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  • The significance and potential of the protocol go well beyond Africa. The treaty affirms reproductive choice and autonomy as a key human right and contains a number of global firsts. For example, it represents the first time that an international human rights instrument has explicitly articulated a woman’s right to abortion when pregnancy results from sexual assault, rape, or incest; when continuation of the pregnancy endangers the life or health of the pregnant woman; and in cases of grave fetal defects that are incompatible with life.

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  • Medicaid, a joint federal and state program which provides health care coverage for low-income individuals and families; pregnant women; and aged, blind, and disabled people, provided health coverage for an estimated 20.1 million children aged 2 through 18 in federal fiscal year 2005. 12 The states operate their Medicaid programs within broad federal requirements and may contract with managed care organizations to provide Medicaid benefits or use other forms of managed care, when approved by CMS.

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  • A student magazine asserts that a key action towards sustainability is ‘don’t have kids’ (Anon. 2008: 29). Another ‘green’ magazine for parents points out that ‘in the US, even having just one child creates a carbon legacy almost six times greater than each parent’s own lifetime carbon emissions’ (McAleer 2009). Sustainability and birthing human children are figured as mutually exclusive. So how do we get an edited collection of essays in a book with both the words ‘sustainability’ and ‘birth’ in the title?...

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  • Chickenpox or Shingles (Varicella Virus)--First-time exposure to this virus during pregnancy may cause miscarriage, multiple birth defects, and severe disease in newborns. Chickenpox can be a serious illness in adults. Most people (90% to 95% of adults) were exposed to chickenpox as children and are immune. For women who do not know if they had chickenpox as a child, a blood test can verify if they are immune. If they are not immune, a chickenpox vaccine is now available.

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  • Targeted supplementary feeding programmes (SFPs) for the management of moderately malnourished under-fives and pregnant and lactating women are being implemented by WFP through around 40 local and international NGOs. The current caseload is around 70,000 beneficiaries, of whom approximately 80% are under-fives and 20% pregnant and lactating women. Map 1 shows the current nutrition situation and interventions based on latest reports.

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  • Yes. Local anesthetic with epinepherine can be used during pregnancy. Lidocaine with epinephrine is considered safe during pregnancy. Lidocaine (2%) is a category B drug in contrast to mepivicaine (3%) which is a category C drug. Lidocaine with epinephrine prolongs the length of anesthesia because the drug is absorbed slowly. There is a theoretical concern about the effect of epinephrine on uterine muscle. No scientific studies, however, could be found to confirm this effect in pregnant women.

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  • Rapid response to emergencies includes the immediate shipment of supplies and equipment to help meet the minimum requirements in a crisis, such as enabling pregnant women to deliver in a clean environment. When the situation stabilizes, UNFPA provides support for the full range of reproductive health services. These services address the life-and-death complications of pregnancy and delivery, the transmission of sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS, adolescent health, violence against women, and access to condoms and other contraceptives.

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