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  • Chapter 13 – Building the price foundation. After reading chapter 13, you should be able to: Identify the elements that make up a price, recognize the objectives a firm has in setting prices and the constraints that restrict the range of prices a firm can charge, explain what a demand curve is and the roles of revenues in pricing decisions,...

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  • Chapter 13 – Building the price foundation. This chapter identify the elements that make up a price, recognize the objectives a firm has in setting prices and the constraints that restrict the range of prices a firm can charge, explain what a demand curve is and the roles of revenues in pricing decisions,...

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  • (bq) part 2 book "foundations of business" has contents: attracting and retaining the best employees, motivating and satisfying employees and teams, building customer relationships through effective marketing, creating and pricing products that satisfy customers, creating and pricing products that satisfy customers, understanding information and e business,...and other contents.

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  • (bq) part 2 book "managerial economics" has contents: government regulation of business; decisions under risk and uncertainty, advanced pricing techniques; strategic decision making in oligopoly markets; strategic decision making in oligopoly markets; managerial decisions in competitive markets,...and other contents.

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  • (bq) part 2 book "cost accounting - foundations and evolutions" has contents: introduction to cost management systems; responsibility accounting, support department cost allocations, and transfer pricing; managing costs and uncertainty; implementing quality concepts; inventory and production management,...and other contents.

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  • The study concluded that Profit warning Announcements did not affect the performance of Securities Prices of companies listed on the NSE, Kenya. This study will guide the market activities and provide a better understanding of how Profit warning Announcements affect returns. It will enable the policymakers to assess and evaluate the current status and, provide a platform for making reviews, designs, and formulate policies to regulate and control trading activities on the financial markets, contribute to knowledge and strengthen the foundation for further research.

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  • This paper employs an event study, the Global Financial Crisis. Episodes of inefficient pricing, the externality, are exploited as a measure of systemic risk. The theoretical asset pricing model, the martingale representation, is shown to be a valid algorithm to identify episodes of efficient and inefficient pricing in time series. Systemic risk metrics are derived from episodes of inefficient pricing, utilizing a shadow volatility metric. The algorithm is forward looking, deriving macro-foundation metrics from actual agent market behavior.

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  • In this paper we propose a dynamic version of the Market-Derived Capital Pricing Model (MCPM) of McNulty, Yeh, Schulze and Lubatkin (2002).By introducing the competitive advantage period “CAP” in the algorithm of this model, we develop the Dynamic Market-Derived Capital Pricing Model (DMCPM).

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  • Ebook "Hedonic methods in housing markets - Pricing environmental amenities and segregation" present the content: theoretical foundations and empirical developments in hedonic modeling; hedonic modeling of the home selling process; hedonic property value studies of transportation noise: aircraft and road traffic; pricing the homebuyer’s countryside view; semi-parametric tools for spatial hedonic models: an introduction to mixed geographically weighted regression and geoadditive models...

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  • Price action is the foundation of all technical indicators, yet most traders do little to understand it. Within trades, price action creates the most important element of context, defining inflection points that affect market entry and exit.

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  • This unique training package for the ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL) exam has been designed as an alternative to the usual two or three day instructor led courses, which are expensive. We believe our package provides the same level of training at a fraction of the price, and will fully prepare you to pass your certification exam with confidence. Study at your own pace, whenever and wherever you choose!

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  • Our first book, Mastering the Currency Market (McGraw-Hill 2009), was written to provide a foundation for learning the art of discretionary trading, and it should be a prerequisite for this book. Mastering Trade Selection and Management focuses on helping you to collate and balance the earlier information, and to refine the trading techniques that you are likely to use for the rest of your career. Along with covering the all-important topics of trade selection and management, this book also addresses the necessity of being able to draw up a plan and stick to that plan.

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  • .“This book develops the conceptual foundations required for the analysis of markets with asymmetric information, and uses them to provide a clear survey and synthesis of the theoretical literature on bubbles, market microstructure, crashes, and herding in financial markets. The book is not only useful to the beginner who requires a guide through the rapidly developing literature, but provides insight and perspective that the expert will also appreciate.

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  • Around 2001, I learned of an exciting collaborative at the University of California at Santa Cruz, consisting of faculty, graduate students, and other food- and socialjustice- oriented researchers and activists who informally called themselves the “coffee mafi a.” The collaborative had an ambitious agenda.

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  • A major shift in the perception of the fundamentals of marketing is taking place. The shift is so dramatic that it can, no doubt, be described as a paradigm shift[21]. Marketing researchers have been passionately convinced about the paradigmatic nature of marketing mix management and the Four P model[22]. To challenge marketing mix management as the basic foundation for all marketing thinking has been as heretic as it was for Copernicus to proclaim that the earth moved[23, 24].

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  • In fact, as in many recent publications in mathematics educa- tion, much of what is described . . . reflects two movements, “sit- uated learning” and “constructivism”, which have been gaining influence on thinking about education and educational research. In our view, some of the central educational recommendations of these movements have questionable psychological foundations.

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  • Growing international competition means that companies are under increased pressure to uncover what others in the industry are doing. An article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette stated that, “Managers have ignored, denied, and/or subverted the role of intelligence in creating shareholder value. Due diligence is best demonstrated when a business decision such as an acquisition has intelligence as its foundation. Utilizing the best available intelligence will not guarantee success but it will certainly help you make more value- creating rather than value-destroying decisions.” ...

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  • Whether blameworthy or not, the use of the cloak of social responsibility, and the nonsense spoken in its name by influential and prestigious businessmen, does clearly harm the foundations of a free society. I have been impressed time and again by the schizophrenic character of many businessmen. They are capable of being extremely far-sighted and clear- headed in matters that are internal to their businesses. They are incredibly short-sighted and muddle-headed in matters that are outside their businesses but affect the possible survival of business in general.

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  • Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI), chairman of the Committee on the Budget of the U.S. House of Representatives, requested by letter that the Center for Data Analysis (CDA) undertake an economic analysis of the House Budget Resolution for federal fiscal year 2012 through 2021. 1 The Chairman specifically asked the CDA to perform conventional and dynamic budget analysis, or analysis that is based on largely “static” budget models and on economic models with dynamic economic properties.

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  • The papers collected in this book have been selected from those presented at a conference in memory of Joan Robinson, held in the tenth year after her death (5 August 1983). The conference took place in Turin in December 1993 and was jointly organized by Societı Italiana degli Economisti (SIE), Fondazione Einaudi, and a Research Group on `Distribuzione del reddito, progresso tecnico e sviluppo economico' of the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR).

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