Principles and strategies

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  • (bq) part 1 book “principles and practice of gynecologic oncology” has contents: epidemiology of gynecologic cancers, molecular pathogenesis of gynecologic cancers, hereditary gynecologic cancers, cancer prevention strategies, preinvasive disease of the lower genital tract,… and other contents.

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  • Terrain models have always appealed to military personnel, planners, landscape architects, civil engineers, as well as other experts in various earth sciences. Originally, terrain models were physical models, made of rubber, plastic, clay, sand, etc. Since the later 1950s, the computer has been introduced into this area and the modeling of terrain surface has since then been carried out numerically or digitally, leading to the current discipline— digital terrain modeling.

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  • Most important acknowledgements go to all the contributing authors for their assistance, eagerness, support, and their expert scientific reviews. I thank my colleagues, Lipa Cicin-Sain, Maja Matulic and Mladen Paradzik for the motivating and inspiring discussions. Thanks to my husband Darko for taking care of our children during the long days and weekends while I worked on this project, and for his understanding and encouragement.

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  • Common to these episodes is a struggle to manage tensions associated with the (long- term) movement of accountants into markets that have not been conventionally associated with their professional expertise and status.

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  • In October 2005, an Angelina County, Texas, court held a woman accountable in an automobile crash that resulted in the death of her 1-month-old son who was not properly restrained in the vehicle. The woman forgot the child’s car seat and let a friend hold the child in her lap while a 14-year-old, unlicensed, uninsured driver drove the vehicle. The car slammed into an oncoming pickup truck and rolled over, killing the boy. The woman pleaded guilty to negligent homicide charges and was sentenced to a deferred three-year prison sentence and is required to attend...

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  • As noted above, the number of licensed vaccines and the strategies for their best use change constantly as new products, new indications, and new information become available. The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) regularly amends immunization recommendations to reflect the evolution of vaccines and vaccination policy in the United States.

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  • To deal with the lack of reported information, we propose a novel approach to obtain the exposure contained in the net position in interest-rate derivatives. We specify a state space model of a bank’s derivatives trading strategy. We then use Bayesian methods to estimate the bank’s strategy using the joint distribution of interest rates, bank fair and notional values as well as bid-ask spreads. Intuitively, the identification of the bank’s strategy relies on whether the net position (per dollar notional) gains or loses in value over time, together with the history of rates.

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  • The Medicare Modernization Act of 2003 (MMA) authorized the development of several new types of health plans for the elderly. The new Special Needs Plans (SNPs) are of particular relevance to the disabled elderly population. MMA allowed for three types of Special Need Plans, one aimed at residents of SNFs, a second aimed at dual Medicare and Medicaid eligible individuals, and a third aimed at patients with one or more chronic disease problems. To date, most SNPs have targeted the dually eligible but all three could be relevant to health centers serving the disabled elderly.

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  • Despite the flurry of media and political attention to air quality-induced illnesses and deaths, the question still remains as to what will be the future air quality in Ontario and what are the health consequences. Are more aggressive measures required to reduce the risk of poor air quality for human health? What benefits would be realized now and in the future from improved air quality? These are examples of pertinent environmental policy questions for which sound answers are needed. This need has been recognized for many years by the OMA.

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  • In addition to retained earnings or profi ts, fi rms can access investment capital from a number of other sources: banks; the sharemarket; private equity; the venture capital market; and informal capital markets. Improving fi nancial development in these markets can stimulate economic growth. The Milken Institute’s Capital Access Index evaluates the ability of business to access capital across all sources. New Zealand is ranked 15th in the OECD on this index, at the OECD mean and below countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Denmark, and Australia.

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  • Historians, scientists, and researchers have been fascinated by the diaphragm for many centuries. Homer first described Trojan War battle wounds with reference to the diaphragm in the 9th century B.C. From 500-430 B.C., Empedocles of Agrigentum was one of the first people to study the physiology of respiration. In this early period of medical knowledge, however, the purpose of the diaphragm bewildered scientists. Hippocrates observed the diaphragm’s inherent fragility and thinness that caused it to throb at any instance of unexpected joy or sorrow.

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  • In addition, it is important to demonstrate the sustaina- bility and cultural acceptability of a given intervention. Documenting these impacts will help generate the evidence to convince policy-makers and donors at all levels that household energy interventions work in reducing one of the major global threats to children's and women's health. In 2005, WHO organized a series of 5-day training workshops as a step towards building regional capacity in the area of household energy and indoor air pollution monitoring.

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  • A final design criteria was that the API should be cor- rect, in that events should only be reported if they are applicable. Consider the case where a packet arrives on a socket, in turn generating an event. However, before the application is notified of this pending event, it per- forms a close() on the socket. Since the socket is no longer open, the event should not be delivered to the ap- plication, as it is no longer relevant.

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  • Looking ahead, those surveyed expect the lead director to delve further into shareholder and governance issues, be more involved in risk management, drive succession planning to ensure the process produces top leaders, and strengthen the independence of the board. On the horizon also are issues related to how the lead director’s role will change if compa- nies alter their organizational structure. At the surveyed companies, 67 percent still have a combined position of board chairman-CEO despite increasing pressures from stakeholders and regulators to split these functions.

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  • Research into gluten sensitivity has never been more popular nor more exciting. With regard to gluten sensitivity we are in a period of great change occasioned by the application of new methods to identify gluten sequences as T‐cell antigens, the study of genetic and mollecular pathophysiology, the use of immunohistocytochemical and mRNA probing response to gluten and the research of future therapeutic options.

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  • To this end, we appeal to "citizens" groups, to non governmental organizations, to educational institutions, and to the scientific community. They have all played indispensable roles in the creation of public awareness and political change in the past. They will play a crucial part in putting the world onto sustainable development paths, in laying the groundwork for Our Common Future. The process that produced this unanimous report proven that it is possible to join forces, to identify common goals, and to agree on common action.

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  • The present assessment showed that traditional herbal medicine has flourished in rural areas where modern medicine is parsimoniously accessed as a result of the high cost and long travel time to health center. More- over inadequate modern medical resources/facilities and government subsidies also made traditional herbal medi- cine pertinent in Nepal. It is estimated that there is one physician for every 20,000 people whereas there is more than one healer for every 100 people in Nepal [41,42].

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  • Support to help parents or carers develop their parenting skills. This may involve providing information or offering small, group-based programmes run by community nurses (such as school nurses and health visitors) or other appropriately trained health or education practitioners. In addition, all parents should be given details of the school’s policies on promoting social and emotional wellbeing and preventing mental health problems.

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  • Discovering the distinction between Roles (local restrictions on properties), and Properties (annotations to a specific class) was another important step. At this point in the development, we were forced to make a choice in which species of OWL to use. Developers attached properties that are not inherited to concepts. If the translator directly attached Properties to classes, the ontology would be in OWL Full. For computational benefits, we decided to work in OWL Lite, and thus owl:AnnotationProperties were used. For other conversions, these...

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  • Many recent institutional reforms of the financial system have relied on the introduction of an explicit scheme of Deposit Insurance. This instrument aims at two main targets, contributing to systemic stability and protecting depositors. However it may also affect the interest rate spread in the banking system, which can be viewed as an indicator of market power in this financial segment. This paper provides an empirical investigation of the effect of deposit insurance and other institutional and economic variables on bank interest rates across countries.

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