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  • Renewable energy has become a promising way to meet growing energy needs in the society. However, operation of power supply systems based on renewable energy sources (RES) depends on a number of uncontrolled factors. This imposes certain restrictions on applications and causes applicationrelated challenges. At this point, the search for the best combination of applied energy sources has been still a key issue. Methodological approaches to the solution to this problem are diverse.

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  • This study aims to determine the synchronization between the emergency power supply system of the 10 MWe nuclear power plant and the PLN gird how fast the disconnection and connection of the safety equipment system is designed. The emergency power supply system used was 2 identical 550 kVA generators..

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  • The Indonesian government program in providing solutions of electrical energy distribution problems to get to remote or isolated areas is to optimize the potential of renewable energy in an area. The combination of conventional power plants (diesel generators) with renewable energy (photovoltaic and wind turbine) power plants is expected to solve the problem of electricity service in isolated areas in southern Tulungagung regency, namely residential area in Brumbun Beach.

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  • Solar electric plants shall be understood to be photovoltaic energy converters that are able to self-sufficiently satisfy a mean energy demand over a significant period of time, be it an appliance that is permanently hooked up or just for sporadic power supply of appliances. Such plants have in common that their input and output quantities fluctuate widely. They can therefore only be dimensioned on the basis of a mean value and are not able to satisfy this demand without the possibility to store energy. ...

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  • The wired power transmission is usually adopted to supply power for the devices in the traditional buildings. With the development of intelligent buildings, the way of wired power supply would greatly increase the complexity and consumption of laying the lines. To improve the flexibility of power supply and reduce the cost of wiring, wireless power transfer technology has been used in smart buildings. However, it remains a fundamental challenge to create a simple wireless power transfer system in which power can be wirelessly transferred to multiple appliances.

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  • Faults of the traction power supply system, especially short circuit faults, have adverse effects on reliability and safety in operating urban electrified trains. Therefore, in this paper, the modeling of the traction power supply system of Hanoi pilot light metro line Nhon – Hanoi railway station, Vietnam has been studied with short circuit faults in variations of starting-up process and short circuit conditions.

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  • Today the most important electrochemical storage systems for stationary applications are the lead-acid and the nickel/cadmium systems. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages which carefully have to be considered for best selection. Batteries for telecom applications are specially designed for long service life and hours of discharging time. Batteries for UPS applications are designed for discharges with high current over short times (minutes). Special battery constructions are offered for the different requirements. ...

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  • Although relatively unknown some years ago, driverless industrial trucks have come to occupy an important position within the framework of highly organized systems of driverless transport (DTS). The essential factors contributing to this fact are without doubt on the one hand the increased need for automation in industry, and on the other hand the high degree of flexibility afforded by these appliances.

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  • Ensuring adequate and safe water supply is a top priority in human life, especially cities or residential areas. Accessibility and safety in water supply services requires good operation in the components of domestic water supply systems including water sources, water treatment plants, and distribution network systems. This means that the cooperation and coordination of stakeholders (SH) should be good to help maintain the stable system. Therefore, it is necessary to analyse stakeholder involvement, indicating their responsibilities and roles in maintaining the system.

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  • In this paper, considering the difficulty of widely application of agricultural low power three-phase AC motor because it is not easy to obtain the three-phase power supply, a three-phase AC frequency conversion system under the condition of agricultural 220V single-phase AC power is designed.

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  • The article characterizes the electric power industry in the Arctic regions of Russia. The regions of the eastern zone of the Russian Arctic differ significantly in terms of centralization of power supply. Centralized electricity supply in this territory is represented by only a few isolated functioning energy centers: Norilsk in the north of Krasnoyarsk Territory, Chaun-Bilibinsky, Anadyrsky and Egvekinotsky in the Chukotka Autonomous Region. The Arctic and northern regions of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) are completely located in the decentralized power supply zone.

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  • The power supplied is 800 kVA from State Electricity Company and the total power capacity of the transformer is 1000 kVA and a generator set with a capacity of 1000 kVA. Where the backup power supply system is fully supplied by the generator set.

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  • Using renewable energy sources for providing electricity in remote area is an economical-technical solution and reduces environmental pollution. Tho Chu island, Phu Quoc district, Kien Giang province, is currently supplied by diesel generators, causing environmental pollution and high-power generation costs. This article presents hybrid renewable energy system (HRES) design including diesel generator, photovoltaic system and energy storage system for Tho Chu Island.

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  • Abstract: Industry standard for the control of switch mode power supply (SMPS) systems has been analog control. Now with the advent of high speed, lower cost digital signal processing (DSP) ICs, digital control there has been an increased interest in digital control of SMPS. The Power Electronics & Power Quality Laboratory of Texas A&M University is currently exploring several implementation aspects of digital control of power factor correction (PFC) stage of SMPS. Two low cost digital controllers: TMS320LF2407 and ST52x420 are evaluated for implementing PFC function.

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  • Nowadays we assist to the increasing of devices and equipments connected to power systems (non-linear loads, industrial rectifiers and inverters, solid-state switching devices, computers, peripheral devices etc). Hence, the parameters of the power supply should be accurately estimated and monitorized. For this purpose have been proposed power quality monitoring systems that are abble to automatically detect and classify disturbances.

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  • Tài liệu Step by Step Guide on Home Wiring referred to the contents of your home electrical system how the works, how to turn off the main power supply, the three Ways to get power to your new wiring job, how the ground wire plastic boxes print works, all about electric wire, how to use screw terminals and wirenuts, how to install wiring in new walls and petitions, ... Invite you to consult.

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  • contents: power semiconductors, dc to dc converters, off-the-line switchmode power supplies, rechargeable batteries and their management,...

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  • Interest in power systems economics is gaining momentum with the recent power supply shortages in America and the rising cost of fossil fuels. The involvement of independent power generators, brokers and distributors has changed the way in which power systems operate. Kirschen and Strbac use a combination of traditional engineering techniques and fundamental economics to address the long-term problems of power system development in a competitive environment.

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  • (BQ) Tài liệu Signals, Systems, and Transforms is intended to be used primarily as a text for junior-level students in engineering curricula and for self-study by practicing engineers. It assumed that the reader has had some introduction to signal models, system models, and differ-ential equations (as in, for example, circuits courses and courses in mathematics), and some laboratory work with physical systems.

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  • Every employee has a story at Cummins Power Generation. Some are stories of coming to work with a parent when they were young, becoming employees themselves, then watching their children as they carry on the legacy. Others tell of starting at a distributorship and moving on to one of the many Cummins Power Generation offices located around the world. Some tell of starting at a regional office, before moving to global headquarters. Others talk of their days as customers working for utility companies.

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