Privilege and authorization

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  • Databases are software. I’ve based the second half of a software development career that began in 1978 on this simple idea. If you’ve found this book, chances are you’re willing to at least entertain the possibility that databases and their attendant programmability are worthy of the same rigor and process as the rest of an application. Good for you! It’s a great pleasure for me to join you on this journey,however briefly, via this foreword.

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  • This book deals with an Ayyubid-Mamluk Egyptian jurist's attempt to come to terms with the potential conflict between power, represented in the state, and authority, represented in the schools of law, particularly where one school enjoys a privileged status with the state. It deals with the history of the relationship between the schools of law, particularly in Mamluk Egypt, in the context of the running history of Islamic law from the formative period during which ijtihad was the dominant hegemony into the post-formative period during which taqlid came to dominate....

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  • In this scholarly yet highly accessible work, Eva Hemmungs Wirten traces three main themes within the scope of cultural ownership: au- thorship as one of the basic features of print culture, the use of intellec- tual property rights as a privileged instrument of control, and, finally, globalization as a precondition under which both operate. Underwrit- ten by rapid technological change and increased global interdepend- ence, intellectual property rights are designed to protect a production that is no longer industrial, but informational....

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  • The existence of child abuse and neglect extends as far back in history as children themselves. Sadly, the history of the recognition of forms of abuse and neglect, as well as the laws designed to protect children from them, is not nearly as long. Author L. DeMause; in his book The History of Childhood: The Untold History of Child Abuse, stated, “the history of child abuse is a nightmare from which we have only begun to awaken.” 1 The United States followed its European counterparts’ views of children well into the Industrial Revolution, disregarding massive poverty, child...

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  • A critical aspect of board/staff relations is the authority of directors to give instructions and orders to staff members. Generally a board will deal directly only with the Executive Director. Other employees should receive direction from their supervisors or managers. Individual board members may only direct staff with the express permission of the board or, if appropriate, with the agreement of the Executive Director.

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  • This chapter addresses what most people think about when they start to secure a router—authenticating users and restricting access. There are many more ways to access Cisco routers than most network administrators realize. Each of these methods can have different authentication methods and can be set to allow various levels of privilege access. It is important that all methods of access are either secured or disabled.

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  • Historically, savings banks have been the first intermediaries to secure the savings and invest- ments of the local population, which they mobilised to reinvest and develop their surround- ing communities. Building on their decentralised network, their deep knowledge of the local needs, specificities and actors, they naturally grew as the privileged financial partner for local and regional economic projects. They have built business relationships with major actors of the local development and growth.

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  • It is a very great privilege to write the preface to the first specialist book on downy mildews since the major work edited by D. M. Spencer in 1981. The idea for the present publication arose from the Downy Mildew Workshop at the International Congress of Plant Pathology (ICPP) held in Edinburgh in August 1998. Our intention was to invite reviews on selected aspects of downy mildew biology from international authorities, and link these to a series of related short contributions reporting new data.

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  • Many services require a mechanism for allowing users to manage their service configuration. For example, a presence server requires presentities (users) to authorize which watchers can see their presence information. A Push-to-talk over Cellular (PoC) service requires users to create and manage groups. Likewise a conference may require users to configure a dial-out or dial-in list of participants, their privileges (who can speak or who can send or receive which media type), and so on.

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  • .copyright 2006 Benjamin Crowell rev. 14th October 2006 This book is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license, version 1.0,, except for those photographs and drawings of which I am not the author, as listed in the photo credits. If you agree to the license, it grants you certain privileges that you would not otherwise have, such as the right to copy the book, or download the digital version free of charge from

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