Power and refrigeration systems

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  • (bq) part 2 book "fundamentals of thermodynamics" has contents: power and refrigeration systems - with phase change, power and refrigeration systems—gaseous working fluids, gas mixtures, thermodynamic relations, chemical reactions, introduction to phase and chemical equilibrium, compressible flow.

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  • Another alternative often considered for power augmentation and/or to simply minimize the impact of ambient temperature effects is the use of inlet air chillers. Depending upon power plant economics—in conjunction with ambient temperature and plant load profiles—chillers can afford substantial economic value. This alternative cools the incoming air, thus increasing the output relative to the gain available with an evaporative cooler.

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  • A prototype test bench has been built and experimentally validated to perform practical lessons of thermoelectric generation and refrigeration. Using this prototype students learn the most effective way of cooling systems and thermal power generation as well as basic concepts associated with thermoelectricity. It has been proven that students learn the process of data acquisition, and the technology used in thermoelectric devices.

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  • Continued part 1, Automotive design and the role of the chemist: Part 2 present the content such as: engineering polymers, high-temperature and -pressure applications, and structural polymers, automotive requirements, materials and processing; power train applications, some important additives, transmission fluid types; seal and gasket design, thermal serviceability range, Fluoropolymer elastomers; Hvac system overview and refrigerant design, refrigerant performance and some key definitions, new developments in refrigerant design; fuel-cell chemistry overview, fuel cells as automotive propu...

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  • Trigeneration. The combination of gas engines with absorption chillers is an optimal solution for generating air conditioning and/or refrigeration. The waste heat from the mixture intercooler, the engin oil, the engine cooling water, and the exhaust gas serves as drive energy for the chillers. Combining a cogeneration plant unit with an absorption refrigeration system allows utilization of seasonal excess heat for cooling.

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  • When a system has developed a refrigerant leak, the repair has been effected, it has then undergone a final leak test and has been charged with refrigerant, the efficient service engineer will always check the operating conditions of the plant. This chapter is designed to assist the engineer in establishing whether the plant is indeed operating to its design conditions.

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