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  • The topics covered in this book use the current SDK 4.0 for iPhone and iPod Touch, and the SDK 3.2 for the iPad. Xcode and Interface Builder are the main tools used to create all the applications presented. Finally, with the Instruments application, performance issues are discussed

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  • Núm vú cao su, tạo trang web Tất cả - trong - một bàn tham khảo Đối với Dummies, XML Tất cả - trong - một bàn tham khảo cho Núm vú cao su, Web Design Trước & Sau khi Thay đổi vẻ ngoài, và JavaScript Unleashed (1, 2 ed.). Trước khi chuyển thành toàn - thời gian tác giả, Richard là một lập trình viên giàu kinh nghiệm và đứng đầu kỹ thuật. Ông cũng là nhà phát minh và kiến trúc sư trưởng của giải thưởng - chiến thắng NetObjects ScriptBuilder. Một tác giả đa năng với một ...

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  • Cocos2d for iPhone is a robust but simple-to-use 2D game framework for iPhone. It is easy to use, fast, flexible, free, and Appstore approved. More than 2500 AppStore games already use it, including many best-seller games. Do you want to take your cocos2d game development skills to the next level and become more professional in cocos2d game design?

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  • The iPhone and iPad have made a powerful impact on the business world. Developers creating iOS apps for the enterprise face unique challenges involving networking, system integration, security, and device management. This Wrox guide provides everything you need to know to write iOS apps that integrate with enterprise network resources, providing options for networking iOS devices to enterprise systems and to each other.

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  • Apple's Xcode tools are a collection of applications and frameworks that are used to develop, test, and optimize applications primarily written for Mac OS X or the iPhone. The steady increase in sales of Apple computers has triggered a strong interest in gaining a thorough understanding of Xcode and its tools and what they have to offer. This book provides you with an inside look at the array of Xcode tools from top to bottom.

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  • The iPhone's integrated camera is ideal for snapshots and video on the go. Written by a professional photographer and Mac expert, this handy, full-color guide shows you how to get the most out of your iPhone camera's capabilities. Packed with easy-to-understand coverage on how to shoot and edit great photos and video, this For Dummies book is here to help you take advantage of even the most impromptu photo opportunity.

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  • Whether you're a beginning programmer who wants to build your first app or a professional developer looking to leverage the marketing power of the iPhone SDK, this book will help. It walks you through the basics for building a variety of iOS applications using Apple developer tools and covers the essential steps for creating apps that get accepted into the App Store. This new edition covers all the latest information, including key updates to iPad universal code and tips on developing specifically for mobile apps.

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  • So how do you build an application for the iPhone and iPad? Don’t you need to spend years learning complicated programming languages? What about Objective-C and Cocoa touch? The answer is that you don’t need to know any of those things! Anybody can start building simple apps for the iPhone and iPad, and this book will show you how. This update of an Apress bestseller walks you through creating your first app, using plain English and practical examples using the iOS 6 software development platform and more.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'iphone photography & video for dummies', công nghệ thông tin, kỹ thuật lập trình phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Other aspects of the evaluation process—like overall sales, App Store popularity, professional reviews, and user ratings—held less sway, but couldn’t be ignored. After all, when you see that Angry Birds (page 116) is the best-selling game several weeks in a row, gets overwhelmingly rave reviews, and has a devoted fan base around the world, you wonder what all the fuss is about and download the game. (And when the app’s sheer inventiveness consumes so much time that it nearly causes the author to miss a deadline, the app tends to get included in Best iPhone Apps...

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  • Giao diện Builder là một giao diện đồ họa người dùng biên tập. Giao diện Builder và các tay Xcode IDE trong găng tay làm việc để tạo ra một, chất lỏng năng động, và (gần) quy trình làm việc liên tục thiết kế và thực hiện các đối tượng giao diện người dùng của bạn. Nhận được nhiều nhất của giao diện Builder là điều cần thiết cho bất kỳ máy Mac, dự án phát triển iPhone.

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  • Đơn vị kiểm tra Học cách kiểm tra đơn vị làm việc thêm các xét nghiệm đơn vị Mục tiêu của bạn - dự án C Cấu hình thử nghiệm đơn vị cho một ứng dụng iPhone Thêm xét nghiệm đơn vị đến C hay C + + Dự án

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  • Sử dụng các tổ chức Thêm các mục vào tổ chức của bạn sử dụng, chỉnh sửa và tạo ra các hành động tổ chức tùy chỉnh Làm ảnh chụp nhanh của các tổ chức quản lý các thiết bị iPhone iPod / Cấu hình iPhone / iPod của bạn để phát triển Sử dụng iPhone / iPod tiện ích phát triển

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  • Các thiết bị và Phát triển nhóm iPhone trong tổ chức được thiết kế đặc biệt để hỗ trợ các nhu cầu đặc biệt của các nhà phát triển iPhone và iPod. Phần lớn các thông tin trong hai nhóm trùng nhau.

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  • IN RECENT YEARS, MOBILE DEVICES have gained popularity due to lower costs, small and sleek sizes, and the capability to act as a computer with you at all times. The increased use of mobile devices has created new issues for developers and network administrators, such as how to secure the devices, how to deal with increases in bandwidth, and how to make existing codebases usable on a device ten times smaller than it was designed for. This book discusses these problems and many more, with a detailed overview of how to get started developing for a variety of mobile devices.

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  • The complexity and difficulty involved in making current generation games is increasing. Even the games industry itself is becoming a more competitive and demanding industry to work, than it has been in the past. Project budgets are smaller, production times are shorter, and milestones seem to come more often, especially when working with a publisher.

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  • In Pro OpenGL ES for iOS, you'll find out how to harness the full power of OpenGL ES, and design your own 3D applications by building a fully-functional 3D solar system model using Open GL ES! OpenGL has set the standard for 3D computer graphics, and is an essential aspect of iPhone, iPad, and iOS development. This book offers everything you need to know, from basic mathematical concepts to advanced coding techniques. You'll learn by building this fascinating 3D solar system simulator!

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  • in this book, I explore all aspects of developing mobile applications using Flash CS5 and Flash Builder for Android and iOS apps. You’ll discover how to build an app, and install, and debug it on your mobile device. I then walk you through each key topic related to mobile Flash app development, including multitouch events, motion sensor, accelerometer, GPS, mobile services integration, and persistent data storage.

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  • Prepare to get excited about Computer Science – it’s a dynamic field with endless opportunities for creative expression. And now is the perfect time to get involved. “There is great demand for skilled Computer Scientists.” Mehran Sahami Stanford Associate Professor of Computer Science and Associate Chair for Education Think about the millions of iPhone® and Android™ apps that people use every day. Think about Facebook apps, web apps and desktop apps. Think about almost anything you do on the computer – and you’ll be thinking of the direct result of Computer Science.

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  • PIC Microcontrollers are present in almost every new electronic application that is released from garage door openers to the iPhone. With the proliferation of this product more and more engineers and engineers-to-be (students) need to understand how to design, develop, and build with them. Martin Bates, best-selling author, has provided a step-by-step guide to programming these microcontrollers (MCUs) with the C programming language.

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