present a supervision system, consisting of seven 3D cameras, and the according shape cropping algorithm, which allows verifying the correct setup of surgical robots, detecting potential collisions between robots and their surroundings as well as monitoring the correctness of the robots’ motions. The system has already been successfully implemented, set up and evaluated.

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  • Soliton Systems The word soliton was coined in 1965 to describe the particle-like properties of pulses propagating in a nonlinear medium [1]. The pulse envelope for solitons not only propagates undistorted but also survives collisions just as particles do. The existence of solitons in optical fibers and their use for optical communications were suggested in 1973 [2], and by 1980 solitons had been observed experimentally [3].

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  • Can we build a safe, self-driving vehicle? Yes. In fact, Google has already logged more than 200,000 miles in a fleet of self-driving cars retrofitted with sensors. And Google is not alone; traditional automakers and suppliers have also developed self-driving functionality using sensor-based solutions and have a host of new applications in the pipeline.

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  • The spleen is the intra-abdominal organ most often injured as a result of blunt trauma. The spleen is the most vascular organ of the body and, for this reason, splenic injury is potentially life threatening. The most common mechanism for such injury is motor vehicle collision. Left lower rib fractures are suggestive of spleen injury, although an intact rib cage does not exclude spleen trauma.

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