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  • In the past decade manufacturers and retailers have been gradually switching from above the line mass media advertising to a variety of below the line sales promotions. Although sales promotions take up a very large share of total marketing expenditure, they remain an area of less strategic consideration or attention than any other aspect of the promotion mix (Srinivasan and Anderson, 1998). The potential benefits of using sales promotions could range from giving immediacy and encouraging purchase of a product or service by changing the perceived value- for-money equation.

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  • Editing this book was a pleasant, but challenging job. I enjoyed reviewing chapters from different domains, bringing up-to-date empirical research studies, excellent literature reviews and controversial issues. This was an instructive experience for me and the authors. We both learned from each other, making different backgrounds a gain-gain situation, by evaluating each chapter critically from different perspectives. We are sure the reader will enjoy the end result: a selection of chapters from different psychology domains....

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  • Often communities have to deal with local political considerations when they plan events. No specific advice can be given to the promoter except to warn him or her that political considerations are always important to the local community. Often a way to encourage elected political officials to support an event is to show the monetary or quality-of-life impact that a successful event would have on their communities or careers. Explaining the positive impact encourages officials to support the public safety coordinators by providing adequate local resources and funding. ...

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  • This trend reflects the ongoing disen- chantment with mass media advertising based on the difficulty of measuring its effectiveness. However, the trend also reflects a desire by manufacturers and retailers to get closer to customers in some form of relationship marketing. A number of explanations have been forwarded for the increasing popularity of promotions (Dickson and Sawyer, 1990; Quelch, 1983; Low and Jakki, 2000; Dawes, 2004). One of the key factors is the changing relationship with advertising.

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  • It is possible also that sprezzatura may be set in an organisational context. In terms of modern imagery within organisations, there may be similarities of context between a sixteenth century court and a twenty first century court, or organisation. In external terms, the version today lacks the overt ostentation of the earlier one in terms of furnishings, dress and ceremonials.

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  • Aprofession is characterized by skill based on a unique body of knowledge, a code of ethics, and a social contract with society or government that grants it a certain degree of autonomy in exchange for self-regulation. The responsibilities of self-regulation in the medical profession are complex and involve many levels of oversight aimed at guaranteeing the continuing competence of practicing physicians. Today, professional associations in the United States play a significant role in upholding the ethical, educational, scientific, and practice standards of the medical profession.

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  • Sexual harassment offline is a well-known, highly prevalent, extensively investigated, and intensively treated social problem. An accepted model classifies sexual harassment behaviors into the categories of gender harassment, unwanted sexual attention, and sexual coercion. Theory and research show that sexual harassment behavior occurs as a product of person × situation characteristics and has substantial personal and organizational costs.

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  • Seeking Innovative Ways to Eliminate the Pay Gap. The Department of Labor, in conjunction with the National Equal Pay Task Force, issued an “Equal Pay App Challenge.” This challenge invites software developers to use publicly available data and resources to create applications that accomplish at least one of the following goals: provide greater access to pay data broken down by gender, race, and ethnicity; provide interactive tools for early career coaching; help inform negotiations; and promote online mentoring.

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  • To achieve these ends, Lean Manufacturing promotes a fundamental rethinking of how to produce and deliver goods and services and meet the above production challenges. Largely, this rethinking represents a fundamental paradigm shift from “batch and queue” mass production to production systems based on a product aligned “single-piece flow, pull production” system.

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  • Various health, education, and youth organisations and adolescence researchers have defined and categorised key skills in different ways. Despite these differences, experts and practitioners agree that the term “life skills” typically includes the skills listed in the preceding definition. To these we have added advocacy skills, because they are important in personal and collective efforts to make a strong case for behaviours and conditions that are conducive to health. (For a case study on advocacy skills, see Section 2.2).

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  • We reported earlier that ectopic expression of CAP2, a single AP2 domain containing transcription activator from chickpea (Cicer arietinum)in tobacco improves growth and development, and tolerance to dehydration and salt stress, of the transgenic plants.

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  • In coordination with the MNCH component of the GHI strategy, prevention of NTDs will also include the promotion of WASH practices in households, the provision of safe water and construction of sanitation facilities. Since lymphatic filariasis (LF) can be prevented through the use of bednets, efforts in this arena can be more tightly integrated with PMI to emphasize bednet distribution in areas with LF, even if malaria is not highly prevalent.

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  • The ability to control rice blast in N-2C2 treatment was the highest (41.26 %). The ability to biocontrol both sheath blight and rice blast in N-4C treatment was 37.89 %.

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  • The discourses and institutions of human rights are contemporary devices for bringing morality to bear on the harsh realities of political, economic and social life. These attempts to render the conditions of human existence more tolerable and more dignified tend to focus mainly on the role of domestic and international law and the conduct of states and the international institutions that represent them.

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  • Social inclusion and social support are recognised as key social determinants of health17. The Heart Foundation has found strong and consistent evidence that people who are socially isolated or lacking quality social support are more likely to develop coronary heart disease, and that social support and social isolation can affect the recovery and future health of people who already have heart disease21. Evidence also shows a strong link between social capital, sense of community belonging, community participation, a culture of cooperation and tolerance, and positive mental health2.

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  • Once COPD has been diagnosed, goals of treatment and management include relieving symptoms; preventing and treating disease progression, complications, and exacerbations; improving exercise tolerance, daily activity, and health status; monitoring nutritional needs; and reducing premature mortality (8).

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