Proliferating technology

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  • Practical Cisco Routers is an excellent "first purchase" for anyone interested in Router technology. It provides hands-on steps and easy-to-follow screen captures for the basic configuration of a new router. This book provides the basic knowledge base needed to cope with a rapidly proliferating technology. Practical Cisco Routers is written in an easy-to-understand and straightforward manner to provide the essential information for technology professionals new to routers by an author who teaches the information daily.

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  • It has been over eight years since the first edition of the Handbook of Pharmaceutical Granulation Technology was published. The enthusiastic reception afforded by the scientific community was heartwarming. The basic science of granulation has not changed much over the last few years; however, a better understanding of the theory of granulation and the proliferation of different dosage forms has.

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  • The use of radio-frequency communication—commonly referred to as wireless communication—is becoming more pervasive as well as more economically and socially important. Technological progress over many decades has enabled the deployment of several successive generations of cellular telephone technology, which is now used by many billions of people worldwide; the near-universal addition of wireless local area networking to personal computers; and a proliferation of actual and proposed uses of wireless communications.

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  • Numerous innovations in high-throughput protein production and micro-array surface technologies have enabled the development of addressable formats for proteins ordered at high spatial density. Protein array imple-mentations have largely focused on antibody arrays for high-throughput protein profiling. However, it is also possible to construct arrays of full-length, functional proteins from a library of expression clones.

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  • Business process reengineering is the most popular business concept of the 1990’s. Celebrated in best-selling books (in the U.S., Japan, Brazil, and many countries in Europe), articles in every major business publication, conferences, and even several videotapes, reengineering has penetrated into every continent except Antarctica. Thousands of companies and public sector organizations have initiated reengineering initiatives. Internal and external consultants on the topic have proliferated dramatically. Many universities have created courses on the topic for business school students....

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  • We have witnessed significant advances in multimedia research and applications due to the rapid increase in digital media, computing power, communication speed, and storage capacity. Multimedia has become an indispensable aspect in contemporary daily life, and we can feel its presence in many applications ranging from online multimedia search, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), and mobile multimedia, to social media.

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  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), like hepatitis C and HIV, is a disease of our generation. Mostly unrecognized prior to 1980 and seldom taken seriously until the past few years, NAFLD has seemingly been thrust upon us unexpectantly like an orphaned child left at our clinical bedside. In fact, NAFLD was conceived during the industrial revolution, which caused food to be processed differently, provided that food more abundantly and made physical work less demanding.

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  • This book is about pricing issues in modern communications networks. Recent technology advances, combined with the deregulation of the communication market and the proliferation of the Internet, have created a new and highly competitive environment for communication service providers. Both technology and economics play a major role in this new environment. As recent events in the marketplace make clear, the success of a communication services business is not guaranteed by new technology alone.

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  • We report here the protocol for Zedoary (Curcuma zedoaria Roscoe) callus and cell suspension cultures. The MS medium supplemented with 2% sucrose, 1.0 mg/l 2,4-D and 1.0 mg/l BA was effective for callus induction from in vitro leaf-base explants of Zedoary. During subcultures, secondary proliferated calli were subsequently produced from initial induced calli on the MS medium with 0.5 mg/l 2.4-D and 0.5 mg/l BA. These calli were light yellow in color, compact and friable.

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  • Since issuance of the Rule, there has been a proliferation of confusing advertising regarding where consumers can obtain their free annual file disclosures. For example, shortly after the Rule went into effect, imposter websites appeared that misspelled or used sound-alike website names that did not link to the authorized website. In addition, the nationwide CRAs and others have advertised “free credit reports” that are tied to the purchase of products and services, such as credit scores and credit monitoring.

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  • Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs) are investment funds owned and managed by national governments. Originally created in the 1950s by oil and resource-producing countries to help stabilize their economies against fluctuating commodity prices, and to provide a source of wealth for future generations, they have proliferated considerably in recent years. Although their lack of transparency makes estimating SWF investment levels difficult, it is estimated that they currently manage between $1.9 and $2.9 trillion.

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  • Terrorist activities on the global scene are on the increase, and it is generally believed that such activities can be contained or eliminated by controlling the proliferation of nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) weapons, by building a strong defense system, by treaties of different types, and by punishing countries that fail to follow such agreements.

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  • Presently, India occupies a leading place among Asian nations in the indigenous design, development, construction, and operation of nuclear power reactors. Nuclear power generation in India is based on a three-stage plan to eventually make use of the abundant national resources of thorium, through the use of fast breeder reactors. To achieve this long-range goal, India had to necessarily start with setting up heavy water–moderated, natural uranium–fueled power reactors to produce the plutonium required for the subsequent stages....

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  • Affinity reagents capable of selective recognition of the different human immunoglobulin isotypes are important detection and purification tools in biotechnology. Here we describe the development and characterization of affinity proteins (affibodies) showing selective binding to human IgA. From protein libraries constructed by combinatorial mutagenesis of a 58-amino-acid, three-helix bundle domain derived from the IgG-binding staphylococcal protein A, variants showing IgA binding were selected by using phage display technology and IgA monoclonal antibodies (myeloma) as target molecules. ...

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  • To establish stable cell lines that produce recombinant multisubunit proteins, it is usually necessary to cotransfect cells with several independent gene constructs. Here, we show that a stepwise fusion of individually transfected cells, results in a fused cell-line that secretes a complete multisubunit protein. Functional expression of recombinant multisubunit proteins may require a defined expression ratio between each protein subunit. The cell-fusion technology described allows a predefined expression level of each subunit.

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  • For quite a long time, computer security was a rather narrow field of study that was populated mainly by theoretical computer scientists, electrical engineers, and applied mathematicians. With the proliferation of open systems in general, and of the Internet and the World Wide Web (WWW) in particular, this situation has changed fundamentally. Today, computer and network practitioners are equally interested in computer security, since they require technologies and solutions that can be used to secure applications related to electronic commerce.

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  • Society’s technological, economic, and cultural changes of the last 50 years have made many important mathematical ideas more relevant and accessible in work and in everyday life. As examples of mathematics proliferate, the mathematics education community is provided with both a responsibility and an opportunity. Educators have a responsibility to provide a high-quality mathematics education for all of our students.

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  • Cardiovascular emergencies account for 30–40% of an acute medical workload that has grown inexorably over the last two decades. The same period has also witnessed unprecedented changes in the classification, investigation and treatment of acute cardiac problems, driven by advances in basic sciences, pharmacology and technology, but above all by a proliferating body of evidence from controlled trials.

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  • Information management is vital for today’s businesses. It requires significant investment and supports critical business processes. With the proliferation of the information economy and information systems, effective information management determines success of virtually every business operation. Obtaining business value from vast amount of information collected by businesses is no longer only a technological challenge. The choice of decision making tools and information solutions rests with the business, as well as with IT managers....

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  • Expert Indexing in Oracle Database 11g is about the one database structure at the heart of almost all performance concerns: the index. Database system performance is one of the top concerns in information technology today. Administrators struggle to keep up with the explosion of access and activity driven by the proliferation of computing into everything from phones to tablets to PCs in our increasingly connected world.

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