Preferable intervention

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  • However, police and jails would be unnecessary if such attitudes always prevailed. Rationality implied that some individuals become criminals be- cause of the financial rewards from crime compared to legal work, taking account of the likelihood of apprehension and conviction, and the severity of punishment.

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  • Pigeons are scavengers (not fed any supplementary feed) in most countries, living on the roofs of houses and treated as “pets” that do not need to be fed. They appear to prefer homestead compounds to fields. In some countries, they are eaten only for ritual purposes. They normally lay two eggs in a clutch, and the young birds (squabs) hatch after 16 to 17 days. The growing squabs are fed by their mothers on crop milk, produced in the mother’s crop (first stomach). This enables young squabs to grow very rapidly. They reach maturity in three to five...

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  • Concerns about the potential environmental, social and economic impacts of climate change have led to a major international debate over what could and should be done to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, which are claimed to be the main cause. There is still a scientific debate over the likely scale of climate change, and the complex interactions between human activities and climate systems, but, in the words of no less than Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, ‘I say the debate is over. We know the science, we see the threat, and the time for action is now.’...

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  • Build your network once using cfengine, and the network build will work, without user intervention, on any hardware you prefer. Automating Linux and Unix System Administration, Second Edition is unique in its focus on how to make the system administrator’s job easier and more efficient: instead of just managing the system administrator’s time, the book explains the technology to automate repetitive tasks and the methodology to automate successfully.

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  • The most common method of treatment for common mental health disorders in primary care is psychotropic medication. This is due to the limited availability of psychological interventions, despite the fact that these treatments are generally preferred by patients. Since 2004, NICE has produced a series of guidelines on the care and treatment of common mental health disorders (see section 6 for details of related guidelines).

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  • After reading this chapter, you should be able to: Describe how information failures may justify government intervention in some markets; explain the difficulties of conveying economic preferences through majority voting; discuss "government failure" and explain why it happens.

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