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  • Chapter 11 Planning for an Established Business In This Chapter Propelling your company forward Planning for sales or mergers Retooling your plan in times of trouble Owners of established businesses sometimes need a little

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  • Propelling Business Growth With A Secure And Continuous Information Infrastructure

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  • Consolidation, international expansion, regulatory pressure, rising customer expectations, and reduced customer loyalty—these are just a few of the challenges banks face today. To survive, they must achieve competitive differentiation by developing innovative offerings and streamlining their business processes based upon insight and measurement.

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  • The Internet offers companies the opportunity to market goods and services to more customers than ever before. Reaching these customers and developing their loyalty by delivering quality, convenience, price competitiveness, and the right products and services, begins with a solid emarketing plan. Whether you are making the move to emarketing or are already and emarketer, you will need to develop a plan, implement the plan, be accountable for actual results, and utilize metrics that help propel you towards e-business success.

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  • Despite the increased demand for graduate business education stemming from the current economic slowdown and other contrib- uting factors, the savvy business school applicant is in a unique po- sition to secure a coveted seat in a leading MBA program through some additional due diligence. Understanding what wows and irri- tates admissions officers at leading business schools, and tailoring the MBA application accordingly, can propel one’s candidacy from unlikely to competitive.

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  • This paper will explore how the fifi nancial regulatory structure propelled these three credit rating agencies to the center of the U.S. bond markets—and thereby virtually guaranteed that when these rating agencies did make mistakes, those mistakes would have serious consequences for the fifi nancial sector.

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