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  • What the Delegates Say More than 5,000 PR professionals have already attended How to Plan a PR Campaign. Here is what some of them had to say: “This is an excellent course. It is well structured, highly illuminating with outstanding course content.” CS, Manchester Airport “A very good course with excellent speakers. I highly recommend it” ZL, Bank of Scotland “This course is delivered by speakers of a very high quality. I will be recommending it to all my colleagues”. RG, Audit Commission ‘Clear, concise and, importantly, relevant throughout.

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  • The following case studies are examples of PR consultancy work and, more specifically, PR campaigns in practice. They demonstrate the enormous scope and diversity of the UK’s PR consultancy industry and appear by kind permission of the respective PRCA members and their clients. Background It was the year the Cricket World Cup came to England. For cricket bat manufacturer Slazenger, it was an opportunity to maximise exposure for the brand both within the UK and internationally.

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  • Cùng với sự gia tăng các hoạt động marketing trên Facebook, những hỗ trợ của các bên thứ ba càng làm cho các Marketing Campaign trên Facebook càng ngày càng thú vị và thu hút hơn. Đứng ở góc độ những người làm marketing, số lượng fan trên Fan Page là một database khá chính xác, chưa kể là chúng ta không cần mất quá nhiều công sức để có được thông tin khách hàng mục tiêu của mình như tuổi, giới tính, sở thích, nơi công tác,...

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  • Công ty VMS (VietNam Mobi telecom Service ) được thành lập năm 1993, là sự kết hợp giữa tập đoàn VNPT và tập đoàn Convik ( Thụy Điển )....

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  • Above-the-line campaign: a marketing campaign using only advertising. Account: the term used to describe a client or job. In consultancies, “an account team” refers to the group of PR consultants servicing a particular client. Below-the-line campaign: a marketing communications campaign that does not use advertising. Instead it uses promotional tools such as public relations, direct marketing and sales promotion. Brief: the instructions from a client to a consultancy, or directions communicated within a PR agency.

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  • In our increasingly mobile world, communication must be effective, global, and available through multiple technologies seamlessly. Unified Communications logically blends and combines previously separate services and features, making communication possible by any means, with anyone, using any of your devices.

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  • With this in mind, Roberts met with Holscher and together they created YouthAIDS, sketching the logo and mission on a napkin over coffee in a Washington, DC café. YouthAIDS would be a specific entity within the PSI portfolio of activities. The concept was to begin with a cause-related marketing campaign that would provide a platform from which to raise awareness, promote PSI’s work and provide a novel source of funding. The cause – preventing young people from becoming infected with HIV – would form the core of the campaign.

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  • Inside The Minds into each campaign. As media outlets and communications tools proliferate, it becomes increasingly important for PR campaigns to reach constituents at every touch-point. PR professionals must become adept at using traditional channels, such as print and broadcast outlets, as well as new e-mail, webcast, and other technologically-enabled channels. Sixth, they must develop campaigns that directly target a wider set of influencers and tastemakers to validate the client’s brand leadership and maintain the perception of innovation.

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  • Inside The Minds The first “how” is to conduct another round of market research to determine whether your target audience was affected by your communications and outreach efforts. Are consumers more aware of your company name and product? Has there been an increase in demand for your product or service? Is your Web site getting more traffic and inquiries? The marketing agency you used before launching the PR campaign can help you with the followup market research.

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  • He points to his fi rm’s work for Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox gaming system. “We were engaging with bloggers and fans eight to 10 months before the ads broke. “Our job is no longer doing a press conference to break the ads—we are building engagement with enthusiasts to create a runway of credibility for a new brand or campaign.” Under the old model of public relations, the job of a PR fi rm was to get a story in the newspaper. Says Mr. Stockman, “If we got a piece in The Wall Street Journal, we’d give ourselves high fi ves. Now, if you get a piece in the Journal, you have...

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  • Under the old rules, the only way to get “published” was to have your press release “picked up” by the media. We’ve come a long way. The Web has turned all kinds of companies, non-profits, and even rock bands and political campaigners into just-in-time and just-right publishers. Organizations – the new publishers – create press releases that deliver useful information directly onto the screens of their buyers. Until recently, nobody ever thought of companies as publishers; newspapers and magazines published the news. But that’s all changing.

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