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  • In this paper, we study different centrality measures being used in predicting noun phrases appearing in the abstracts of scientific articles. Our experimental results show that centrality measures improve the accuracy of the prediction in terms of both precision and recall. We also found that the method of constructing Noun Phrase Network significantly influences the accuracy when using the centrality heuristics itself, but is negligible when it is used together with other text features in decision trees. ...

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  • One of the major problems when translating from Japanese into a European language such as German or English is to determine definiteness of noun phrases in order to choose the correct determiner in the target language. Even though in Japanese, noun phrase reference is said to depend in large parts on the discourse context, we show that in many cases there also exist linguistic markers for definiteness.

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  • This paper presents a novel application of Alternating Structure Optimization (ASO) to the task of Semantic Role Labeling (SRL) of noun predicates in NomBank. ASO is a recently proposed linear multi-task learning algorithm, which extracts the common structures of multiple tasks to improve accuracy, via the use of auxiliary problems. In this paper, we explore a number of different auxiliary problems, and we are able to significantly improve the accuracy of the NomBank SRL task using this approach.

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  • Near-perfect automatic accent assignment is attainable f o r citation-style speech, but better computational models are needed to predict accent in extended, spontaneous discourses. This paper presents an empirically motivated theory o f the discourse focusing nature o f accent in spontaneous speech. Hypotheses based on this theory lead to a new approach to accent prediction, in which patterns of deviation from citation form accentuation, defined at the constituent or noun phrase level, are atttomatically learned from an annotated corpus. ...

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  • There are several theories regarding what influences prominence assignment in English noun-noun compounds. We have developed corpus-driven models for automatically predicting prominence assignment in noun-noun compounds using feature sets based on two such theories: the informativeness theory and the semantic composition theory. The evaluation of the prediction models indicate that though both of these theories are relevant, they account for different types of variability in prominence assignment. ...

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  • To study PP attachment disambiguation as a benchmark for empirical methods in natural language processing it has often been reduced to a binary decision problem (between verb or noun attachment) in a particular syntactic configuration. A parser, however, must solve the more general task of deciding between more than two alternatives in many different contexts. We combine the attachment predictions made by a simple model of lexical attraction with a full-fledged parser of German to determine the actual benefit of the subtask to parsing.

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  • In this paper, we propose a new contextdependent SMT model that is tightly coupled with a language model. It is designed to decrease the translation ambiguities and efficiently search for an optimal hypothesis by reducing the hypothesis search space. It works through reciprocal incorporation between source and target context: a source word is determined by the context of previous and corresponding target words and the next target word is predicted by the pair consisting of the previous target word and its corresponding source word. ...

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  • This paper describes a method for learning the countability preferences of English nouns from raw text corpora. The method maps the corpus-attested lexico-syntactic properties of each noun onto a feature vector, and uses a suite of memory-based classifiers to predict membership in 4 countability classes. We were able to assign countability to English nouns with a precision of 94.6%. ence. Knowledge of countability preferences is important both for the analysis and generation of English. In analysis, it helps to constrain the interpretations of parses. ...

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  • A Learner's Polish-English Dictionary contains over 27,000 entries. It is intended primarily for the use of the English-speaking reader of Polish, interested in arriving at the central or commonest meaning of a word, not in an exhaustive set of usages and definitions. It does not attempt to cover technical or scientific terms, or the names of uncommon plants and animals. Most terms related to the social sciences and the humanities are included. It is expected that the user will be familiar with the principles of Polish inflection.

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  • In this paper, we propose a novel method for semi-supervised learning of nonprojective log-linear dependency parsers using directly expressed linguistic prior knowledge (e.g. a noun’s parent is often a verb). Model parameters are estimated using a generalized expectation (GE) objective function that penalizes the mismatch between model predictions and linguistic expectation constraints.

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  • Arabic morphology is complex, partly because of its richness, and partly because of common irregular word forms, such as broken plurals (which resemble singular nouns), and nouns with irregular gender (feminine nouns that look masculine and vice versa). In addition, Arabic morphosyntactic agreement interacts with the lexical semantic feature of rationality, which has no morphological realization. In this paper, we present a series of experiments on the automatic prediction of the latent linguistic features of functional gender and number, and rationality in Arabic.

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