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  • DATR is a declarative language for representing a restricted class of inheritance networks, permitting both multiple and default inheritance. The principal intended area of application is the representation of lexical entries for natural language processing, and we use examples from this domain throughout. In this paper we present the syntax and inference mechanisms for the language.

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  • OPEN DISTRIBUTED AUTOMATION AND CONTROL WITH IEC 61499 Open Distributed Automation and Control Open Distributed Automation and Control with IEC 61499 with IEC 61499 presented at: IEC Workshop on Automation Objects Geneva, Switzerland 2001-04-03 by: JAMES H. CHRISTENSEN , Ph.D. Senior Principal Engineer Rockwell Automation

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  • Don Frikken is an internationally recognized authority in piping design. Now employed by Becht Engineering, Don had been with Solutia, Inc. and Monsanto Company for 34 years; working on a wide range of activities including piping and mechanical design, project engineering, and engineering standards. However, Don’s principal specialty is piping design, including design of complex piping systems, piping flexibility analysis, selection of piping components, development of piping standards and specifications, and developing and teaching numerous piping seminars and workshops. ...

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  • The long-awaited final part of the publication of the Corinth Potters' Quarter is based on the work of the excavator, A. N. Stillwell, edited and supplemented after her death by J. L. Benson. The pottery, although frequently fragmentary, can often be assigned to known painters or workshops, and the deposits, especially in view of the defective pieces in them, can be argued to contain material almost exclusively of local manufacture.

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  • Last year the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) entered into a contract with NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) entitled Increasing capacity for regional fish feed manufacture in PNG which provided funds to purchase the feed manufacturing equipment involved and enable the Principal Investigators, Drs Geoff Allan and Mark Booth, to participate in the Workshop and provide training in aquaculture nutrition and aquafeed formulation using locally grown agricultural ingredients.

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  • Crawford Fund provided additional funds to the National Fisheries Authority (NFA) to cover travel, accommodation and conference hire for participants to attend the Feed Manufacturing Workshop in PNG. Chickens are another important source of protein in PNG and ACIAR has also funded two projects with the common aims of encouraging farmers to replace expensive commercial feeds with home-grown and manufactured feeds.

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