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  • This article investigates the impact of price display in the luxury sector, which has always been thought of as “bad practice” in luxury marketing but never explored empirically. Taking an experimental approach, the study shows that in the case of brands in the premium luxury segment, price display may have a positive influence on luxury perceptions, and more specifically on perceived brand uniqueness and conspicuousness, which in turn may transfer to brand attitude and desirability.

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  • It is observed that large piles of consumer goods displayed in supermarkets lead consumers to buy more, which generates more profit to sellers. But a large number of on-hand display of stock leaves a negative impression on the buyer. Also, the amount of shelf or display space is limited. Due to this reason, we impose a restriction on the number of on-hand display of stock and also on initial and ending on-hand stock levels.

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  • This paper deals with the problem of determining the optimal selling price and order quantity simultaneously under EOQ model for deteriorating items. It is assumed that the demand rate depends not only on the on-display stock level but also the selling price per unit, as well as the amount of shelf/display space is limited. We formulate two types of mathematical models to manifest the extended EOQ models for maximizing profits and derive the algorithms to find the optimal solution.

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  • If you’re reading this book, you know a bit about Google SketchUp and probably have used it to create some great models. You love SketchUp’s price (free, or about $500 for the Pro version) and you certainly love SketchUp’s intuitive user interface. Dig beneath SketchUp’s deceptively simple surface, however, and you can unearth techniques that enable you to create stunning models and presentations that you thought only pricey modeling applications could produce.

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  • The Furniture Factory program is a proof-of-concept working prototype built to explore how to help designers construct physical prototypes using rapid prototyping and manufacturing machines. It provides a sketch-based design interface that a designer can use to draw furniture in 3-D. The design is then displayed in an isometric viewing window where the designer can view it and edit it. The program then decomposes the 3-D model into flat panels that are displayed in the parts window.

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  • One Sunday morning in 1983, the day before we were having the grand opening of the store, we were still working inside the shop, nailing and tacking, although the window displays were done, when a really scruffy, disheveled-looking man with wild hair, unshaven, and wearing torn blue jeans, walked in, pointed to an ensemble in the window and said, ‘‘I’ll take that. I need size 8 and that looks like it.’’ He didn’t even ask the price! It was about $900, I think. Anyway, I was new to the business and nervous, and this was the first customer. I told him it wasn’t size 8 and went to look...

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  • Both groups of subjects display overconfidence at some levels and neither group shows underconfidence at any level. Older subjects' assessments are significantly more accurate at 60% (p

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  • As a young teenager raised until 1964 in Casablanca, Morocco (a former French colony), I always dreamed of having an electric guitar. Influenced by the success of such groups as The Ventures, The Shadows (the British equivalent of The Ventures), and, later, The Beatles, I thought that I too could one day perform on stage. Fender guitars were my favorite, but since I could not afford even the cheapest model, I would try to console myself by admiring the many exorbitantly priced models displayed at a well-known music store...

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  • Three Line Break charts display a series of vertical boxes ("lines") that are based on changes in prices. As with Kagi, Point & Figure, and Renko charts, Three Line Break charts ignore the passage of time. The Three Line Break charting method is so-named because of the number of lines typically used.

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  • Trong phần Send Me Alert When của nhãn đó, hãy chọn các alert được gửi đến cho bạn. Các tùy chọn là: - My Stocks Strip An Upper Or Lower Limit. - Volume For Any Stock Is _ % Over Average Daily Volume. - Price Change For The Day Is Greater Than _ %. Phần When An Alert Arrives của nhãn cung cấp 3 tuỳ chọn sau: - Flash The Taskbar "Tray" Icon. - Display A Dialog Box. - Play A Sound. 6. Nhãn Calendar: Nhãn Calendar của hộp Preferences cho phép bạn chọn cách được báo có các cuộc...

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  • When to Use Titanium When Titanium Makes Sense Cross-Platform Compatibility Using Titanium for Just One Platform When Titanium Doesn’t Make Sense Mobile Landscape PhoneGap Sencha Touch jQuery Mobile jQTouch MonoTouch Where’s the GUI? Death of Xcode and ADK? Pricing and Support Selecting a Development Environment Setting Up Your Native SDKs Other Hardware Prerequisites External Displays Features of Titanium Studio Automatic Syntax Checking Autocomplete (Intellisense)

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  • The 8051 Microcontroller and Embedded Systems: Using Assembly and C Mazidi, Mazidi and McKinlay LCD is finding widespread use replacing LEDs The declining prices of LCD The ability to display numbers, characters, and graphics

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  • Incomplete or incorrect information about a mandate also can influence behavior in ways that are not commonly explained by typical assumptions of rationality. There is evidence that people are more responsive the more salient—or more notable—is the true price (or other important attribute) of an item.

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  • mazon’s Kindle Fire tablet has quickly established itself as the number two player in the tablet market dominated by Apple’s iPad. Analysts and reviewers have credited the Kindle Fire for broadening the market with its low price of $199 and the portability that comes with the 7-inch size of its display -- versus the iPad’s larger 9.7-inches. But critics have also pointed to usability and performance issues that are among the topics author Peter Meyers addresses in the just-released Kindle Fire...

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  • With that being said, we have reproduced hereafter a set of core medical equipment fact sheets which have been issued by the ECRI Institute and the GMDN Agency, with a view to raising stakeholders’ awareness about their existence and their functionality. Each fact sheet displays a type of medical equipment, the health problems addressed by the device, the operation procedures, its typical size, weight and price range, and infrastructure requirements for effective and safe use.

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  • Research findings reveal that there are 9 factors, including: brand and product diversity; product features; price levels and promotional programs; convenient store locations; convenience of the store; product display in the store; awareness, consultancy and serving attitudes of shop assistants; information provision of the store; services and selling modes of the store.

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  • With the descriptive statistics based on secondary data and a survey of 267 customers, the paper tries to evaluate the customer attraction ability of HCMC-based modern retail channels by examining such factors as product type and quality, the role and status of modern retail channels, display, price, sales promotion campaigns, and service quality of modern retail channels. The paper also recommends several measures to promote modern retail channels.

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  • There are several innovations in floricultural industry such as value addition in flowers, vertical garden, drying of flowers, hydroponics, aeroponics, bonsai, flower arrangement these add beauty in nature. Value addition in flowers not only help the producer to get a good price for its produces but also helps the consumer as they get a good quality as well quantity added products. Hydroponics is a technology for growing plants in nutrient solutions with or without the use of an artificial medium to provide mechanical support.

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