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  • Recently I called a store to find out if it had a specific item in stock. “Oh yes,” the sales clerk replied, “We have it, but we can’t quote the price over the phone — you’ll have to come into the store to find out the price.” So I went to the store. Not only didn’t the store have what I was looking for, but the sales clerk tried to sell me a completely different product than the one I came in for. There is nothing worse than knowing that your time is being wasted.

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  • The initial euphoria created by liberalisation and scam-induced spurt in share prices helped mobilisation of large amount of resources from the market. Far from raising resources directly from the investors, companies, for the past few years have been, however, resorting to private placements and borrowings (Table-I). Households on their part have been denouncing corporate securities (Table-II). The primary market is practically dry (Table-III). There was, however, a brief upswing in 2000 when the so-called new economy stocks flooded the market with many issues of dubious quality.

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  • The authorities have made continuous efforts to build benchmarks at different points along the yield curve. The aim of this strategy is to further develop the interest rate term structure in the local currency, which would allow better pricing and liquidity of bonds issued both by the government itself and by the private sector. To this end, the authorities have increased the average maturity of the outstanding debt and smoothed its maturity profile.

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  • Online auctions are the new kids on the block for selling cars. Although there are several sites that handle online car auctions, eBay Motors at www.motors.ebay. com is the most widely used and recognized. An online auction allows you to reach a wide audience of potential buyers, is less costly than sending a car to a live auction, and combines many of the best features of a private sale with sending a car to auction. For tips on selling your car online and using the online auction process, call the Ask Hagerty Concierge Service at 888-310- 8020, menu option 3 to request...

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