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  • Microarray analysis represents a powerful way to test scientific hypotheses on the functionality of cells. The measurements consider the whole genome, and the large number of generated data requires sophisticated analysis.

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  • In India more than 50% of the total cultivated area is still being managed by using draught animals. With the modernization of agriculture, the use of tractors has increased but draught animals continue to be used on Indian farms. This mainly due to small land holdings and hill agriculture (G. Singh), India possessed the finest breeds of draught animals. Bullocks, buffaloes and camels are the major draught animals for field operations. Horses, mules, donkeys, yak and mithun are the pack animals for transport.

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  • In Odisha, the small and marginal holdings constitute around 90% of the total number of holdings, which is supposed to further increase in the future because of the ever-increasing population. These small and marginal farmers are generally unable to afford large scale mechanization. They generally afford for small farm tools and implements that are either manually operated or operated by animal power.

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  • Maize sheller is the most common shelling machine or device for maize. In the market there is numbers of maize sheller either manually operated or power operated is available but research has been going on to design a simple and productive maize sheller. The developed solar maize sheller is solar powered to suit the maize farmers of remote area where electricity is not available.

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  • The present invention provides a modular drilling assembly having a module for contactless power and data transfer over a nonconductive gap between rotating and non-rotating members of a steering module. The gap usually application data contains a non-conductive fluid, such as drilling fluid, or oil for operating hydraulic devices in the down-hole tool.

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  • Renewable energy has become a promising way to meet growing energy needs in the society. However, operation of power supply systems based on renewable energy sources (RES) depends on a number of uncontrolled factors. This imposes certain restrictions on applications and causes applicationrelated challenges. At this point, the search for the best combination of applied energy sources has been still a key issue. Methodological approaches to the solution to this problem are diverse.

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  • Multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) millimeter wave (mmWave) systems are vulnerable to hardware impairments due to operating at high frequencies and employing a large number of radiofrequency (RF) hardware components. In particular, nonlinear power amplifiers (PAs) employed at the transmitter distort the signal when operated close to saturation due to energy efficiency considerations. In this paper, we study the performance of a MIMO mmWave hybrid beamforming scheme in the presence of nonlinear PAs.

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  • Polypropylene Laminated Paper (PPLP) and Kraft paper has been used as power insulation for conventional cable as well as high temperature superconducting (HTS) cable operated with alternating current (AC) because of its prominent insulating characteristics. However, research on the use of PPLP/Kraft insulation for HTS cables are thinly scattered. In this paper, the effect of PPLP on the breakdown strength of PPLP/Kraft multi-layer sample impregnated with liquid nitrogen (LN2) under AC and impulse applied voltage was studied.

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  • When newcomer countries consider a nuclear power programme, it is recognized that the most important organizations are the Nuclear Energy Programme Implementing Organization (NEPIO), the regulator, and an operating organization. Concerning the number of construction delays these days, one of the essential organizations is an Authorized Inspection Agency (AIA). According to World Nuclear Industry Status Report, all of the reactors under construction in eight out of the thirteen countries have experienced delays.

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  • Concerns over reliability assessments of the main components in nuclear power plants (NPPs) related to aging and continuous operation have increased. The conventional reliability assessment for main components uses experimental correlations under general conditions. Most NPPs have been operating in Korea for a long time, and it is predictable that NPPs operating for the same number of years would show varying extent of aging and degradation.

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  • In Design of high density transformers for high frequency high power converters, the abovementioned issues of high-frequency transformers are explored, particularly in regards to high-power converter applications. Loss calculations accommodating resonant operating waveform and Litz wire windings are explored. Leakage inductance modeling for large-number-of-stand Litz wire windings is proposed. The optimal design procedure based on the models is developed.

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  • it follows as a theorem from a set of axioms and inference rules. Especially by the work of Van Benthem (1986) and Moortgat (1988) this view, which we will name with Moortgat (1987a) Lambek Theorem Proving (LTP; Lambek, 1958), has become popular among a number of linguists. The descriptive power of LTP can be extended if unification (Shieber, 1986) is added. Several theories have been developed that combine categorial formalisms and unification based formalisms. Within Unification Categorial Grammar (UCG, Calder et al., 1988, Zeevat et al.

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  • Many soils which have received manure or synthetic applications over a number of years contain relatively high levels of soil phosphorus. In soils which have not been so fertilized, phosphorus levels may be low. Rock powders suc as colloidal phosphate and rock phosphate can be applied to build up the phosphorus-supplying power of a soil over time. However, these products become available to plants very slowly, and cannot be relied upon to supply adequate phosphorus to a crop the year of application when soil level of phosphorus are low.

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  • The Siege of Gibraltar stands almost alone in the annals of warfare, alike in its duration and in the immense preparations made, by the united powers of France and Spain, for the capture of the fortress. A greater number of guns were employed than in any operation up to that time; although in number, and still more in calibre, the artillery then used have in, modern times, been thrown into the shade by the sieges of Sebastopol and Paris. Gibraltar differs, however, from these sieges, inasmuch as the defence was a successful one and, indeed, at no period of the investment was the fortress in...

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  • Thermal power plants are one of the most important process industries for engineering professionals. Over the past decades, the power sector is facing a number of critical issues; however, the most fundamental challenge is meeting the growing power demand in sustainable and efficient ways. Practicing power plant engineers not only look after operation and maintenance of the plant, but, also look after range of activities including research and development, starting from power generation to environmental aspects of power plants.

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  • This book highlights the important need for more efficient and environmentally sound combustion technologies that utilise renewable fuels to be continuously developed and adopted. The central theme here is two-fold: internal combustion engines and fuel solutions for combustion systems. Internal combustion engines remain as the main propulsion system used for ground transportation, and the number of successful developments achieved in recent years is as varied as the new design concepts introduced....

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  • Nuclear power approximately supplies a sixth of the world's electricity and considers as the major source of "carbon-free" energy today. With growing concerns aboutglobal warming, it is not surprising that governments and power providers around the world are considering building a substantial number of additional nuclear power plants. These plants have demonstrated remarkable reliability and efficiency with the help of extensive research work and sharing operational practical experience.

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  • Internal combustion engines (ICE) are the main sources of powering for almost all road vehicles, yet many other machines too. Being under strength development for a number of years, they have already reached a relatively high level of technical excellence and now they also produce acceptable output parameters. Still, they are not devoid of drawbacks. Harmful exhaust emissions can be pointed as the most important here. This problem is the main focus of interest for automotive researchers and engineers.

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  • This publication was prepared by the International Energy Agency’s Directorate of Sustainable Energy Policy and Technology, under the leadership of Bo Diczfalusy, and in co-operation with other divisions of the Agency. Markus Wråke is the project leader of Energy Technology Perspectives 2012. Antonia Gawel co-ordinated and is lead author of this report, with drafting and analytical input from a number of IEA colleagues. Cecilia Tam is lead author of the finance section and Kevin Breen provided significant data and analytical support. ...

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  • Voluntary consumer decisions to buy electricity supplied from renewable energy sources represent a powerful market support mechanism for renewable energy development. In the early 1990s, a small number of U.S. utilities began offering “green power” options to their customers. 1 Since then, these products have become more prevalent, offered by traditional utilities and renewable energy marketers operating in states that have introduced competition into their retail electricity markets or offering renewable energy certificates (RECs) online. Today, more than half of all U.S.

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