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  • Minimalism continues to be among the most popular themes in interior design. Inside MNM: Minimalist Interiors explains minimalist concepts and concentrates on private interiors. This guide includes dozens of sophisticated photographs and introductions to each chapter written by leaders of this extraordinary, contemporary design movement. All the examples featured in the book have one thing in common: they feature the essential, but use the minimal.

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  • Enter the world of the stylish Japanese house, where every object in sight is a work of art. Japan Style introduces 20 special residences. With more than 200 color photographs, this book showcases the stunning beauty of old homes, and reveals how they are cared for by their owners. Traditional Japanese homes, with superbly crafted fine wood, great workmanship and seasonal interior arrangements, have an aesthetic of infinite simplicity. Unlike Japanese inns and historical buildings, the houses featured in this book are private property and are not open to public viewing.

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  • We seem to have a natural fascination with the way people choose to decorate and furnish their homes, as is borne out by the multitude of interior magazines that grace the shelves of every newsagent. This is in part nosiness – to catch a glimpse of a private sanctuary that usually remains behind closed doors – and in part an aesthetic appreciation of interior design, from which personal styles can be developed or copied.

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  • Department of Interior, major broadband Internet service providers (ISPs), banking institutions, power companies, higher educational institutes, medical organizations, and even small, family-run businesses. From experience we have found that although security as a whole is improving, knowledge growth is still needed in the public sector as well as the private sector. When we originally departed from doing strictly federal government work, we thought that it would be easier to sell this service in the commercial world. We were wrong.

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  • For the wealthy owners of large villas, enjoying leisure was a primary motivation for living around the Bay of Naples. The facades of many villas were lined with colonnaded walkways with sweeping views of the sea and terraces that connected to private harbors for pleasure boats. Villa interiors were decorated with colorful frescoes and mosaics, whose images often represented mythological scenes, and still lifes celebrating local delicacies, such as shrimp, octopus, and conch. Others, such as the Garden Scene fresco, featured lush landscapes that visually expanded interior spaces.

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  • Under BLM policy, the agency must periodically review the status of these idle wells to ensure that the operator has legitimate reasons for allowing the wells to remain idle. According to BLM officials, the primary purpose of idle-well reviews is to ensure that these wells do not become orphaned—that is, they lack a bond sufficient to cover reclamation costs and there are no responsible or liable parties to perform reclamation. States have adopted laws and regulations governing oil and gas development on state and private lands, including bond and reclamation requirements.

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  • In the year of Grace 1551, Antwerp was not only the chief city of the Netherlands, but the commercial capital of the world. Its public buildings were also celebrated for the elaborate carving of their exteriors, for their richly-furnished interiors, and for their general architectural beauty. In one of the principal streets of that city there stood a handsome house, the property of that wealthy and highly-esteemed merchant--Jasper Schetz.

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