Process control systems

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  • Part 1 of ebook "Brock Biology of Microorganisms (15th Edition)" provide students with knowledge about: the foundations of microbiology; the microbial world; microbial cell structure and function; microbial metabolism; molecular information flow and protein processing; microbial growth and its control; microbial regulatory systems; molecular biology of microbial growth; viruses and their replication;...

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  • In this paper, we introduce True Time, an open source Simulink package for simulation of networked control systems. By using True Time, we present an analysis and evaluation of the effects of communication network to the performance of a wireless process control system.

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  • Color quality is one of the important criteria in determining the output of a product in the textile industry. However, the color testing process in some current dyeing factories is still largely dependent on human factors. These traditional methods often lead to difficulties and complexity in the operation and management of production information.

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  • In this paper, a terminal sliding control based on a new quasi-sliding mode function is designed to control a liquid level in two tanks interacting system with external disturbance and uncertainty. This system is always in great demand in the chemical industry, petrochemical refining, water treatment, power generation, construction material production, food processing, automatic liquid dispensing and replenishment devices.

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  • Distributed Database Management Systems: Lecture 4. The main topics covered in this chapter include: fragmentation transparency; responsibility of transparency; performance improvement; through data localization; inter-query and intra-query parallelism; database design; query processing; concurrency control;...

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  • Advanced Operating Systems - Lecture 4: Process. This lecture will cover the following: process definition; what are address spaces; components of an address space; methods of altering control flow of a CPU; interrupts, traps and faults; how does a process enter into the operating system; context switching;...

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  • Advanced Operating Systems - Lecture 5: Suspending processes. This lecture will cover the following: process management models and state machines (cont’d from the previous lecture); what is in a process control block; operating system calls for process management in UNIX family of systems;...

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  • Advanced Operating Systems - Lecture 7: Process design. This lecture will cover the following: the design space for threads; threads illustrated and view in an address space; user level and kernel level thread implementations; problems and advantages of user level thread implementations; problems and advantages of kernel level thread implementations;...

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  • The development of a small signal model that accurately reflects dynamic processes plays an essential role in the stability analysis and control of power systems. The main components in a microgrid power system are synchronous generators, the electrical network, electrical loads, and inverters. A method to derive the microgrid state-space model is proposed in the article.

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  • VNSMAPS collects the data from vehicles in the Vietnamese traffic. The collected data is analyzed to provide information about the driver, the payload of the vehicle and the status of the vehicle parts. This information on one help which can help the traffic administration to control the drivers’ driving behavior and the security of the vehicles.

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  • Lecture Introduction to Business: Lesson 37. The main topics covered in this lesson include: total quality management, quality control system, quality assurance system, prominent features of dr. demming’s 14 points, human resource management for total quality management, statistical process control,...

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  • The basement of a high-rise building is the optimal space for technical systems and parking. However, the construction in narrow urban areas usually has many unstable hazards. In this study, a numerical model has been established and calibrated using the finite element method on Plaxis 2D software that allowed well control of the design and construction processes of the Madison Building basement.

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  • Improvement in acromegaly management increased disease survival and prevalence. Evidence regarding acromegaly in older adults are sparse. We aim to explore acromegaly impact on aging process quality. Methods: Multicenter case-control study conducted on 42 older adults (≥ 65 years) acromegaly patients (ACRO) compared to an age- and gender-matched control group (CTR). Each participant underwent a multidimensional geriatric evaluation.

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  • Lecture Principles of network and system administration: Change and Configuration Management provide students with knowledge about change management; change processes; change freezes; revision control; configuration management; cfengine; backing out; automatic checks;...

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  • This paper introduces the process of designing a Kalman filter to improve the accuracy of MPU6050 data which is used to determine motion trajectory and position of a solar tracking system. Quality of unfiltered data, filtered data and the simulation, testing results will be detailed in the article.

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  • The objectives of this chapter: Discuss the goals and principles of protection in a modern computer system; Explain how protection domains combined with an access matrix are used to specify the resources a process may access; Examine capability and language-based protection systems.

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  • This paper presents a complete process in designing and manufacturing a marine buoy integrated with a radiation sensor. The radiation detector can measure both dose rate and radiological spectrum. The ORMS also combines multimodal data transmission and various programmed software for data processing, signal transmission, and system control. Therefore, the proposed configuration system has potential application in terms of performance and maintenance.

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  • Lecture Advanced control systems. After completing this section, you will understand knowledge about: discrete time control systems and continuous time control systems, sampling process; z‐plane analysis of discrete time control systems: impulse sampling and data hold, reconstruction of original signals from sampled signals; concepts of state, state variables and state model (of continuous time systems);...

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  • Gas conditioning and processing: Volume 1. The basic principles - Part 2 present the content: basic thermodynamic concepts, calculation of system energy changes, process control and instrumentation, flow of fluids, enthaply calculations for pure substances, entropy and internal energy caculations, process control system development, cascade and feed-forward control,...

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  • Vitamins are regarded as vital growth substances. They act as cofactors of various key enzymes involved in metabolism and also have vital influence on metabolic activities of plants. They are believed to play a significant role in plants against abiotic stresses, particularly during water stress. The current experiment was conducted to evaluate the role of exogenously applied thiamin on two white clover cultivars, Super Late Fsd and Layalpur Late, at varying [100% (control), 80%, and 60% field capacities] water regimes.

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