Programmatic context

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  • Second, explicitly analyzing fees allows us to determine whether investors in SRI funds pay an explicit price for the ethical value of their investments. Our results also shed light on the way in which mutual fund fees are determined, particularly on the question of whether fees simply reflect funds' operating costs or, as argued by Christofersen and Musto (2002) and Gil-Bazo and Ruiz-Verdú (2009), they are set taking into account the performance sensitivity of funds' clienteles.

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  • NASA’s budget for fiscal year 2003 included funds to begin the Nuclear Systems Initiative focused on research into and development of enhanced capabilities in the general areas of spacecraft power and propulsion systems.

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  • The majority of studies addressed in this chapter reflect research findings that provide "best bets" for preventing sexual risk-taking behaviors. These derive from longitudinal, multivariate analyses of reproductive health topics. In addition, a synthesis of programs that have had rigorous experimental designs help provide information on "what works" and what doesn't work within the program field.

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  • PSI and YouthAIDS rely on partnership, and they work to harness different capabilities and strengths from their partners to enhance end results. Indeed, because all of PSI/YouthAIDS’ programmatic work is conducted in-country, it cannot operate effectively or efficiently as a global organization without local cooperation and knowledge. Partnership helps to avoid duplication of effort and also works to maximize health impact given limited budget.

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