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  • At first glance Visitors to the Inner Earth by Professor Solomon looks a bit like one of Terry Deary’s Horrible Histories. The photo of the author on the back cover, preparing to enter a cave and wearing a tool vest, hard hat and dapper shirt and tie as well as the light-hearted cover illustration, all help maintain the impression that this is a tongue-in-cheek visit with some of those who claim to have travelled deep into the earth and found remarkable things there.

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  • More particularly, we would like to thank Professor Loretta Grey of Central Washington University, who piloted an early version of this second edition with her own students and gave us invaluable feedback. Also to be singled out for their assistance are colleagues Ray Clark, Kathleen Graves, Elizabeth Tanncnbaum, and Elizabeth O'Oowd, and graduate students Gaby Solomon, Namhee Han, and especially Angela Burnett and Jo Hilder.

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