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  • Though technic is constantly changing, methods improving, and the teaching in our schools grows better and more comprehensive, the old problems in private work are ever to be faced, and still the young sister in our nursing world needs to be counselled, guided and helped. It is for these young private duty nurses that this book has been written. For six years I went up and down one of our large cities doing private nursing, and I can remember, as if it were but yesterday, the curious little sinking of the heart I used to feel, as I mounted the steps of a house where there...

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  • The military health system, as well as the private health care sector, has experienced rapid growth in pharmaceutical expenditures. In 2002 alone, the Department of Defense spent about $3 billion on outpatient pharmacy benefits. As part of an effort to redesign the TRICARE pharmacy benefit to save costs, the Department

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  • Member States' performance is set to differ strongly this year and next. Heterogeneity in GDP and employment developments results from varying adjustment needs following the imbalances in the run-up to the crisis. In particular, the health of banking sectors and public finances as well as private debt and external deficits differ considerably across countries. While being low for the EU as a whole, financing costs have continued to diverge across Member States.

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  • In Hungary, the law provides for a three-tiered territorial system of development councils: at the municipality group, county and county group level. The latter were created to handle the larger decentralised development issues. While the system seemed a logical approach to development at different levels, it has been criticised for inadequate local (particularly: private sector and civil society) representation, lack of coordination among tiers, limited decentralisation of financial resources and a lack of identification of actors with the county groups, which many consider arbitrary.

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  • Your marketing plan should start with an executive summary. The summary gives a quick overview of the main points of the plan. It should be a synopsis of what you have done, what you plan to do, and how you are going to get there. Although the executive summary appears at the beginning of the plan, you should write it last. Writing the summary is a good opportunity to check that your plan makes sense and that you haven’t missed any important points.

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  • Earlier in the year, when the affiliate rule was first implemented, the state expected that the planned expansion of Medicaid to non-elderly adults with incomes under 133% of poverty under the Affordable Care Act in 2014 would ensure that most of the low-income WHP clients would become eligible for Medicaid and that additional support might only be needed for those women with incomes between 138% and 185% of poverty.

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  • THE GROWING SIZE OF CANADA’S ELDERLY POPULATION and its use of health care services has generated much discussion in policy circles and the popular press. With data from the National Population Health Survey, undertaken in 1994–95, the authors examine the health status of Canada’s elderly population using 3 sets of measures: level of activity limitations, prevalence of chronic illnesses and self-assessment of overall health. They also analyse the utilization of physician and institutional services.

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  • There is a clear opportunity to improve new car fuel economy 30% by 2020 and 50% by 2030, in a cost-effective manner (e.g. low or negative cost per tonne of CO2). Improving the efficiency of new cars at this rate would make possible a 50% im- provement in the average fuel economy of all cars on the road worldwide by 2050.

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  • The size of the country is matched by a longstanding love affair with cinema which creates the world’s biggest film audience. Even though India was controlled by the British until 1947, this did not prevent the development of ‘industrial’ film production in several Indian cities, so that by the late 1930s an Indian ‘studio system’ was in place.

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  • Although there are myriad possible moral and clinical objections to such a show. Intervention seems to be the next step in a growing wave of media products using addiction and recovery as plot devices. Several recent American television shows, such as The Sopranos, Dawson's Creek, and Law and Order, include central characters seeking recovery from substance abuse through clinical treatment and support groups.

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  • Historic notification and hospitalization data were used to calculate annual rates of campylobacteriosis in New Zealand during 1980–2009 for notifications and 1996–2009 for hospitalizations. A detailed descriptive analysis was then undertaken to examine the epidemiology of campylobacteriosis for the 12-year period 1997–2008 on the basis of notified and hospitalized cases.

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  • In 1998, international bird conservation groups focused attention on the site after rediscovery of Edward’s Pheasant (Lophura edwardsi) in these hills, a fowl thought extinct. Today the site is part of a government forest strategy to create a system of 2 million ha of special use forest (national parks, nature reserves and historical sites) throughout the country and it is listed as one of the sites destined to become a nature reserve (41,548 ha) in 2010 (Barney 2005).

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  • This involves research and investigational work concerned with the development of new or revision of existing class and grade standards, including such matters as: (1) gaining cooperation of producer, trade and consumer organizations; (2) factfinding to arrive at the terms and conditions suitable to the needs of the various elements of the industry; (3) investigation for such factors as requirements for storing and handling, designation under which the commodity is usually marketed, changes in methods of preparation, harvesting and marketing, new means of preserving quality or cond...

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  • When plasma volumes are maintained at or near normal levels, turgidity of the blood does not occur and the heart can continue to pump blood to the body surface and extremities, thus assisting heat dissipation and avoiding potential ‘explosive heat death’. Other factors, which play a role in maintaining plasma volume are connected with the attraction of water. Glucose levels rise on dehydration, resulting in hyperglycaemia; the hygroscopic glucose then attracts water to the blood.

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  • There are a number of tests that can be applied. Thin layer chromatography has proved successful in identifying bear gallbladder, bile, musk, cobra bile and agarwood. The costs, relia- bility and speed of testing vary greatly between different tests, laboratories and countries. Often this is dependent on the nature of the sample. Some techniques are commonly available in most laboratories, yet some are only possible in the few that have perfected the test.

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  • When pregnancy cannot be excluded, women requesting the progestogen-only injectable should ideally be offered a bridging method as the injectable cannot be removed or stopped immediately if pregnancy is diagnosed. If other methods are not appropriate or acceptable (e.g. due to difficulties using the method correctly) immediate start of the progestogen-only injectable can be considered providing the potential risks are explained.

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  • Paleontologists estimate that 99% of all species that ever existed have vanished from the planet. To understand the process of extinction, paleontologists have measured the lifetime of species—especially species that leave lots of fossils behind. Mollusks (a group of invertebrates that includes snails and clams) leave some of the most complete fossil records of any animal. Michael Foote, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Chicago, and his col- leagues inventoried fossils of mollusks that lived in the ocean around New Zealand over the past 43 million years.

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  • The principal pollutants from the transport sector responsible for adverse health effects include lead, various types of particulate matter, ozone (formed from atmospheric reactions of oxides of nitrogen [Nox] and volatile organic compounds [VOCs]), various toxic VOCs, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, ammonia and sulphur dioxide. However, the proportion of these various pollutants attributable to the transport sector varies significantly across different cities, as indicated by the table below.

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  • A recent study of the International Data Corporation (2008) has examined the role of IT cloud services across five major product segments representing almost two-thirds of total enterprise IT spending (excluding PCs): business applications (SaaS), infrastructure software, application development & deployment software, servers and storage. Out of the $ 383 billion that firms have spent in 2008 for these IT services only $ 16.2 billion (4%) could be classified as cloud services.

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  • Continuous queries are persistent queries that allow users to receive new results when they become available. While continuous query systems can transform a passive web into an active environment, they need to be able to support millions of queries due to the scale of the Internet. No existing systems have achieved this level of scalability. NiagaraCQ addresses this problem by grouping continuous queries based on the observation that many web queries share similar structures.

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