Procurement regulations

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  • Subject to the right of suppliers or contractors to protect their intellectual property or trade secrets, the procuring entity may require suppliers or contractors participating in procurement proceedings to provide such appropriate documentary evidence or other information as it may deem useful to satisfy itself that the suppliers or contractors are qualified in accordance with the criteria referred to in paragraph.

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  • The origins of this book date back to my attendance of Carbon Expo, a carbon credit conference in Cologne, Germany in 2006. My goal was to learn about the the European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme and the activities surrounding the Kyoto Protocol. I wanted to understand the development of emissions markets for greenhouse gases. I was expecting a conference of a few hundred, but to my surprise found a large conference of several thousand people in attendance.

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  • We also noted that NOP officials need to address ongoing issues with California’s State Organic Program (SOP). The Act allows any State to apply to the Secretary to implement a program for regulating organic products produced and handled within that State. The State must have compliance, mediation, and appeal procedures that meet NOP regulations to become an SOP. When officials of the California Department of Food and Agriculture applied to have an approved SOP, they did not have the required compliance and enforcement procedures in place.

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  • In the last two decades, European Union (EU) administrative law has gone through a process of extraordinary development and consolidation. It first developed as a body of principles and rules aimed at governing, on the one hand, the action of the EU public powers (such as the action of the Commission in the fields of State aids and competition), on the other hand, the action of the national administrations operating as decentralized EU agencies (e.g. the action of national public administrations in the field of public procurement)....

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  • In the above graph, Project Company involvement will take place at Stage 4 of project realization. Prior to this stage, the national government works to ensure that a project is feasible. Private consultancy services are involved in phases 1 and 2; however, in terms of project implementation Project Companies will only be involved when tenders are issued at Stage 4. A government contracting agency (PJPK) can be a ministry, government institution, or a provincial, regency, or city government.

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  • The WHO/HAI methodology for measuring medicine prices relies on data that are collected through visits to medicines outlets in the public sector, the private sector and any other sectors that serve as important medicine dispensing points (e.g. NGOs, mission hospitals). For each medicine included in the survey (a standard “basket” of 50 medicines is recommended), information on the final price of both the originator brand and the lowest-priced generic equivalent found at each medicine outlet is sought.

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  • North Korea frequently procures for its uranium enrichment program either directly in China or by using it as a transshipment point. China is unlikely to view North Korea’s continued illicit procurement for its nuclear program as strengthening Chinese national security interests. Most believe that China views North Korea’s nuclear weapons program as destabilizing to the region.

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  • The rapid pace of change in the regulation of building energy performance has already created tremendous problems for the construction industry and the proposed acceleration of regulatory change towards zero carbon new buildings by 2020 will only widen the gulf between ambitious Government policy and the ability of the industry to deliver. The need for a radical overhaul in education and practice in the construction industry is urgent and undeniable.

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  • Countries should intensify efforts to measure and regularly monitor medicine prices and availability, and adopt policy measures to address the issues identified. A range of policy options are available to address issues of high prices and low availability of medicines. Low public sector availability can be addressed through improved procurement efficiency, and adequate, equitable and sustainable financing. Medicine prices can be reduced by eliminating duties and taxes on medicines and promoting the use of quality-assured generic medicines.

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  • It is estimated that more than 75% of the population uses traditional medicine primarily to treat health-related problems. In 2005, an evaluation confirmed the availability of high quality medicines in all provinces as one of the main achievements and the most important progress made in the pharmaceutical sector. However, despite this positive result, the evaluation report pointed out several issues and challenges (i.e.

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