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  • To the lay person, printing an electro mechanical device on the same machine, at the same time, may not sound that revolutionary. However, when future 3D printers are able to manufacture very sophisticated devices that contain fully formed electronic circuitry, batteries, sensors inside some sort of mechanical “body,” we will witness the production of fully formed robots that will not require further assembly. The ability of a 3D printer to print all of a robot’s vital parts in one fell swoop, directly from raw materials, would not only save time and effort on assembly.

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  • Assembling electrical and mechanical parts is a costly and error-prone step in the process of making electronic devices. The Fab@Home team at Cornell is pursuing the holy grail of personal fabrication, the ability to manufacture, on a single 3D printer machine in a single “print job,” an object that contains a battery, actuators, sensors, and a physical “body.” In other words… a robot.

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  • This paper presents a method for interpreting metaphoric language in the context of a portable natural language interface. The method licenses metaphoric uses via coercions between incompatible ontological sorts. The machinery allows both previously-known and unexpected metaphoric uses to be correctly interpreted and evaluated with respect to the backend expert system.

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