Potential infectious threat

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  • Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) undertook drug resistance studies during 1965- 67 in nine urban areas of the country. However, this exercise was not a surveillance study and did not use strict sampling techniques, the centres being selected more for logistic considerations than for epidemiological reasons. Sputum specimens collected from all patients attending chest clinics were tested for drug susceptibility to streptomycin, Isoniazid, para amino salicyctic acid (PAS) and thioacetazone.

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  • Amer ic a faced a host of biological threats to health and security at the turn of the twenty-first century. Between 1990 and 2009, the United States contended with a foreign biological weapons program, bioterrorism, and a pandemic. Concerns about Saddam Hussein’s biological weapon caches sent the U.S. military scrambling to immunize troops against smallpox and anthrax. The 2001 anthrax attacks demonstrated that non-state actors could terrorize civilian populations with biological weapons as well.

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  • Last few decades have been momentous in the history of human and animal health because a series of new infectious zoonotic viruses were reported and researched across the globe. More than 70% of the emerging zoonoses reported in the last decade had viral etiology and originated in wild life. Changing face of zoonotic viruses poses threat to public health and economy. The risk factors precipitating the occurrence of emerging viruses are many; and they are in a state of continuous evolution.

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