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Xem 1-20 trên 574 kết quả Preservation
  • In this paper we present an ambiguity preserving translation approach which transfers ambiguous LFG f-structure representations. It is based on packed f-structure representations which are the result of potentially ambiguous utterances. If the ambiguities between source and target language can be preserved, no unpacking during transfer is necessary and the generator may produce utterances which maximally cover the underlying ambiguities.

    pdf7p bunrieu_1 18-04-2013 28 3   Download

  • This paper explores techniques for reducing the effectiveness of standard authorship attribution techniques so that an author A can preserve anonymity for a particular document D. We discuss feature selection and adjustment and show how this information can be fed back to the author to create a new document D’ for which the calculated attribution moves away from A. Since it can be labor intensive to adjust the document in this fashion, we attempt to quantify the amount of effort required to produce the anonymized document and introduce two levels of anonymization: shallow and deep. ...

    pdf8p hongvang_1 16-04-2013 26 2   Download

  • Based on GCOSM, the objective of the paper is to propose an approach to investigating optimal pavement preservation strategies (OPPSs) for road networks in a systematic manner. In the following sections, the methodological procedure for investigating OPPSs of road networks is first presented, which is followed by a case study demonstrating the applicability of the proposed procedure. The HDM-4 system is employed as an OES in the study for Vietnamese national road network.

    pdf4p uocvong07 27-10-2015 23 2   Download

  • Overall objective: Road asset networks throughout the world are extensively deteriorated due to increasing demands while allocated resources to develop and preserve them are reduced in developed countries and constrained in developing countries; Option evaluation (OE) systems1) have been widely used to support decision making for management of investmen.

    pdf5p uocvong07 27-10-2015 28 2   Download

  • Computer Security: Chapter 10 - P2D2 - A Mechanism for Privacy-Preserving Data Dissemination Introduction (Interactions and Trust, Building Trust, Recognition of Need for Privacy Guarantees,...), Problem and Challenges, Proposed Approach, Prototype Implementation.

    ppt38p cocacola_17 11-12-2015 28 2   Download

  • Trust-based Privacy Preservation for Peer-to-peer Data Sharing provides about Problem statement, Proposed solution, Related work, Privacy measurement, Mitigating collusion, Trust based privacy preservation scheme, Trustworthiness of peers.

    ppt20p cocacola_17 11-12-2015 18 2   Download

  • Privacy-Preserving Cross-Domain Data Dissemination and Adaptability in Trusted and Untrusted Cloud introduction about Problem Statement, Distributed Service Monitoring Approach, Distributed Service Monitoring, Agile Defense and Adaptability.

    ppt64p cocacola_17 11-12-2015 27 2   Download

  • In this paper, we proposed methods to improve HangOut System, and to help it improve its realtime and security in preserving the privacy, the proposed method is named HangOutPlus.

    pdf13p dannisa 14-12-2018 3 0   Download

  • Effects of homemade or commercial floral preservatives, applied as 48-h grower treatments or continuous retailer/consumer applications, were studied on cut Double Eagle marigold, Red Bentley rose, and Sunbright sunflower. Cut stems of marigold placed in preservative solutions, irrespective of the duration, had a longer vase life than stems in tap water.

    pdf10p vimb123 11-01-2019 3 0   Download

  • The significance of these changes was discussed in relation to the FSP, the activity of which was barely detectable. MC values above the FSP stimulate and decrease the retention of preservative in the wood voids, whereas MC values below the FSP influence the preservative uptake due to the effect of the voids available in wood.

    pdf7p masterbarista 14-01-2019 4 0   Download

  • DNA was extracted from 2 cyprinid fishes kept under formalin preservation in 2 different time durations and the quality and quantity were analyzed. The tissue samples from specimens preserved for shorter duration yielded higher quantity of DNA compared to long-term preserved tissues.

    pdf6p vivant2711 01-02-2019 5 0   Download

  • In this scheme the format of plaintext and ciphertext are same. The three main Format Preserving Encryption modes such as FF1, FF2 and FF3 approved by National Institute of Science and Technology(NIST) are analysed and highlights the differences in performance.

    pdf4p hongnhan878 12-04-2019 4 0   Download

  • At its simplest, biotechnology is technology based on biology. From that perspective, the use of biological processes is hardly noteworthy. We began growing crops and raising animals 10,000 years ago to provide a stable supply of food and clothing. We have used the biological processes of microorganisms for 6,000 years to make useful food products, such as bread and cheese, and to preserve dairy products. Crops? Cheese? That doesn’t sound very exciting. So why does biotechnology receive so much attention?...

    pdf112p ngovanquang12c3 18-12-2010 99 29   Download

  • Agrodok 3 Preservation of fruit and vegetables This publication is sponsored by: KERKINACTIE. KERKINACTIE attaches high priority to rural development in its work, and supports organisations active in this field.

    pdf14p trasua1 21-09-2010 86 20   Download

  • This Agrodok is intended as a practical manual that reviews the simple techniques used to preserve fish and meat. The booklet gives guidelines for several preservation techniques. The methods described and the results achieved can, of course, differ locally.

    pdf7p trasua1 24-09-2010 76 20   Download

  • 3 Preparation Fruits and vegetables should be prepared for preservation as soon as possible after harvesting, in any case within 4 to 48 hours. The likelihood of spoilage increases rapidly as time passes. This chapter discusses preparation methods used for the various preservation methods discussed in Chapters 4 to 7

    pdf16p trasua1 21-09-2010 85 19   Download

  • 7 Jam and juice making, syrups, jellies and candied fruit There are several possible methods of preserving fruit. Canning, sterilizing and drying have already been dealt with in the preceding chapters. This chapter discusses the possibilities of making juice, jams, jellies and candied fruit. This can be done with all kinds of fruit. A mixture of two or more kinds of fruit often gives a better

    pdf36p trasua1 21-09-2010 60 16   Download

  • 5 Drying Drying is one of the oldest preservation methods. The moisture level of agricultural products is decreased to 10-15% so that the microorganisms present cannot thrive and the enzymes become inactive. Further dehydration is usually not desired, because the products then often become brittle.

    pdf20p trasua1 21-09-2010 55 14   Download

  • 6 Smoking General information Raw fish and meat can also be preserved by smoking. The preserving effect of the smoke is a result of drying (withdrawal of moisture) of the product during the smoking. The smoke particles, absorbed by the flesh, also have a preserving effect which, however, is less than the drying effect.

    pdf8p trasua1 24-09-2010 71 11   Download

  • 7 Fermenting fish General information Fish is an important source of protein in the daily diet. However, fish also has the disadvantage that it spoils quickly. If fish is not boiled, salted, dried, smoked or preserved in some other way, it will quickly spoil.

    pdf10p trasua1 24-09-2010 83 10   Download



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