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  • In this thesis, we will address the following questions: (1) Is Shenzhen stock market efficient? (2) What is the most common violation of market efficiency in the Shenzhen stock exchange? (3) Is noise trading strategy profitable in China? (4) Can fundamental factors explain noise trader risk in Shenzhen stock market? (5) Can finance fundamentals explain overreaction, underreaction or IPE? (6) Do other factors such as financial crisis, seasonality and market sentiment affect noise trader risk?

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  • Ebook Accounting for non-accounting students (Sixth edition): Part 1 presents the following content: Chapter 1 we provide some background about accounting, the accountancy profession, and the organizations that accountants work for. In Chapter 2 we outline the conventional rules that accountants normally follow when preparing accounting statements. In part 1 we outline the principles of double-entry book-keeping and explain how to prepare financial accounts for sole traders, companies, and for some other types of entities in the notfor-profit sector.

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  • Lecture Management accounting - Chapter 5: Cost – Volume – Profit relationships (CVP). This lecture will cover the following: the basic concepts; application CVP concepts; break - even point and target profit analysis; contribution margin method;... Please refer to content of this lecture!

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  • Part 1 of ebook "Managerial economics: Foundations of business analysis and strategy (Twelfth edition)" presents the following content: managers, profits, and markets; demand, supply, and market equilibrium; marginal analysis for optimal decisions; basic estimation techniques; theory of consumer behavior; substitution and income effects of a price change; elasticity and demand; demand estimation and forecasting; production and cost in the short run; production and cost in the long run;...

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  • Continued part 1, part 2 of ebook "Food and beverage cost control (Second edition)" presents the following content: managing the cost of labor; controlling other expenses; analyzing results using the income statement; planning for profit; maintaining and improving the revenue control system; using technology to enhance control systems;...

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  • Continued part 1, part 2 of ebook "Food and beverage cost control (Sixth edition)" presents the following content: managing the cost of labor; controlling other expenses; analyzing results using the income statement; planning for profit; maintaining and improving the revenue control system;...

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  • Continued part 1, part 2 of ebook "Travel marketing, tourism economics and the airline product: An introduction to theory and practice" presents the following content: tourism economics; tourism supply and demand; pricing and revenue management; the airline product; the airline business; airline schedules planning and route development; aircraft operating costs and profitability;...

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  • The paper aims to investigate the impact of income diversification on commercial banks’ profitability in Vietnam. Using a panel data set of 33 Vietnamese commercial banks during the period from 2006 to 2020, the empirical analysis shows the more diverse in revenue sources, the higher banks’ financial performance.

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  • This paper provides new evidence on fund industry in Vietnam, specifically the profitability and firm characteristics of a company which manages funds. Using hand-collected company information for fund management companies (FMCs), the study shows that FMCs generated a high growth in profitability and revenue from 2014 to 2020.

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  • Part 1 of ebook "Accounting and financial analysis in the hospitality industry" presents the following content: introduction to numbers, accounting, and financial analysis; foundations of financial analysis; accounting department organization and operations; the profit and loss (P&L) statement; the balance sheet (A&L) and statement of cash flow;...

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  • Ebook Advanced accounting (11th edition): Part 2 presents the following chapters: Chapter 13 accounting for derivatives and hedging activities; chapter 14 foreign currency financial statements; chapter 15 segment and interim financial reporting; chapter 16 partnerships - formation, operations, and changes in ownership interests; chapter 17 partnership liquidation; chapter 18 corporate liquidations and reorganizations; chapter 19 an introduction to accounting for state and local governmental units; chapter 20 accounting for state and local governmental units - governmental funds; chapter 21 ...

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  • Ebook Advanced accounting (11th edition): Part 1 presents the following chapters: Chapter 1 business combinations; chapter 2 stock investments - investor accounting and reporting; chapter 3 an introduction to consolidated financial statements; chapter 4 consolidation techniques and procedures; chapter 5 intercompany profit transactions – inventories; chapter 6 intercompany profit transactions - plant assets; chapter 7 intercompany profit transactions – bonds; chapter 8 consolidations - changes in ownership interests; chapter 9 indirect and mutual holdings; chapter 10 subsidiary preferred st...

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  • Ebook Operational level: F1 – Financial operations (Sixth edition) - Part 1 includes the following chapters: Chapter 1 principles of business taxation – introduction, chapter 2 direct taxes on company profits and gains, chapter 3 indirect taxes and employee taxation, chapter 4 administration of taxation, chapter 5 international taxation, chapter 6 taxation in financial statements, chapter 7 the IASC and the standard-setting process, chapter 8 regulatory framework, chapter 9 the role of the external auditor, chapter 10 CIMA code of ethics for professional accountants, chapter 11 published fi...

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  • The main contents of this chapter include all of the following: The accounting equation and the balance sheet; The double entry system for assets, liabilities and capital; The asset of stock; The effect of profit or loss on capital and the double entry system for expenses and revenues; Balancing off accounts; The trial balance; Trading and profit and loss accounts: an introduction; Balance sheets; Trading and profit and loss accounts and balance sheets: further considerations; Accounting concepts;…

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  • Ebook Financial and managerial accounting (12th Ed): Part 2 includes the following content: Chapter 14: statement of cash flows; chapter 15: financial statement analysis; chapter 16: managerial accounting concepts and principles; chapter 17: job order costing; chapter 18: process cost systems; chapter 19: cost behavior and cost-volume-profit analysis; chapter 20: variable costing for management analysis; chapter 21: budgeting; chapter 22: performance evaluation using variances from standard costs; chapter 23: performance evaluation for decentralized operations; chapter 24: differential anal...

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  • Ebook Management and cost accounting (8th edition): Part 1 includes the following content: Chapter 1 introduction to management accounting; chapter 2 an introduction to cost terms and concepts; chapter 3 cost assignment; chapter 4 accounting entries for a job costing system; chapter 5 process costing; chapter 6 joint and by-product costing; chapter 7 income effects of alternative cost accumulation systems; chapter 8 cost–volume–profit analysis; chapter 9 measuring relevant costs and revenues for decision-making; chapter 10 pricing decisions and profitability analysis; chapter 11 activity-ba...

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  • Ebook Complete MBA for dummies (2nd edition): Part 1 includes the following content: Chapter 1: The MBA in a Nutshell; chapter 2: today’s hottest business trends; chapter 3: entrepreneurship for everyone; chapter 4: global business: fun and profit in katmandu; chapter 5: polish your crystal ball for some strategic planning; chapter 6: managing is hard; leading is even harder; chapter 7: carrots and sticks: the abcs of motivating employees; chapter 8: hiring and firing: how to get good employees and keep them;...

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  • Ebook Cost accounting: Traditions and innovations – Part 1 presents the following content: Chapter 1 introduction to cost and management accounting in a global business environment, chapter 2 introduction to cost management systems, chapter 3 organizational cost flows, chapter 4 activity-based cost systems for management, chapter 5 job order costing, chapter 6 process costing, chapter 7 special production issues: lost units and accretion, chapter 8 implementing quality concepts, chapter 9 cost allocation for joint products and by-products, chapter 10 standard costing, chapter 11 absorption/...

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  • Heavy oil refers to the part of crude oil that is not amenable to further distillation. Processing of these materials to useful products provides added value, but requires advanced technology as well as extensive characterization in order to optimize the yield of the most profitable products.

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  • Ebook Financial reporting & analysis using financial accounting information: Part 2 includes contents: Chapter 8 profitability; chapter 9 for the investor; chapter 10 statement of cash flows; summary: summary analysis nike, inc; chapter 11 expanded analysis; chapter 12 special industries: banks, utilities, oil and gas, transportation, insurance, real estate companies; chapter 13 personal financial statements and accounting for governments and not-for-profit organizations.

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