Probabilistic parsing for german

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  • We present a probabilistic parsing model for German trained on the Negra treebank. We observe that existing lexicalized parsing models using head-head dependencies, while successful for English, fail to outperform an unlexicalized baseline model for German. Learning curves show that this effect is not due to lack of training data. We propose an alternative model that uses sister-head dependencies instead of head-head dependencies.

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  • This paper presents the first probabilistic parsing results for French, using the recently released French Treebank. We start with an unlexicalized PCFG as a baseline model, which is enriched to the level of Collins’ Model 2 by adding lexicalization and subcategorization. The lexicalized sister-head model and a bigram model are also tested, to deal with the flatness of the French Treebank. The bigram model achieves the best performance: 81% constituency F-score and 84% dependency accuracy.

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  • In this paper we investigate the benefit of stochastic predictor components for the parsing quality which can be obtained with a rule-based dependency grammar. By including a chunker, a supertagger, a PP attacher, and a fast probabilistic parser we were able to improve upon the baseline by 3.2%, bringing the overall labelled accuracy to 91.1% on the German NEGRA corpus. We attribute the successful integration to the ability of the underlying grammar model to combine uncertain evidence in a soft manner, thus avoiding the problem of error propagation. ...

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  • We consider a new subproblem of unsupervised parsing from raw text, unsupervised partial parsing—the unsupervised version of text chunking. We show that addressing this task directly, using probabilistic finite-state methods, produces better results than relying on the local predictions of a current best unsupervised parser, Seginer’s (2007) CCL. These finite-state models are combined in a cascade to produce more general (full-sentence) constituent structures; doing so outperforms CCL by a wide margin in unlabeled PARSEVAL scores for English, German and Chinese. ...

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