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  • ChangeThis This is an essay about weblogs, the new genre of web-based public/ private online journals, also known as “blogs” and how they are written. I’ve been blogging for a few years and my best known early series of blog posts were called “How To Become An Alpha Male in 18 Easy Lessons.” It was cheeky and funny and basically tongue-incheek, but also a way to say to all the alpha male bloggers, “Move over, let me in, I have something to say too!” and it did let me elbow my way into the blogosphere....

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  • This book is dedicated to every teen who takes the time to learn about security and how to stay safe and be smart online. We also want to thank all of the teens joining this project and the teens who originally inspired this book—Eric and Douglas. Linda McCarthy was inspired to write the first edition of Own Your Space when the two teenagers in her house managed to destroy what she thought was a pretty darn secure home computer network. Linda was more inspired when she realized that Douglas and Eric weren’t looking to break things or even trying to impress her when...

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  • The embed frame is free to use for private persons, universities and schools. It is not allowed to be used in any way by businesses and cooperations, except media companies. You may not modify, build upon, or block any portion or functionality of the embed frame, including but not limited to links back to the website. The Embed frame may not be used as part of a commercial business offering. The embed frame is intended for private people who want to share a ebooks on their website or blog, professors or teaching professionals who want to make an ebook available...

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