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  • This publication deals primarily with small and medium-sized induction motors which are the most common type of alternating current motor. The combination of new materials and more sophisticated methods for calculation, design and production have made the modern three-phase induction motor a robust and reliable prime mover.

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  • The collective load is the basis for determining the average speeds (2,387 min–1) and the average driving speed (111 km/h). For each of the load cases the tooth load acting on the pinion and the reaction loads from the bearings have to be calculated both for forward and backward motion (percentage times 50 % each). In addition to these forces, the bearings are subjected to loads due to the rotor weight, the unbalanced magnetic pull, unbalanced loads and rail shocks. Of these loads only the rotor weight, GL, is known; therefore, it is multiplied by a supplementary factor fz = 1.

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  • Practically every industrial process requires objects to be moved, manipulated or be subjected to some form of force. This is generally accomplished by means of electrical equipment (such as motors or solenoids), or via devices driven by air (pneumatics) or liquids (hydraulics).

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  • The motion of all vehicles requires the expenditure of a certain quantity of mechanical energy, and in motor vehicles the system that supplies such energy (in most cases an internal combustion engine) is on board. The lack of an adequate prime mover is the main reason that mechanical vehicles could be built only at the end of the industrial revolution, and enter mass production only in the Twentieth Century, in spite of attempts dating back to ancient times. For a mechanical vehicle to be built, a prime mover able to move not only itself, but the vehicle structure and payload...

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  • MÁY PHÁT ÐỒNG BỘ BA PHA PHẦN I: MỤC ÐÍCH THÍ NGHIỆM After completing this unit, you will be able to demonstrate and explain the operating characteristics of three phase synchronous geneartors (alternators) using the synchronous Motor/Generator and Prime Mover/Dynamometer modules. PHẦN II: TÓM TẮT LÝ THUYẾT Máy phát ðiện ðồng bộ ba pha sản xuất ra phần lớn ðiện nãng ðýợc sử dụng ngày nay. Nó hiện diện ở tất cả các nhà máy ðiện từ thủy ðiện, nhiệt ðiện, ðiện hạt nhân…v.v.

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  • Flexible Machine Elements Belt drives are called flexible machine elements. Flexible machine elements are used for a large number of industrial applications, some of them are as follows. 1. Used in conveying systems Transportation of coal, mineral ores etc. over a long distance 2. Used for transmission of power. Mainly used for running of various industrial appliances using prime movers like electric motors, I.C. Engine etc.

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  • In common usage, an engine burns or otherwise consumes fuel, and is differentiated from an electric machine (i.e., electric motor) that derives power without changing the composition of matter.[3] A heat engine may also serve as a prime mover, a component that transforms the flow or changes in pressure of a fluid into mechanical energy.[4] An automobile powered by an internal combustion engine may make use of various motors and pumps, but ultimately all such devices derive their power from the engine....

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  • Around one third of our visits were to firms for whom financial services is not their main line of business and sell PPI as a tertiary product. Of these nearly a half had not properly engaged with their regulatory responsibilities and had in general failed to meet the standards of TCF and ICOB. Motor retailers have shown some of the biggest improvements since our earlier work, for instance, they have been proactive in changing their sales processes to better align them with TCF objectives.

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  • As part of our latest programme we completed new and follow-up visits to 150 firms that together sell over 1.6m PPI policies a year with a premium value of over £750m. These firms, large and small, represented a wide range of sectors including banks, building societies, friendly societies, mortgage brokers, credit/loan brokers, retailers and motor dealers. We looked at PPI sold alongside unsecured personal loans, revolving credit (credit cards and instalment finance), prime mortgages, other insurance policies and secured loans.

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  • MACHINE FEEDBACK DRIVE CONSIDERATIONS Machine Feed Drive Considerations for Resolver Feedback The usual configuration for resolver position feedback is to have the resolver geared to the servo drive motor. Computer-aided design programs for hydraulic drive sizing are based on the fact that the hydraulic resonance is the predominant resonance in the servo loop. With electric drives the mechanical time constant is not of prime consideration since it can be compensated for with the drive compensation....

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