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Principles and strategies

Xem 1-20 trên 312 kết quả Principles and strategies
  • Ebook Learning & teaching with technology: principles and practices – Part 1 presents the following content: Chapter 10 Developing social presence in online course discussions; Chapter 11 Socialization through CMC in differently structured environments; Chapter 12 Collaboration and community through simulation/role-play; Chapter 13 Broadening assessment strategies with information technology; Chapter 14 Applying assessment principles and expanding the focus of assessment to enhance learning online;...

    pdf144p runthenight05 11-01-2023 7 1   Download

  • Ebook Effective teaching and learning: teachers' and students' perspectives – Part 1 presents the following content: Chapter 1 exploring classroom strategies for effective teaching and learning; chapter 2 gaining access to teachers' and pupils' thinking: problems, principles and processes; chapter 3 the national curriculum context.

    pdf79p runthenight05 11-01-2023 4 1   Download

  • Ebook Strategic supply management: Principles, theories and practice - Part 1 presents the following content: Abbreviations, the supply challenge, the evolution of purchasing and supply management, the make–buy decision: a theoretical perspective, sourcing strategies and supply chain configurations, strategic supplier selection, supplier development, supply strategy: the development of the strategic supply wheel, aligning supply with corporate strategy, competency and skills development for strategic supply, organisational structures for supply management, performance measurement, cost–bene...

    pdf221p runthenight03 07-12-2022 8 2   Download

  • Principles of marketing: Lecture 44 provide students with knowledge about: simple marketing system; marketing 4P; actors and forces in a modern marketing system; change in perspective; customer relationship management; product/market expansion grid;... Please refer to this lesson for details!

    ppt61p hanlamcoman 26-11-2022 6 1   Download

  • Principles of marketing: Lecture 6 provide students with knowledge about: strategic planning and marketing process; environmental analysis; mission and objective setting; marketing strategy development; action plans;... Please refer to this lesson for details!

    ppt38p hanlamcoman 26-11-2022 5 1   Download

  • Principles of marketing: Lecture 7 provide students with knowledge about: portfolio analysis; marketing process; the boston consulting group’s growth-share matrix; product/market expansion grid; market penetration; strategic planning, implementation, and control process;... Please refer to this lesson for details!

    ppt32p hanlamcoman 26-11-2022 4 1   Download

  • Principles of marketing: Lecture 11 provide students with knowledge about: analyzing marketing opportunities and developing strategies - MIS; analyzing marketing opportunities; situation analysis; the marketing information system; developing the marketing information;... Please refer to this lesson for details!

    ppt29p hanlamcoman 26-11-2022 7 1   Download

  • Principles of marketing: Lecture 26 provide students with knowledge about: price; price - quality strategies; price-adjustment strategies; discount and allowance pricing; segmented pricing; psychological pricing;... Please refer to this lesson for details!

    ppt40p hanlamcoman 26-11-2022 3 0   Download

  • This study aims to explore how English and Vietnamese sitcom characters violate Grice's Cooperative Principle as humor strategies in their daily conversation to create humor. In the light of Grice’s Cooperative Principle, the conversational maxims violated as humor strategies in English and Vietnamese sitcoms are figured out to help EFL learners improve their English competence.

    pdf5p vispyker 16-11-2022 45 1   Download

  • In the paper "On the existence of fuzzy solutions for partial hyperbolic functional differential equations", we consider the boundary valued problems for fuzzy partial hyperbolic functional differential equations with local and integral boundary conditions. A new weighted metric is used to investigate the existence and uniqueness of fuzzy solutions for these problems in a complete fuzzy metric space. Our results are demonstrated in some numerical examples in which we use the same strategy as BuckleyFeuring to build fuzzy solutions from fuzzifying the deterministic solutions.

    pdf16p runordie3 27-06-2022 11 1   Download

  • In this paper, we proposed a method based on graph theory to design a platform for a personalized curriculum that supports many different strategies but not violating the compulsory requirements. Thanks to principles and logical conditions, this method maintains the accuracy of the results.

    pdf9p visherylsandberg 18-05-2022 7 1   Download

  • The document "Robert’s rules of order: Simplified and applied (2nd Edition)" has present the contents: meetings and organizations, motions simplified, membership, meetings and strategies, governing documents, correct parliamentary terminology, motions that take a two-thirds vote,...

    pdf434p chibaigia 24-05-2022 29 2   Download

  • Combining observation principles and geriatric care concepts is considered a promising strategy for risk-stratification of older patients with emergency care needs. We aimed to map the structure and processes of emergency observation units (EOUs) with a geriatric focus and explore to what extent the comprehensive geriatric assessment (CGA) approach was implemented in EOUs.

    pdf10p viisaacnewton 25-04-2022 9 1   Download

  • The paper examines competitive approach under the principle of determining competitive advantage mentioned by Michael E. Porter in two books "Competitive strategy" and "competitive advantage". Accordingly, the paper will examine the development of the competitive strategies of commercial banks in parallel with the development history of the banking industry in Vietnam. Then, the study applied a fuzzy-AHP method as well as game theory in order to evaluate and select the most competitive Vietnamese commercial banks.

    pdf12p huyetthienthan 23-11-2021 16 0   Download

  • Lecture Software Engineering - Chapter 23: Software testing, objectives: To discuss the distinctions between validation testing and defect testing; To describe the principles of system and component testing; To describe strategies for generating system test cases; To understand the essential characteristics of tool used for test automation.

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  • Lecture Electronic commerce - Chapter 11: E-Commerce Security learning objectives: Explain EC-related crimes and why they cannot be stopped. Describe an EC security strategy and why a life cycle approach is needed. Describe the information assurance security principles. Describe EC security issues from the perspective of customers and e-businesses.

    ppt51p caphesuadathemtac 09-11-2021 8 0   Download

  • Lecture Principles of Marketing - Chapter 1 After completing this section, you will understand the knowledge define marketing and outline the steps in the marketing process; Understanding the Marketplace and Customer Needs; Designing a Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy; Preparing an Integrated Marketing Plan and Program;...

    ppt33p caphesuadathemtac 09-11-2021 15 2   Download

  • In this chapter, the following content will be discussed: Companywide Strategic Planning: Defining Marketing’s Role; Designing the Business Portfolio; Planning Marketing: Partnering to Build Customer Relationships; Marketing Strategy and the Marketing Mix; Managing the Marketing Effort.

    ppt26p caphesuadathemtac 09-11-2021 19 2   Download

  • Lecture Principles of Marketing: Chapter 8 Product, services, and brands building customer value learning objectives: Product and Services Decisions; Branding Strategy: Building Strong Brands; Services Marketing.

    ppt36p caphesuadathemtac 09-11-2021 12 3   Download

  • Lecture Principles of Marketing - Chapter 15 Advertising and public relations learning objectives: Setting Advertising Objectives; Setting the Advertising Budget; Developing Advertising Strategy; Evaluating Advertising Effectiveness and Return on Advertising Investment; Public relations; The Role and Impact of Public Relations; Major Public Relations Tools.

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