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Power management technologies

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  • Part 1 of ebook "Knowledge management tools and techniques: Practitioners and experts evaluate knowledge management solutions" provides readers with contents including: knowledge management at accenture; building a knowledge-sharing network; power to the people - supporting collaborative behaviors for KM with online conferencing technology; a work in progress - the phoenix K-ecosystem at cable and wireless; schemes and tools for social capital measurement as a proxy for intellectual capital measures;...

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  • Continued part 1, part 2 of ebook "Management and organisational behaviour" provides readers with contents including: groups, leadership and management; working in groups and teams; leadership in organisations; understanding management; structure, strategy and effectiveness; organisation structure and design; technology and organisations Peter Scott; organisational control and power; strategy, corporate responsibility and ethics;...

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  • Ebook Understanding and managing public organizations (Fifth edition): Part 2 includes contents: Chapter 6: Organizational goals and effectiveness; Chapter 7: Formulating and achieving purpose: power, decision making, and strategy; Chapter 8: Organizational structure, design, technology, information technology, and social media; Chapter 9: Understanding people in public organizations: motivation and motivation theory; Chapter 10: Understanding people in public organizations: values, incentives, and work-related attitudes; Chapter 11: Leadership, managerial roles, and organizational culture;...

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  • Ebook Organization theory and design (Tenth edition): Part 2 includes contents: Chapter 7: manufacturing and service technologies; chapter 8: using IT for coordination and control; chapter 9: organization size, life cycle, and decline; chapter 10: organizational culture and ethical values; chapter 11: innovation and change; chapter 12: decision-making processes; chapter 13: conflict, power, and politics.

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  • Ebook Management & organisational behaviour (9th edition) – Part 2 include of the following content: Chapter 11 the role of the manager, chapter 12 managerial behaviour and effectiveness, chapter 13 human resource management, chapter 14 organisation strategy and structure, chapter 15 patterns of structure and work organisation, chapter 16 technology and organisations, chapter 17 organisational control and power, chapter 18 corporate responsibility and ethics, chapter 19 organisation culture and change, chapter 20 organisational performance and effectiveness.

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  • In this paper, a new Raspberry PI supercomputer cluster architecture is proposed. Generally, to gain speed at petaflops and exaflops, typical modern supercomputers based on 2009-2018 computing technologies must consume between 6 MW and 20 MW of electrical power, almost all of which is converted into heat, requiring high cost for cooling technology and Cooling Towers. The management of heat density has remained a key issue for most centralized supercomputers.

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  • This presents the advantage of decoupling the management of the minor actinides from the conventional fuel and not impacting the core reactivity coefficients. In both cases, the design and analyses of potential transmutation systems have been carried out in the frame of Gen IV fast reactor using a “perturbation” approach in which nominal power reactor parameters are modified to accommodate the loading of minor actinides.

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  • Chapter 1 The power of entrepreneurship. The topics discussed in this chapter are: Characterize the entrepreneurial process, describe entrepreneurship and some characteristics of entrepreneurs, indicate three megatrends providing waves of entrepreneurial opportunities, list and describe the seven principles of entrepreneurial finance,...

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  • The present study highlights “Innovation and technology” and “Information exchange” as the most significant factors with high influential power for the BSR. This study aims to aid the decision makers (buyer or supplier) in evolving effective business strategies.

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  • Consumer’s behavior can affect volume and electricity demand profile. Therefore, knowing behavior of users is valuable to manage electricity usage, to design better energy policy and management. This study aims to analyse electricity users for manufacturing small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Makassar, Indonesia to get information about perceptions and users’ behaviors on energy consumption using statistical approach. A questionnaire for survey is firstly designed to obtain required data from respondents.

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  • This research paper examined the techniques of project management used in development of solar photovoltaic power plant. The background of the project described its planning, execution, operation & maintenance. Critical success factor for the project implementation were identified presenting an overview of project structure, methods, risk, etc. The study depicted the different barriers for solar power projects development in India. The research work was based on the project management activities of 40MW (AC) Solar PV Power Plant at Gujarat Solar Park, Charanka.

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  • The newest waste management technology is bioconversion using fly larvae converting organic waste to insect larval biomass and organic residue. Bioconversion is a practice of recovering resources while simultaneously limiting the amount of organic material affecting landfill behaviour. Several organisms have been used in this treatment process. Several studies have been done using the black soldier fly larvae to degrade organic material.

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  • With the latest development of smart grid technology, the energy management system can be efficiently implemented at consumer premises. In this paper, an energy management system with wireless communication and smart meter are designed for scheduling the electric home appliances efficiently with an aim of reducing the cost and peak demand. For an efficient scheduling scheme, the appliances are classified into two types: uninterruptible and interruptible appliances.

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  • The notion of Task/Technology Fit (TTF) posits that as the degree of overlap increases between the task domain, and the ways in which the capabilities of an information system (IS) are suited to activities within that domain, performance gains experienced via use of the IS should also increase. This research proposes an expanded TTF model that is applicable to the context of Knowledge Management (KM) and Knowledge Management Systems (KMS).

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  • Wall-thinned defects caused by accelerated corrosion due to fluid flow in the inner pipe appear in many structures of the secondary systems in nuclear power plants (NPPs) and are a major factor in degrading the integrity of pipes. Wall-thinned defects need to be managed not only when the NPP is under maintenance but also when the NPP is in normal operation. To this end, a test technique was developed in this study to detect such wall-thinned defects based on the temperature difference on the surface of a hot pipe using infrared (IR) thermography and a cooling device.

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  • The professional management of landfills during operation and after landfill capping is an important task to prevent environmental impacts. Landfill maintenance after closure can become economically favourable if landfill sites can be reused. Several approaches and experiences for reuse of capped landfills exist for example in livestock farming or installation and operation of solar power plants.

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  • Lecture Operating System: Chapter 05 - Input/Output presented Principles of I/O hardware, Principles of I/O software, I/O software layers, Disks, Clocks, Character-oriented terminals, Graphical user interfaces, Network terminals, Power management.

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  • Nowadays, information technology is applied in large range of real life from economics, education, healthcare, agriculture to geotechnical, military, Astronomers. It helps people not only in communication but also solve complicated problems. Power of information technology is uncompromising. Trying to use benefit of information technology is always making more benefits. In higher education, on the last year at university, most of students must find internship address to practice as a required subject.

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  • Power electronics is the technology of processing and controlling the flow of electric energy by supplying voltages and currents in a form that is optimally suited to the end-user’s requirements [1].Atypical block diagram is given in Figure 1.1 [2]. The input power can be either AC and DC sources. A general example is one in which the AC input power is from the electric utility. The output power to the load can be either AC and DC voltages. The power processor in the block diagram is usually called a converter. Conversion technologies are used to construct converters.

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  • This third edition of The Essential Guide to User Interface Design is about designing clear, easy-to-understand-and-use interfaces and screens for graphical and Web systems. It is the eighth in a long series of books by the author addressing screen and interface design. Over the past two decades these books have evolved and expanded as interface technology has changed and research knowledge has expanded.

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