PPP operation

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  • In this chapter, you will be able to: Explain the fundamentals of point-to-point serial communication across a WAN, configure HDLC encapsulation on a point-to-point serial link, describe the benefits of using PPP over HDLC in a WAN, describe the PPP layered architecture and the functions of LCP and NCP,...

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  • Upon completing this lesson, you will be able to: Use Cisco IOS commands to configure serial interfaces using HDLC and PPP encapsulation for leased-line connections, given a functioning router Use show commands to identify anomalies in HDLC and PPP encapsulation for leased-line connections, given an operational router Use debug commands to identify events and anomalies in PPP configuration for leased-line connections, given an operational router

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  • The involvement of private investors in public works has been widely-known under the scheme of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) world-wide. Although being started in early years of the twenty-one century, the PPP scheme in Vietnam is still waiting for its booming period due to an incomprehensive regulation system. As of an approval of some important PPP decrees, the period of 2010-2018 is considered as a remarked period for the PPP development in Vietnam, especially in transport sector.

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  • Resolved issue: Dead Connection Detection set on the primary Internet connection coupled with a secondary PPP Internet connection in Connect-on- Demand mode, may fail to operate as expected.

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  • Implementation is the responsibility of each poultry industry sector and several industry associations have already commenced adapting the generic manual to their specific operational circumstances and requirements. The adoption of the new Primary Production and Processing Standard (PPPS) for Poultry Meat, currently being finalised by Food Standards Australia New Zealand and to be implemented over the coming years by all states and territories, presents a good opportunity to promote adoption of the biosecurity standards set out in this manual.

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  • Ratites are not covered by the poultry PPPS. Biosecurity requirements in that sector are largely mandated by the requirements of its export markets. The egg industry has a Code of Practice for Biosecurity (Grimes and Jackson, Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation, 2001), which is currently the industry standard with respect to biosecurity. This standard was used to develop the third party auditable EggCorp Assured™ program (ECA), which also includes food safety, environmental and welfare operating practices.

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